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Long time no update! But now we're back on track, yay! In this chapter Guude is nervous, PauseUnbeef is further shipped, and a certain someone is very devious. Who will be the next eliminated from Mindcrack Survivor Diffeithdir? Find out now!

For Anyone new, here's the first 3 posts.

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:

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Chapter 2 of my Mindcrack Survivor crossover :)

Hints of shipping :P

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As always feedback is appreciated and wanted! :D
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This is a Mindcrack Survivor crossover I wrote a while back and never bothered posting. Survivor is your basic reality competition show where people vote one another off, it's pretty basic. All confessionals are in bold (hopefully, idk about this format) so when things are in bold it's just the characters talking to the audience. Also, there is shipping!

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Edit: Woo the formatting worked first try!
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Some say that "Once a Mindcracker, always a Mindcracker." It has echoed true throughout Mindcrack history: Avidya back in 2012, theJims in 2014, and for a while, it seems like a few others might come back as well. Unfortunately, some of them have other ideas...

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This is Part 1 of a 4-5 part series. I got assigned Spoiltheending, who asked for a superhero AU with mindcrackers as superheros and a reporter following them around in the most recent Prompt Swap, so I wrote one.

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Paul placed down cubic meters full of dirt below him in order to take a look at the giant cake that appeared to have fallen out of the sky onto the roof of his treehouse. As he neared the edge of the cake, he noticed a sign on the edge of it.

"Happy Birthday, Paul Soares Jr.! Love, Vetches and Rei Rei."

Paul pillered all the way up, and on top of the cake, was one of the candles that had the wax shaped as a number. In this case, it was the number 48.

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This is the first chapter of my somewhat complicated story. I decided to name it The Kingdom. It suits it somehow.
I highly suggest that you go and read the prompt I posted earlier. It's quite long, but it tells you all that happened before the actual beginning of the story. (I have no idea how to link, and I actually looked! So sorry...)
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I absolutely adore feedback, so make sure to give a lot of it! Oh, and who's your favorite character so far?

Fanfic... maybe?

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013 09:44 pm
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This is my first post here, and my brain is screaming "About time!"
So... here goes!
This whole table-thing was an idea I got a couple days ago. I have no idea If I'm going to write a story about it. I may. Probably.
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EDIT: Since everyone seems to be all for it, I'll give it a go!
And since this is only a prompt, I am more than happy to let anyone use these in their own stories. (As long as you're giving me credit) Go crazy!


Saturday, June 8th, 2013 03:15 am
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German title because lol

So, I suddenly got inspiration to write this at about 1:30AM, now finishing at 3AM EDT >.> Sleep is for the weak anyways lol. If there are mistakes, that's probably why. I'll look over it again in the morning. Knowing me, it'll probably be minor things like missing letters and entire words.

Sort of a continuation to Predator and Prey, though this one is heavily based on the little after party part in Etho's perspective. But, we get Doc PoV! :D

So, as before, UHC spoilers for season 5, as well as minor spoiler for season 3.

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On Justdefy

Friday, September 14th, 2012 08:30 pm
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My mind is still whirling over the whole GenerikB Saw prank on Pause, but I'd love to know your thoughts on Justdefy's departure. Although there are some posts about it on the Reddit, he seems to be disappearing without much fanfare. It probably helps that he was never a hugely popular guy, and that he hasn't posted a video since June. But I know some people shipped Nebris/Justdefy (especially after that old UHC spoiler art), and he had some pretty nice moments on and off when he was active. Any thoughts on his departure? How would you guys explain his disappearance within the context of a fic? Does he just go Bermuda Triangle missing? Dies? Never existed? Moved away?


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