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 This was inspired by one of Olivia's prompts from prompt swap that was never used. The prompt was to write Mindcrackers in the Lords of Minecraft setting. I wrote this because it was a really fun prompt - and as a thank you for Olivia's amazing super powers au. I hope everybody likes this <3

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Oh my GOODNESS! My first fan fic! Here we go! :D I'm planning to release the new chapters of the story two days at a time, cause I may have inspiration loss/ my school being evil, etc. Welp, here it goes! Cheesy title aside, here's the prologue! I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out cuts, so this better work! >:I

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Pirates! Yay! Fun! I got time to write, so here is more. Have a chocolate chip cookie. Or a cupcake. Maybe a doughnut…?

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Recent controversial events in Mindcrack & PlayMindcrack prompted me to write this. This might be a beginning of a story, or I might disappear on you guys again. I don't know.

But here's goes:

Before August 1st
A story of what could have been…

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While I continue to write basically everything I need to write, have this one-shot I wrote a little while ago on tumblr.

Rob/Deadbones preslash... but Pause is in it!
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Long has there been wait for a fic, and thus I wrote a fic. It doesn't really contain Mindcrackers, per say, but everyone seems to consider Rob an honorary so here ya go.

(also, if there could possibly be a self-harm tag made? this fic contains it in one paragraph (nothing graphic), so trigger warning.)

have a fic.
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Rob and Nisovin are leaving the PlayMindcrack server. DvZ and LoM will be moved to a different server(s) in the coming months. All things bought will be transferred over to new server(s).

But really, just watch the video. I know I kinda seem apathetic in this post but trust me when I say that if I wasn't, I'd probably break down crying.


Fanfic - Payback

Sunday, August 10th, 2014 02:16 am
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Short. I've been writing a fic a day over on my tumblr/AO3/a subreddit I made just for it but haven't been posting here so I don't spam the place with them since they're generally short. Here, have a Lords of Minecraft fic though.

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So my first FanFic.. lets see if I screw up the cuts... or the tags. oh well... also this is really short. also this is a Lords Of Minecraft fic.

“I thought that I would have a better life when i entered that portal…. oh how i was wrong.”

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EDIT 8/4: Ill post next one tomorrow, also sorry if offended any 1D fans :)

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Hey guys! Here comes a new story!

Sorry if this is so short. Each chapter is going to be a short about a different person, doing something. This chapter is a introduction to this idea. It's not for Kurt or Rob. You guys can tell me who you want next and please keep giving me ideas for powers! If you have any questions I'll try to answer them.

Also Cuts hate me :(

As Long As I'm Here.

Saturday, August 2nd, 2014 11:08 pm
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I know I haven't written much here, but here's a little one-shot for y'all. Based off the prompt:
"Imagine your OTP watching a horror movie together."
By the way, this is Rob/Pyro, because you can never have enough
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A short thing I was inspired to write. Based on the following quote, "Coestar belongs to me!" -Rob. I took it the uh, less gutter-y way. P sure Coe's played DvZ before, right? If not, oh well. *shrug* Edit: Oh yeah, warnings for blood and cursing.
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Short, not part of ficaday. Those will get posted once a week in a master post for less spam.

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Remember that Hybrid Fic I didn't know if it was gonna be in multiple parts? Guess what! Here's a second part!

If you'd like to know more about this Hybrid AU I've cooked up, feel free to check my tag for it on my tumblr, here, or ask me questions :D Please enjoy the fic, many thanks to Sunset for checking it over for me. Less warnings for pain and blood in this one, just mentions of pain instead.

Previous Chapter

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Rob is finally back to the Pokémon streams! This time, he's changed his mic, and I am so glad he did. This mic pics up so much more and allows him to do a voice that makes me quite hot an bothered. Not sure if you can time stamp Twitch videos, so the part starts at 22:54. Enjoy!


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