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Friday, June 14th, 2013 03:13 pm
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Beef and Anderz are playing the adventure map, 'Wrath of the Fallen'. Much derping and giggling in the first episode.

Anderz' not uploaded yet, Beef's is here.

Given how these two usually are, I have high hopes for the flirting level. :D
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Kurt and Beef join forces in F1! It seems appropriate they'd pick a racing game, given their shared interest and previous swapping of car advice. They're quite fun together, even with how bad they are this early in the game. There's even some teasing about Kurt's ice prank.

Feed the Crack

Sunday, November 18th, 2012 12:52 pm
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So, the big thing on the YouTubes appears to be Feed the Beast nowadays. Our favorite Mindcrackers and our favorite Hermits, as well as our favorite Others, are hard at work exploring all the lovely things that these new worlds have to offer us. For those of you not keeping up, so far we've seen collaborative videos from tons of people (links to their first episode): Guude, Pause, Beef, Baj, Millbee, Doc, Bdubs, GenerikB and Nebris on the Feed the Mindcrack Server; Avidya, Juicetra, JoeHills, and I'm sure other people I'm not subscribed to on the Server Sponsored By Joe Hills, and of course Avidya and Coestar have their own "Coe-op" of the mod pack. Whew, all those links! And there are plenty of other people playing who aren't recording, too!

So, what are everyone's feelings on all this Feeding of Beasts? I think it has the potential to lead to some great pranking, some great cooperative efforts, and some great footage. Sometimes it's a bit frustrating to watch them herp around over things I know, but it's generally pretty fun, and they're all getting better as time goes on. A few people have struck out on their own a few times, but in a world with so much to learn it seems like it would be so much more fun to have friends. It is overwhelming at times, though, I bet!

What are everyone's thoughts?
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Classic drunk OOG shippiness here tonight, especially when they start talking about the sleeping arrangements for Minecon.
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"I think the basic rules are we run around, and die, and laugh, and apparently there's some wool we're supposed to get as well."


This is going to be the greatest thing ever.

Edit: Can we get a Skyzm tag here?
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Right at the end.

Bdubs: Hello, what have you found?
Kurt: A pretty big revolver.
Bdubs: Ooh. *trying not to snigger*
Kurt: Say it.
Bdubs: I can't.
(someone): Why not?
Bdubs: Because my wife is home, she'll kill me.
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Some great moments tonight.

(discussion about potions)
Guude: Are you going to make it splash?
Bdubs: I'll make it splash.
Guude: I'll do whatever you want, for the right price.
Bdubs: Suck it!

Bdubs to Guude, in new armour: You look amazing.


Monday, September 24th, 2012 07:41 pm
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Episode 1 was released today!

MC Gamer

It looks like it really is Pause who brings out all the crazy innuendo in Millbee - while this series looks like it's going to be really funny and really enjoyable, it does not look like it's going to be full of slashy goodness. Nevertheless, the friendship that Millbee and MC have is almost completely unexplored, I think, and there's definitely potential here.

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Videos up now. Mining together on the server and telling the story of how they met. <3

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I have no idea how implausible this will be, but I have a dream. A dream of a full, amazingly annotated, link-filled list of every single co-op series (and as a huge stretch every single co-op video) that involves at least one Mindcracker, with links to as many videos as we can find and even (as a stretch goal) short summaries of each! This would be the world's most wonderful resource for fic writers as well as just be a freaking awesome thing - and as a bonus, it's something I feel I could safely repost to the subreddit as a community project, which may serve to sneakily get a few more people on board over here.

I know it's insane, though. These guys have been LPing for a while - in many cases posting at least daily for over a year - and not everything is perfectly sorted into playlists and what not. (Case in point, what it took for me to find Mhykol's perspective on the most recent Mashed Potatoes group rewatch.) And I'd love love LOVE to dig through to even find individual LP eps or livestream days that involve interaction - things like Nebris' appearance in MC's Challenge Mindcrack, or random Team Canada moments, or these recent B Team shenanigans. But I know there are a LOT of those, especially if I include livestreaming.

Which is why I can't do it alone and need your help! So any time you find some bit of co-op, however small - someone appears on someone else's livestream, someone does a one-off video, someone pairs up for PVP - use that "co-op LP list" tag and post it here, and eventually we'll have a good collection going. You can also feel free to just post it as a comment here if you've got a lot, but posting to the community would be nice as well to help build up a tag list for everyone we might need.

Thanks in advance!


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