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Recent controversial events in Mindcrack & PlayMindcrack prompted me to write this. This might be a beginning of a story, or I might disappear on you guys again. I don't know.

But here's goes:

Before August 1st
A story of what could have been…

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Feed the Crack

Sunday, November 18th, 2012 12:52 pm
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So, the big thing on the YouTubes appears to be Feed the Beast nowadays. Our favorite Mindcrackers and our favorite Hermits, as well as our favorite Others, are hard at work exploring all the lovely things that these new worlds have to offer us. For those of you not keeping up, so far we've seen collaborative videos from tons of people (links to their first episode): Guude, Pause, Beef, Baj, Millbee, Doc, Bdubs, GenerikB and Nebris on the Feed the Mindcrack Server; Avidya, Juicetra, JoeHills, and I'm sure other people I'm not subscribed to on the Topmass.net Server Sponsored By Joe Hills, and of course Avidya and Coestar have their own "Coe-op" of the mod pack. Whew, all those links! And there are plenty of other people playing who aren't recording, too!

So, what are everyone's feelings on all this Feeding of Beasts? I think it has the potential to lead to some great pranking, some great cooperative efforts, and some great footage. Sometimes it's a bit frustrating to watch them herp around over things I know, but it's generally pretty fun, and they're all getting better as time goes on. A few people have struck out on their own a few times, but in a world with so much to learn it seems like it would be so much more fun to have friends. It is overwhelming at times, though, I bet!

What are everyone's thoughts?
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So this tweet exchange just happened. Such is the state of my mind that it gave me feels. Beef and Kurt are two of my favs and they so rarely interact. Now I'm just wishing they lived close enough that Beef could come over and help Kurt with his car.

(Also of interest is that Pause just tweeted that he and Juicetra were hanging out IRL... Shall we open a betting pool counting down the number of days until Juice joins Mindcrack?)
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Right at the end.

Bdubs: Hello, what have you found?
Kurt: A pretty big revolver.
Bdubs: Ooh. *trying not to snigger*
Kurt: Say it.
Bdubs: I can't.
(someone): Why not?
Bdubs: Because my wife is home, she'll kill me.
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Pause's livestream earlier this evening, now he's upped the flirting with Juicetra. Admitted he's a big flirt and said he loves too many people. Awww. Also... he should have something coming up with Beef soon.

Zisteau tweeted a link to Kurt's channel and says 'Get this guy to 100k subs already.'

Little things make me happy. <3
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Generikb‏ @generikb

Serious Borderlands2 recording action tonight with @Juicetra @BdoubleO100 and @kurtjmac! And by serious I mean booze, shooting, and facecam?

...I would not have figured Kurt to be a Borderlands player but then again he was a Tomb Raider player so I guess Kurt continues to be filled with surprises? Still, OH MY GOD YES.
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Today in Genny's Hermitcraft video, he announced that once the Minecon ticket shenanigans settle, he is staying in the same hotel room as Bdubs, Kurt, and Juicetra.



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