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Merry Christmas! I almost forgot to post this!

Since Episode 3 is a bit shorter than average, I've decided to tack it on to this post, which means this is the end of season 6. It's been fun, but I think I'm ready for something different.

Episode 2:
10kMC: Mhykol | SimpleGamerz | Dewtroid | MC Gamer
JEDS: Etho

Episode 3:
10kMC: Mhykol | SimpleGamerz | Dewtroid | MC
JEDS: Etho
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Here we go, one more time.

Episode 1:
10kMC: Mhykol | SimpleGamerz | Dewtroid | MC Gamer*
JEDS: Etho

*Yes, MC has finally uploaded a Race for Wool match. However, his episodes are all 15 minutes long instead of everyone else's 30, so I've squeezed the first two links into his name there.

Also, props to Etho for apparently being the only member of Team JEDS to upload their second match.
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In which Coe joins Avidya in being a sharpshooting mofo, BdoubleO says funny things, and Team JEDS gets a little disheartened.

Episode 2:
420OG: Avidya | Coestar | BdoubleO | Guude
JEDS: Etho | Static

My commentary )

Unrelated: This is me saying I have finished writing some fic, and I just need to type and edit it, so expect it soon. Though, it's kind of long, so maybe not that soon.
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Welcome back to the Race for Wool group rewatch! Today we'll be looking at the first match that I watched that got me hooked, 420OG vs. JEDS, in the Direct Fire map, now with Beta 1.8!

420OG: Avidya | Coestar | BdoubleO | Guude
JEDS: Joker (POV MIA) | Etho | Doc* | Static

*Doc has one 8 minute video montage of the whole match instead of full footage. I'll link that at the end of this match, I suppose. And I just plain could not find anything from Joker.


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