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Errr okay so a long while back Oh bout a year ago but whatevs There was a group. They were known as team after hours. This is the story of the days remembered by me at least. Read more... )
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[Edit: September 19th, 2014 -- This is an older iteration of the story.  It's highly recommended that you read the googledoc as that is the most recent and most updated version of the series.]


I'm so sorry it took this long.  This chapter was the stopping block for the whole season for me, personally. IRL obligations plus certain challenges in this chapter contributed to the long wait, and all I can do is apologize and offer what I got.

I hope you guys enjoy.

Now the housekeeping: as a refresher for long-time followers of the series and a reference for those who are new, "UHC: Foundation" is a long-running series set in the expansive 'Severance' alternate universe and follows the fates of that universe's incarnations of the Minecrafters we've come to love and respect. As per protocol, for further information and reading, refer to the World Dossier (here) and the compiled story/serial document (here; alternatively, one can follow the story through here.)

"All the world is a stage, and we are the actors upon it."

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Author's Box (FAQ):
"What is the Severance Universe?" -- The Severance Universe is the setting for the 'UHC: Foundation' serial. Read all the previous chaptersodes here or here and read more info and lore click here.

Severance Universe One Shots:
SUOS 001 - Hat
SUOS 002 - Descent and Denial
SUOS 003 - Into This World
SUOS 004 - Hostility

We do more than just the SevU. Here are other stories for you happy lot to check out!
Saladcrack :: Kiddycrack Ficsnips

Burning the Phoenix (Ch 1)

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I'm here to post official confirmation that the two saladcracks I work on will be transferred to saladlove for the time being. (Those are Sem Equites and Power Mad, obviously)

In case you can't see the sticky, or it got removed, is where saladlove is.

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Sunday, September 7th, 2014 10:28 pm
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i did the thing i made a community for salad crack stuff since it has started quite a few tensions within salad so... any thing salad gen or just plain no mindcracker all salad fics should be posted to
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I feel like we need to have this discussuion.

What's your honest opinion on Saladcrack? Don't lie, that won't help anything. Just post your opinion and do so in a respectful manner.

EDIT: There is now a Saladcrack Dreamwidth:

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Okay, so me and Luke(Thomas) co wrote this story! This story follows Ratta, and his quest to finally have 1 good prom night.

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Words: 3,057
Hope you all enjoy, it was very fun to co-write!
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So. A thing. First thing i've posted. Probably a bad idea to start with saladcrack, but whatever. Also, before you ask, there are some things i'm taking inspiration from Supernatural on. Because I want their car.

I'll go ahead and say who all is in this now I guesses. There's uus authors, Ratta, Seven, Goose, M, Alice, AJ, Yuna and Scott. Oh, hey Yuna. I sent you a message. Did you get it? I need to know what your character thinks is her best trait. But PM it to me.

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It's here! So apparently clash, seven, and ratta are helping me write this now. Don't know how it happened but I'm glad it did! So a huge thanks goes out to them! Anyway background info a Catti is basically half human half cat, a Felinus is basically all cat but with some human tendencies. Yeah so leave comment and tell me what you think.

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Back to hub:

So, this is going to become a multi-season fic. Not sure if that's a good thing. But, let me know if at any point you want your character out if the story. Getting your character out is an okay thing as far as i'm concerned.

Also, had to cut a bit of content from this to release it so soon. Seven is still holding up the next chapter, but I got something out for you. So, enjoy.

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Happy? You should know that by harassing me, ya have to wait longer to read some fascinating dialogue. Go read something else now :P
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OCG = Original Character Gathering.
I'm starting a new sign-in thingy here just for anyone of you who is interested in joining a fanfic that I am currently planning, revolving in Aurey and the Skull Heart. I'll be sure to poke in and check out some of your character.

Form That You Can Fill... )

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Sunday, August 31st, 2014 09:16 am
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Sorry about the spammyness of this. I just got over excited and went on a writing spree. So here chapter five!

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