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Woo, fun!

Alright, so Amlup's the Mage of the group, and I based him around mapmaking. Yes, I know Vechs has done more mapmaking, but I didn't have much else to use for Amlup!

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UPDATE: I have decided to use this prompt myself now, so just think of this as more of a teaser!

Hey all, I've been thinking a bit and I have a prompt! Don't feel coerced into writing this, if no-one uses it I'll end up using it for a fic myself. Anyway, ON TO THE PROMPT!
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Sister told me about these or something. I think I need more of them, but's a short thing?

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Amlup and OOGE

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012 05:33 pm
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It's always awesome to see that there are LPers and mapmakers that are as huge fans of the boys as we are. One of those is AnotherMinecraftLP, the creator of Uncharted Territory, whom Vechs calls Amlup in his Waking Up dev commentary and who actually went and got another Minecraft account and is now known as Amlup in Minecraft too! Anyways, he's doing his own developer commentary of his new map, Uncharted Territory 2, and in the first two episodes totally fanboys over Etho playing his map, and explains a sign he placed next to the Victory Monument because OOG complained of nobody ever making references to them. What a nice guy!

Links to the abovementioned comments within the videos as requested by [personal profile] mindcrack_love:

Episode 1: "Oh god! Yeah! Let's talk about that!
Episode 2: "This is where you should PLACE BLOCKS!

Amlup is a frequent commenter on the Mindcrack subreddit as well and I think he would make a cool addition to one of the Mindcrack servers, just because he seems like an awesome guy and I'd love to see more videos from him.


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