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Hey guys. So for the last few months I've not really been on Salad Stand. Like. At all. You may know that I am the one paying for the server, but seeing as I don't really make use of it, I wanted to know if anyone else would maybe be willing to take over payments? It's about $15 dollars a month. If no one is willing or able to pay for it completely, they could throw in with someone else (assuming they can work out the logistics) to cover it.

Thanks for at least considering it. Thank you more if you actually do it!


SaladStand LP!

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014 05:57 pm
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Hello all!

Just wanted to let you know that I was whitelisted on the SaladStand server and have started a LP on it!

Link to the playlist:

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 Nothing too major to worry about here, just cleaning up the whitelist a bit for bureaucratic purposes.

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As a member of the server council I figured that I could make a post about questions we've gotten regarding a map reset.

Should you want to know anything more on the matter please comment and I will make sure to give an answer.
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I know the idea of a server for a custom salad modpack has come up in the past and as a potential server host I'd like to revive it.

Are there any specific mods you guys'd like to see?

Taking A Break

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014 06:16 pm
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Hello Salad, This is Papaya...

So as you can tell from the subject of this entry, I will be leaving the Salad for a while, it could be a few weeks, maybe more than 6 months. I'm sure you're asking yourself,

"What the hell is this idiot thinking?"

Well, to be honest, I haven't been completely motivated to play on the server for what seems like a couple weeks. (It's not that I don't feel at home or anything, you guys are great :D) It's just that I don't feel like playing much survival Minecraft in a long time.

I have been addicted to PvP for a while, and it is the only thing currently in Minecraft that excites me.

Don't take this as a formal leave, but I just wanted to let you guys know what's been up and why I haven't been on in forever. It is not you guys, it's me. So to end this already mildly depressing article, I wanted to say some farewells to my friends.

Icedragon- Thanks for letting my buy a plot at the mesa. You're awesome!

Jad- Dude, you're a plain maniac. You probably have every farm in Minecraft. Thanks for letting me steal from your Iron Farm to finish my beacon. :D

Blue- We didn't really do much on the server together, but we were on at some points, and I just wanted to say goodbye!

Voo- Keep up the amazing builds you crazy!

Celeste- The first thing I did on the server was go caving with you. Lol, I remember that XD, have fun on the server!

Yi- Stay cool! Keep up the flower shop, and I hope your income is grand!

Lemmy- My first true friend on the server. We have had some good times, while short-lived. The first thing we did was do some Skype caving for a video XD. You made that crazy little cobble tower on my mountain too. Stay chill, and I'll see you again someday!

If I didn't write about you, I'm dreadfully sorry. Maybe will meet some other time, yeah?

Anyways, I hope you people have great time!

-Papaya :D
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Hi everybody, its been a while :) I was wondering what the process for joining the salad server was. I am going to be getting minecraft soon( hopefully tomorrow =P) and was hoping that I would be able to join. Is there an application process, is it totally closed off or is it just anyone can join? Any information would be greatly appreciated! ;)
PS I hope everybody had a great holiday season :)
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Alrighty guys we have 24 people apparenty so knowing who's on your team would be great since I probably could grab someone. Oh and Team names too if you can think of them. :D

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EDIT: We have 25 again someone volunteered.
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Alright guys, I read over all the comments and put together a list of people who said they'd be interested in playing this round:

Jack Unicorn
Kurt (SingleMaltScotch)

Also, most of you said the weekend after would be better than NYE, so how does Jan 4th at 1 pm EST sound?

As for the teams, there are 22 people on the list at this time, but if I missed some people and they come forward, we might be able to hash out the teams like this:

If we have 25 people we can do 5 teams of 5
If we have 24 people, we can do 6 teams of 4, or 8 teams of 3 (we'll take a vote)
If we have 21 people, we can do 7 teams of 3

(We have 25 people, as the numbers stand. Unless someone drops, this is looking like the way to go)

Other than that, we'd have to have an even number and do pairs, as most of you said you'd prefer teams.

Under the new schedule, please confirm you can make it (from about 30-60 minutes prior to the start time to about 3 hours after), and let me know if you cannot. Also, if I missed you and you said you wanted to participate, please let me know so I can adjust the list accordingly.

Also, go nuts and pick your teams this time. :3

Edit: Not sure I'm gonna be able to change the time. Ficeny, CurlyCue, does that make it unplayable for you? If it does I'm really sorry, but I need to know so I can edit the list. :c
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So I really meant to make this post around Christmastime, but things go busy for me... Who feels like kicking off the new year with a little friendly game?

I'm thinking we'll do it on New year's Eve, unless most of you have plans, in which case we can push it back to the first Weekend of the new year. Let me know how that sounds and I'll start taking down names.

Depending on how the numbers hash out we might do teams of 3 or 4 this time, but I'd like to know how everyone would feel about doing singles?

Leave your comments, questions and RSVPs below! Let's get hyped!

Wither Skulls

Sunday, November 24th, 2013 09:01 am
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Hey salad,

its papaya with somewhat of a rushed post. the Wither fight is going to be scheduled at a later date, but we need to know who has a skull. you don't have to donate, but it would be appreciated.



