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Today I am pleased to bring you the second and final part of the TTR RFW, featuring Team UnHills and Team Clesteau (footage by Team Clesteau). Who will win this epic battle? Find out now!

Z - Playing Catchup
Z - Which Way is it Again?
Z - Game Over, Man
Z - Afterparty

Cleo - *tunnel rat protocols activate*
Cleo - Don't start what you can't finish
Cleo - You're Zisteau, you can handle it
Cleo - I am now on fire but it was still brilliant
Cleo - Game over man!

I've gone through everyone's stuff now for a while and determined what will or will not be part of Group Rewatch 7. I've put it below a cut, so if you don't want to know what's next, don't look!

There's a spoiler wall below, though, so you shouldn't be afraid to comment!

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Welcome back to another episode of group rewatch 7! In today's footage, we begin the first journey into Vechs's twisted multiplayer mind. Unfortunately, all of the footage of this match comes from the same team - neither Joe nor Pause uploaded this footage (Joe didn't record, but Pause just never uploaded it). We do have videos from both members of Team Clesteau, though, so enjoy that! Also luckily for us, they all remained in a call together, so we can enjoy the pain of Team UnHills just the same!

We must, of course, begin with a prayer.

Joe - Race for wool #01 - Team Prayer and Welcome

Cleo and Z have different footage (Cleo has more) and it is not cut at the same times. I tried to give you about half of each of their footage for today's viewing. Stupid YouTubers, uploading like 2-and-a-half hours of footage, not syncing it, and not splitting it at a good halfway point!

Z - Run Through the Jungle
Z - Minor Confusion
Z - Divide and Conquer

Cleo - And they're off!
Cleo - I hear the music I'm gonna dance
Cleo - It's not cheating if you're not caught!
Cleo - The true horror

Next time, the rest of the match!
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Oh god, you guys, I am so sorry. I was exhausted and had a fight with my boyfriend and work and stress and stuff. Here you go.

Today, we move on to Vechs Enters - Chaos Ensues. Today we have the footage leading up to the very first RFW match, which includes an arena battle, and Vechs teaching TTR how to TNT cannon

Zisteau - Grudge Match
Zisteau - TNT Cannons 101
Pause - Vechs's Coliseum Battle
Cleo - 100 videos - Fight Night Super Hostile
Cleo - Shenannigans
Joe - Vechs vs. PauseUnpause - Joe Hills vs. ZombieCleo - Zisteau vs. everyone
Joe - Cannons 101

Whew! I think I got everything from everyone! Next time, the first match of RFW #1: Hostilities Begin, with Team UnHills facing Team Clesteau. It's a long match - probably about two hours long, and both Z and Cleo recorded it, so I'll probably split it in half. Sorry for the wait, and enjoy!
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With permission from Ms. Mod, I've decided to revive the Group Rewatches with a fan favorite. However, as amazing as the series titled 'Vechs Enters, Chaos Ensues' is, it's pretty short. So this rewatch series is going to be more than that. In this rewatch series we are going to watch Vechs interact directly with our favorite (and his favorite!) LPers (Team TTR). Yes, we will get to the Vechs arena battle, the first RFW footage, and Kill the Runner. But first, some footage you probably don't even know about.

Long before Pause had 11,000 subscribers and before Vechs was the adorable bat-and-cat loving evil mastermind of today, Vechs agreed to appear in a video interview with Pause.

Interview with Vechs
Minecraft Giveaway Winner ft. Vechs

Plus some bonus footage of Vechs and Cleo on Vechs's Test World!

Pandas are creepy as...
Herping our derp

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