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Beef being seductive in Portuguese on the podcast. (The question starts around 39:30.)


i can't

you all know me and my language kink

send help

(ps: mc stream will happen eventually i promise, but i can't make it happen now due to real life stuff. sorry!)

edit: bonus points: Keep listening. As Millbee's going on about his reaction, listen very carefully for a "fuck" from Pause. It's...it makes me think very naughty things. Like Pause isn't really kidding about the Kleenex...


Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 10:19 pm
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Just a bunch of silly random stuff I've noticed and/or thought about recently.
Cut because I ramble a bit. )
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I'm quite surprised no one has commented on this yet.

In podcast number 31, Pause talked about the fact that he and Nebris were not at a certain panel, and was being extremely coy about it. When the others mentioned that fact, he refused to answer it directly and kept dropping hints.

Now, he was CLEARLY tempting on the raving fans. CLEARLY hinting for us shippers to do something with it, so I don't get why no one has posted about this.

So, discussion, plotbunnies, prompts in the comments? In the minecraft-as-reallife worlds, what would this be? What would be the repercussions of this in a plotbunny sense? Does Pause know about this place and is deliberately trying to egg us on?

{{timestamp goes here when I find it.}}

Podcast chat

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013 06:19 pm
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More shipping discussion, including the possible impact of a female on the server and Baj wants to go shopping. Also Guude mentioned posting 'on the main shipping site'.

So, thoughts?


Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 03:15 pm
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Guude moved to Canada to be in a relationship with Pause. There's nudity involved.

You know, I often wonder how much this kind of stuff gets said specifically to bait the shippers. Because that's really what it feels like here. And it totally worked. See, here I am posting about it.

Whatever. Guude/Pause is canon, CONFIRMED. And Beef does seem oddly knowledgeable about it...
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With returning guest Millbee!

Things get a little kinky this week when tentacles are somehow brought up, and I'll just stop there.

I also find it amusing that Guude refuses to even listen to Beef's movie suggestions after Drive.

And speaking of Guude and Beef, this happened in FTB. Guude programs a giant color changing monitor/wall for Beef's house, and Beef later joins and sees it in action.

Edit: Oh look, Beef and Pause have started a new CTM map! Heh, and they're still bitter about Vechs not giving them beds in Black Desert, and Pause is teasing Beef about the melon trees. XD

(no subject)

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 11:30 pm
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For anyone who's heard today's podcast, did you catch the awww moment between Beef and Etho? <3
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How does this not have a post yet?


Dinnerbone is indeed the special guest. Sethbling and JL-Zipcode also join the Mindcrack guys for a short podcast over Skype with Beef and Baj. They mostly discuss their experiences at the con, which leads to some interesting conversations, if a bit chaotic because of how many people are there. Thoughts? Feels?
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So, in the recent B-Team casino episode, GenerikB and Bdubs decide to keep Beef's castle chapel so they can conduct weddings. GenerikB suggests marrying Beef/Pause and Doc/Anderz, which amused the heck out of me:

Generik: "For the quickie-wed, you know, for the love birds, like Pause and Beef can go get married here."
BdoubleO: "Yeah, yeah! I like it."
Generik: "I mean, Shree can wear a dress."
Bdubs: "Mm. Of course."
Generik: Doc and AnderZEL can have a little wedding."
Bdubs: "True."

Time stamp on Bdubs' video.

They also talk about spending the night together (IRL) at GenerikB's house before they head to Minecon, which... INTERESTING. They talk about doing things together that they could only do physically together...

Also, in today's podcast, there's a lot of discussion about gay LPers, which I thought was of interest to the community since we've discussed that recently. Sadly, it's a more serious topic that sort of gets joked-over. There are a few times I thought someone was going to say something good and then someone made a joke/interrupted and it was lost. Still thought it was worth mentioning here in case people wanted to have any sort of discussion about it.

EDIT: We need an AnderZEL tag, and maybe a podcast one?
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So, I was watching the podcast today, and again the question of female server members came up. (Timestamp) This is not the first time that the guys have discussed this issue, but, to my knowledge, it is the most they have ever said on the topic. Essentially, their response was along the lines of "Yes, we want girls, but there's a lot of pressure that would be on these girls and not many people are willing or qualified to step up to that plate." (But please go listen to the podcast linked above; the question is answered in about 3 minutes, so it's not that much to get through!)

What I was wondering is, given that many members of this community seem to be female, what is your opinion of adding a female to the lineup?

Read more... )

Also another possible angle to take with this: how do you think female server members would change the Mindcrack shipping community? Would it become larger? More mainstream? Or something else?
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Let's make a whole entry about it!

I really enjoyed this week's podcast. Maybe even one of my favorites, even though Beef wasn't there to provide his awesome segues, though we did have MC as a guest (streamer noise). I believe MC was a guest the first time the podcast got botched, so this makes me happy that we get to hear him in this one. Some of the points of interest include hypothetical Mindcrack plushies (it was a joke, but so many people in the comments are saying they really want it), awkward questions about tingling testicles (thanks, Baj, for sneaking that joke into every question after that), fanart (MC slipped in a suspiciously familiar phrase, "It's not about the art, it's about the fan"), and Pause continuing to be an enormous flirt.


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