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Hello everyone, this is elektron124 and I am (sort of) new to the mindcracklove community. Of course I have been reading fics on the site *hurriedly closes nsfw tab* and I thought it might be a good idea to write a fanfic...so I decided to ask you guys for your opinion and such.
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Oh Vechs...

Monday, May 26th, 2014 06:25 pm
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Ok, so I was watching this and yeah. If the time stamp doesn't work, it's just a minute from about 9:27

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Now I’ve done it. Here is a thing, Salad-eaters, and I know you folks love things. <3

(Don't know what's going on? -- Original Prompt Thread)

(Salad Files Member Bios - courtesy of Celeste)

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The events of this story are (obviously) seen mostly only from Lioness’s perspective (and I really, really apologize if I got some Salad-characterizations wrong in the process...) However, I’m not going to stop you from writing (or at least suggesting) what’s going on from your characters’ perspectives in the same timeframe as this series of fic-snips. I’d love to see what you happy lot can come with! :3

(Kiddycrack ftw?)




Friday, October 19th, 2012 08:58 am
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In honor of MC Day, a primer about his friend and fellow Cobblehater Nebris, with a video-link-filled ship section on MC/Nebris. The section on Etho/Nebris needs links, which I may or may not get to ever. As always, lavish your feedback upon me, and I will try to make edits to anything that is found drastically missing or in error. I have some busy times coming up, though, so it may have to wait.

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Edit: Added links to the Etho section.
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This is probably not quite as "perfect" as [personal profile] crystalllized's Zisteaunian primer, as I will freely admit that I haven't watched every MC Gamer video out there, and not even every MC Gamer Minecraft video out there. I have been watching Good Morning Mindcrack nearly daily since May or so, witnessed as much Zeldathon as I could, read through his AMA a few months back, and am fairly caught up on just about all of his current series, so hey, at least I try?


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Zisteau Primer

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 08:14 pm
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So I made a primer to Zisteau. Needs some direct video links within the text, but I think it's looking pretty good. Please give me all your delicious feedback!
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Edit: Added a sentence about beta-testing Legendary.
Edit: Put the entry under a cut, because damn can I type a lot of words.
Edit: Begun adding links within the primer.


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