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Hey Salad

It's Papaya and I just wanted to give a bit more on the Salad UHC monument that I am gonna build. The way I am going to set it up is that I will build the platform and give an example statue. The statues will be full-scale as I am sure many of you have seen. Under where there will be a sign, you can put the month of the victory. I will start the build mid-late December as I need to gather resources still. Any questions can be sent to me by E-mail (lt.papaya@gmail.com)



(Crap wrong side of salad)

Science Homework

Thursday, November 21st, 2013 09:14 pm
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So. In science we are doing geology at the moment. We have to do a project thingy where we make specific landforms. She even suggested we use minecraft. Wouldn't it be funny if, on the Salad server, you were just walking along an came across a huge fenced off area, called "Science Homework"

Would I be allowed to? Or bothered to, even.... We'll just see, I guess
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 Okay, why not? All the cool kids are doing it!

I've decided to Do a Q&A session for my first official episode of my Salad LP, Similar to Blue's AMA Caving in parts 9 and 10 of her LP.

Mostly because this will be the Kick in the pants I need to start recording and putting out content, but also because I think it would be a nice way to open a series.

So here's what I need from you: Leave me some Questions in the comments below,, and I'll answer them in the video! Any questions at all are welcome, from more serious existential questions to silly things like "What's your favorite color?" (Fandom-related questions from any fandom I'm in will earn you bonus points that you can spend to get hugs from me :3)

Hit me with your best shots, Veiwers!
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 I tried to ballpark a time the vast majority of you could make. If you can't make this time I'm really sorry D:

That in mind, I need confirmation on whether or not you'll be participating so I can randomize the teams!


If there is a question mark by your name, you said that you could make the time, but I need you to confirm. If your name isn't on the roster, it's because you said you would not be able to make the time, but if your schedule has changed, and you can make it, feel free to let me know! 


Blue + Ficeney
mew + curlycue
jack_unicorn + lemonzest
sdandere + luvzdeidara
Amducious + spunky
Sunsetmondays + voufreail
theropod + Celeste (TEAM ENDERMAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Antiloquist + Jellybean

Guys, Mew is in need of a new partner. If anyone in Salad can make the 6:30 PM EDT time, and has not yet had a chance to play, please let me know.

UPDATE: curlycue can still make it and everything is fine, no worries
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 Becuase last Sunday looked like it was going to be a bust anyway.

As usual, if you're interested in participating please put your ideal time frame in the comments below. I'll randomize and announce the teams on Friday.


EDIT: I'm in the Eastern Timezone, which is GMT -5 I believe?

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I just recently got back here, so I am thoroughly confused. If someone could help point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated!

1: What are the qualifications/requirements for joining the Salad server? Do you just have to be a member on here or is there something else?

2: If one makes it onto the server, does one have to make an LP series for it, or can one play without recording?

3: What version of Minecraft is being used on the server; which is to say, are you using the most recent snapshot or just the official releases?

Those are all the questions I have for now. I would like to be a part of the Salad server if possible, but I might not have much time to play on it.
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Voo Plays Salad Ep2 (prank video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ax8vyiPRpw
Blue Plays Minecraft Episode 5 (reaction video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0NfmTI9hXI

Voo pranked me! But I will have my revenge...

Also, I think this is the first recorded death games kill? Not sure!
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 In all this Skype hullaballoo, it seems I've forgotten that THIS is still Salad's primary form of communication.

That being said, those of us in Skype were trying to schedule the Dragon fight and UHC, and the days were TODAY at approx. 6PM EDT for the dragon fight and SUNDAY for UHC (At maybe 2PM EDT?).

As I usually ask for, please tell me if you can make it to these dates and times, but please don't be afraid to request that we reschedule. I realize this post is very late and last minute, and I accept full responsibility for that. But I also know how eager everyone is for these events (I was rather eager myself, and I internalized all these conversations with you guys and entirely forgot that they needed to be external too), so I'll make sure these things happen in the next couple of weeks at least.

Once people start putting their names in for UHC I'll spin the metaphorical wheel and get the teams all randomized, whether it's Sunday or next week won't affect that.

Again, I'm really sorry this is so last minute. I'll try to be more on top of things in the future.

(TL;DR: Celeste dropped the ball. Whoops.)

EDIT: Kawa's proposed possible reschedulings, just to give others an idea of what else is being considered:

"Next week, maybe? Saturday afternoon for the Dragon, Sunday morning/afternoon for UHC? Or Monday/Wednesday but in the evening, like 8 PM or so. (Or afternoons Tuesday/Thursday, but that's probably horrible timing for most of you.) "

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Hey all!

Just wanted to follow-up about the UHC monument. (The book I wrote is at the spawn message board in the chest in the middle. Please read it) I have found an area that is absolutely PERFECT for my build. It is near spawn, within 150 blocks I believe. These are the cords.

x: -106 y:72 z:518

There is a small base/farm near and overhang near the area, but I won't be getting too close to it, so don't worry! If there are any problems, email me at Lt.Papaya@gmail.com.



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