Fic: Winter Holidays

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 11:32 pm
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You guys asked for a second chapter of Library (especially Dread ;P), so here you go guys!

Library Chapter 2! )
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Here you are, Ms Mod/Kawa <3 I finished it :D

Just to let you all know, the school’s layout and rules and stuff are based off my own school because it was the easiest to think of in a quick moment. I tried to make everything as generic as possible.
In my mind, they are in Year 11 (15 to 16 years old) so have got their GCSEs on the go so they don’t do all the ‘normal’ subjects.

I should come up with something witty to say here... )

Those Noises

Sunday, June 16th, 2013 10:44 pm
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I feel like it's not my best story... I'm happy with it and all, just not impressed with the quality. Then again, the plot came to me when I was still half asleep and watching MC and Yoshi's Dropper 2 series and hearing Yoshi's orgasm sounds of aggravation and/or celebration on Level 9.
Would suggest watching, if not seen, so you can truly hear how Yoshi's orgasm noises sound.

Time to get to it! )
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This is probably not quite as "perfect" as [personal profile] crystalllized's Zisteaunian primer, as I will freely admit that I haven't watched every MC Gamer video out there, and not even every MC Gamer Minecraft video out there. I have been watching Good Morning Mindcrack nearly daily since May or so, witnessed as much Zeldathon as I could, read through his AMA a few months back, and am fairly caught up on just about all of his current series, so hey, at least I try?


Kappa! )
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* Apparently YoshiToMario is strawberry flavored. Well, that's kind of oddly kinky.

* Doc and Nebris farm Wither skulls. Their chat is minimal and mostly mechanics, but with these two, I'd listen to them read the phone book and find it awesome, so. (Also, Zisteau trolling like a champion. XD) I want fic of them sitting around talking about their completely different relationships with Etho, though.

* Introducing Tayega. The confusion over who would be the one lady is amusing, as is Pakratt's take on the Ethonian Pickup Line. Also surprise domestic MC. :D
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also known as: observations regarding Dungeon Survival with YoshiToMario #7

really known as: the moderator giggles through Dungeon Survival with YoshiToMario #7

* I hiss when I laugh too :3 I'm sure other people find it creepy but I find it kind of adorable, and it's nice to know I'm not alone :P
* MC's shock when he finds out there's no Mountain Dew in the UK made me giggle like a loon.
* Yoshi always hits MC right in the lapis. No that's not meant to be innuendo. Mostly.
* I agree with Yoshi on 1.3 gravel. It's an unpopular opinion but I care not!
* The perfectly synced "Link just got an item" sound from the two of them oh my heart oh my heart
* MC's accidental 360 no-scope kill is delicious.
* if anyone here has seen Steins;Gate, then you know why I'm laughing when Yoshi says "Dr. Pepper! It's a doctor!" Ahahahahhaa. /kind of obscure anime reference
* ...and derpy Yoshi is derpy. *facepalm*

Ugh I enjoy these two so much and I'm so happy to see MC do co-op ugh feeeeeeeeeeelings.


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