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 For this prompt swap I was given [personal profile] tackytacs !! I chose the prompt:

"(College AU) The vending machine close to an 8:30 am class just broke down, and Person A knows they won't be able to focus in class without eating something. How desperate will Person A act to get their sugary treat/breakfast? What do they do? (optional: Do their friend(s) jump in and help them?)"

And took it in uh... directions. This turned into a sort of humour thing I guess? With shipping thrown in. Guess who. Enjoy, tac!

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4:30 upload FTW!

Next week’s chapter will mark the start of the most agonizingly painful and angsty hell that is to come… but for now enjoy a short, calm, relaxing filler chapter :D

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Guess who forgot to save their progress while writing this and had to rewrite it 10 minutes before upload time?


let me know if i did a thing wrong

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I swear these will be longer in the future…    

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(edit: the last few sentences got screwed up; it should be fixed now)
First chapter hype!

Just a short chapter to get you introduced to the characters and situations.

(it also ends very abruptly)

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(edit: i found out how the hell cuts work)
A new series with a zombie/apocalypse AU

Rated PG-15 for language and gore

(possibly sexual situations in the future, as well)

Hoping to post a chapter every Friday at 4pm (PST) starting tomorrow

A few things to note before you read:

Although this story is set on Earth a lot of it has references to Minecraft (in character design, geography, and habits). You can choose to see the world in either way you see fit because it isn’t set in either universe specifically.

All current Mindcrackers will be in the story eventually. Some will be more prominent than others but eventually all will have chapters revolving solely around them and their story.

I know some Crackers more than others. I will try and write in a way I feel reflects the person as a character but there are some I am only slightly familiar with so if I make them do something you see as out of character let me know and I can correct it for future chapters.

I am not afraid of writing characters out of the story. There may be times when I don’t write or acknowledge characters as much because of the situations; if this happens calm down, they will eventually be back (probably).

I’ve chosen to write it in a way that sounds like casual narration so that it comes more naturally as you read it. If the dialogue, punctuation, or grammar looks wrong it’s probably on purpose but let me know anyway.

There will be subplots in the main story. If two characters get together good for them but I will not make that the main story in any way, simply a subplot of the larger, more complete story.

TL;DR i’m human, i make mistakes

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Full story link: [link]

Summary: Continuing on from the hunt last chapter, Guude and company continue tracking down their missing friends, only to come to a startling realisation. Meanwhile JSano begins to think on the theory behind what's happening to them, picking up on a pattern of events if not a cause.



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AO3 Link to full story: [link]


There are those in this world that are born with great powers, and there are those in this world to which great power is given. Nebris was granted his shape-shifting powers by the Bestower, Vechs, and has since used that power for personal gain. But when another shifter, one that can also take the form of a Dragon, emerges and challenges Nebris, his entire world is turned onto its head. He finds himself questioning his way of life... But can he escape the shadows?

In this chapter, Nebris returns to Pyro after their previous fight, because he just can't stay away.

Finally :D it's been like half a year but guess which story is back on track (hopefully)? Shadowfall is back! And hopefully it is here to stay. The entire story is written out, from this point onwards its a simple matter of editing as we go but here's hoping that should be an easier task. But for now, enjoy!



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Remember that Hybrid Fic I didn't know if it was gonna be in multiple parts? Guess what! Here's a second part!

If you'd like to know more about this Hybrid AU I've cooked up, feel free to check my tag for it on my tumblr, here, or ask me questions :D Please enjoy the fic, many thanks to Sunset for checking it over for me. Less warnings for pain and blood in this one, just mentions of pain instead.

Previous Chapter


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