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This chapter's almost entirely Mindcrack-centric and shows very little of our prophecy group. Woops. But we start a new plot arc! For Blame! And it's not necessarily really depressing!

Also, I don't know if I ever said Zekara's last name in Fated, but it was Draem. It's been changed as of Frostborn to Aklena and the Fated edit/rewrite will reflect this change.

Chapter list: 
Map of the continent: 


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Break Them - Chapter 1

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016 10:20 am
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So, this is a little ("little") fic I've been working on for a while now but I finally got the motivation to finish this beginning chapter and edit it to make it smoother, so I thought I may as well see how everyone likes it :P

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And in case you want a bit of info on the area, here's a map for all of you:

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Yay! Sort of the end of the first chapter, with some awards. If you can guess what the undisclosed ones are I'd be impressed. I thought about following the dance, but couldn't decide who to follow, also mostly they would be together and I'm not going through all of them.

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I'm not sure what to say... They did not choose their roommate? Vaguely sorted by when they joined and which section they're in, but not really as I didn't bother to check... Pretty sure that several are wrong also Guudes with Chad on the basis that I forgot to put Guude with anyone, so yeah he used to share with BDubs?
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Here we go with chapter 7, in which UHC talk is had and Kurt finds something rather important.
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Welcome to Chapter 5 of Davion Keep, Where we get to see why the portal is Yellow, (No one got it last time :3)

Isle Of Minecraftia,
Kingdom Of Dragonhold,
Year 103,
April 4th.

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I have a late prompt AND MindCrack Origins to write, but this is 'Murica, so those can wait
Welp, as you all know, it's the 4th of July, aka MURICA DAY HECK YEAH. *cough* Independence day, yeah.
This is a MindCrack version of Paul Revere's Midnight Ride. I wish it could've been longer being at 875 words, but I spent 3 hours on this (4 if you count the research I did; it's been 5 years since I've studied this stuff) and I just want this out. xP
I tried making this as accurate as possible, (besides all the edits did to make this a MindCrack independence story) so several things stated in here may be different than you thought. For example, the riders said "The Regulars are out," not "The British are coming!" The reason that is is because if they described them as the 'British,' they would also be referring to the colonies, for they were British too. Another very overlooked fact is the importance of Samuel Prescott, but you'll learn about that in the story.
If you know the riders, towns, and other terms related to this story, you shall see the puns I made to make this a story about MindCrack's independence. c:
I think I got everything out of the way, so in that case, MERRY 'MURICA DAY!!! :D

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