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Sometimes I kind of wish I could automate these posts, but then I wouldn't get to add witty commentary. Ehn. I may reschedule them slightly in the future so I can get more sleep. Hmm.

Episode 5: Pakratt | Rayman || Nebris | MC
Episode 6: Pakratt | