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Friday, August 4th, 2017 06:02 pm
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It's been ages, everyone!

This is a sequel to this (bloody long) fanfic- . we go with the followup!

There are two cuts, the first one goes to the story, the second one goes to any notes or translations that might be needed.

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Part Two-
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WOW SO IT'S BEEN A LITTLE WHILE HUH. College hath slain me, and I'm really, really sorry for how long this took. Particularly since these nerds were actually meant to get something done this chapter and instead they just argued for almost 4000 words. Prepare yourselves for an infodump and a lot of dialogue. Thanks to yamina-chan for giving me a great beta job!

Chapter 2 - One Fish, Two Fish )
Chapter 1
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 basically we played a drabble game on skype and i had to write something based on our theme (fire) andthe skype mustache emoji (movember) 
its just a memey shitpost i dont know

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 So this is horrendously late and for that I'd like to apologize- between irl stuff, being sick, and Fated, getting time/energy to write this thing has been difficult, but here it is.
I got koijuly, and the prompt was "Several members of mindcrack are abducted and have to fight to take control of the ship to return home"

So, here we go. 1.3k words with a really terrible name.

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Sometimes you'd do everything for someone you barely know. Loosely based off the song Yellow by Coldplay
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Just four short stories I wrote while on the bus. They vary in length, but in total they're less than 1500 words. Hope you enjoy them! Only one of them involves shipping, so if you don't like shipping, then you can still read most of them!

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Who Said Gaming Skills Aren't Useful? It's kinda a mouthful, so I shortened it :D
This was NOT written by me. Well, not entirely by me. It was written by a group I'm part of, called the UnlitMidnightWriters.
I hope you enjoy, if you want to read ahead, check out our wattpad or check the doc .

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Ahem, for those that don't know me, I am sunsetmondays, salader since early 2013. The Survival saga is my long-running gen-fic series that unfortunately hasn't been updated in nearly a year but I've fallen back into the fandom and it's back (albeit updates are still gonna be sporadic as I'm really busy with school stuff until november. I am still forever excited about my plans for this series. It truly is my baby. And special thanks to silvercheets for the beta job. She is truly fab. And for new saladers interested in starting from the beginning, you can either follow the previous/next links at the bottom of the chapter or head to my journal page for an aggregated list of all my fics.

Chapter 5 - Revelations

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