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And in the end...

Episode 15: Pause | Mhykol
Episode 16: Pause | Mhykol

(The top comment on Pauses's Ep 16 sums up all my feelings about this series and Mashed Potatoes in general.)

Another weekly chat post coming up right after this, and Season 2 of Group Rewatch starts on Tuesday - it'll be UltraHardcore Season 1.
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No one has made me my Meowkol and Pause art yet. :( (Just kidding. I love you all!)

Episode 13: Pause | Mhykol
Episode 14: Pause | Mhykol

Next time we'll finish this series; coming up for "next season" is Team Nancy Drew UHC1. I hope you enjoy it!

Welcome to anyone new who was invited through my private messages on Reddit! Feel free to make a free Dreamwidth account (or not; you can comment without one just fine, but you'll need one to make posts yourself). And of course, participate! You can post whatever you like as often as you like - fanworks of any medium and rating, prompts for others to create fanworks, observations you make while watching videos old or new, or just begin a discussion of whatever Mindcrack-y is on your mind.

And sorry if the community is looking screwy lately; I'm trying to find a simple, relatively neutral-colored theme that doesn't use small caps/forced caps/forced not-caps for entry titles. I'd also like to teach myself enough CSS to add some easily made Snarky Yellow Text as well, though that's for the far future. >.>
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So you know how last time I said Mhykol's "myah" sounds like "meow"? Ever since, I've had this image in my head of Pause petting catboy!Mhykol. Meowkol? ...Make it happen, fanartists. Bonus points for Mhykol's glasses, because nothing gets me more than catboys with glasses.

Episode 11: Pause | Mhykol
Episode 12: Pause | Mhykol

Regarding the many posts vs. few posts question: there will still be a weekly chat post (which I will probably rename "Chit Chat'n with Mindcrack Love" because that amuses me) but you are highly, HIGHLY encouraged to just post your observations and prompts as they come to you. The chat post will stick around just in case, though!

I will try (emphasis: try) to tag posts with everyone who shows up in them - yes, that includes everyone mentioned in the chat posts. If I miss any, let me know!

Regarding Season 2 of Group Rewatch: Here's our shortlist:
* UHC Season 1&2 (Team Nancy Drew attempts to defeat the Ender Dragon with Ultra Hardcore on; Season 1 was only 5 episodes, so with Season 2 it's 19 eps)
* VintagePause Vinyl Fantasy & Lethamyr
* OOGE Spellbound Caves (fun for compare/contrast with Mashed Potatoes on the same map, perhaps? Or are we going to get tired of the vines, the viiiiiiines?)
* OOG Portal 2

Which of these would you like the most? Do you even care? :P We'll probably get through all of them eventually as well as MC/Nebs CobbleHaters Season 2 because I said so. Biased mod is horribly biased.
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More Mashed Potatoes myah! (I know they pronounce it slightly differently - frankly, when Mhykol says it, it sounds like "meow" - but did Vechs get "myah" from Mashed Potatoes or vice versa??)

Episode 9: Pause | Mhykol
Episode 10: Pause | Mhykol

We're now over halfway through this "season" of Group Rewatch! What non-current OOG[E] series do we want to do next? Do we want to get sucked into Legendary for the rest of time, or do we do something else? XP We also don't have to do OOG[E] next, depending on what you guys want.

Also, just because it's no longer Sunday doesn't mean you guys can't keep participating! Use this community to its fullest advantage and post all of your feelings and thoughts. Or would you rather keep it in weekly chat posts? Let me know!
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The only question now is: can it get any shippier from here?

Episode 7: Pause | Mhykol
Episode 8: Pause | Mhykol

And as my moderator announcement: the Weekly Discussion Post is going up tomorrow.
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More wool and more shippiness awaits!

Episode 5: Pause | Mhykol
Episode 6: Pause | Mhykol

And since these posts are doubling as my random moderator posts: I've updated the fanfic list, but please let me know if anything is missing! Also, if there are any more entry tags you'd like to have available, let me know. :D
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A blind watch for me for now on, so this should be an interesting adventure to say the least. :P

Episode 3: Pause | Mhykol
Episode 4: Pause | Mhykol

And just as a quick reminder, I am not the only person able to post to the community! Anything you would have posted to the old prompt post - fanworks, discussion topics, prompts - are more than welcome here.

PS: If you know what fanfic Pause mentions here let me know? I know it sounds totally ridiculous and it probably doesn't even really exist, but in case it does I'd like a complete collection for the fanfic post that I'm still maintaining.
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Because you know what? Why not. It fulfills both my "not quite new" (the first episode is from January) and "not OOG(E)" requirements quite nicely. Beyond the first two episodes these are a completely blind watch for me as well!

So "Mashed Potatoes" is the name for Mhykol and PauseUnpause, who turn out to be much closer than I originally realized. Give it a watch - it just might surprise you.

Episode 1: Pause | Mhykol

Episode 2: Pause | Mhykol

So comment with all of your feelings and squee, shippy or otherwise (trust me, there's plenty of classic LPer mistakes to facepalm at here) and enjoy! We'll watch the next two episodes on Tuesday.
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Hello hello, welcome to the new community! I will keep the old prompt post open if people need it, but I encourage people to use this to the fullest of its potential. :D

As suggested here, we will be starting a set of Group Rewatch posts of various Mindcracker series, with a focus on co-op series. Every other day, I will provide links to about an hour's worth of content of a series of our choosing, and everyone can chime in as they watch with comments and general squee. Think of it as UltraHardcore collection posts for the ship-friendly crowd. :3

The question is: which series to watch??

I personally would like to avoid starting off with OOG/OOGE; as epic and deliciously ship-happy as it always is, there is more to the world of Mindcrack. :P

I also would like to watch a series that is already completed, and one that isn't extremely recent (so not, say, VintageGuude Kingdom of the Sky 2).

This began with a PauseunBeef discussion, so their runs of Vinyl Fantasy II, Lethamyr, Deathly Trails 2 beta, and Stay Forever Together are certainly options. More unorthodox possibilities include Mashed Potatoes Spellbound Caves, Chamber of the Creators, CobbleHaters, Left 4 Derps, any one non-OOG team of UltraHardcore Season 7, The Dropper collections, and many many more I am probably forgetting.

Let me know what you think!


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