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Hello! Here's chapter 3, I found it hard to write this chapter for some unbeknown reason.
Anyway, this one is less gruesome. So, yay! And about 1000 words shorter than I'd like it to be, but meh.


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CH 1 :: Daughter's Distress
CH 2 :: Where's Your Team?
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Really enjoying all the footage from the closed beta of 2.0 today! Some great new features in this one. New blocks (including stained glass-- finally!), new mobs, and even a new boss mob. If you haven't checked out the snapshot videos, get on it. Really cool stuff.

In related news, Sethbling is joining Mindcrack! Not only that, but he's taking responsibility for the server. I can't wait to see him and the guys playing 2.0 together. And no more survival! What do you guys think of the changes to the server. I think together, this is a great new direction, both for Minecraft and for the Mindcrack server. Watch those videos and gimme your take!
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In the middle of all of our B-Team vs. OOG discussion (and mad props to all of you for being so civil and lovely in the light of potential drama) and my mad Bo-Buddies shipping, the Bo-Buddies take on a challenge made by Xisuma, with awesome and hilarious results:

Genny | Keralis | Xisuma


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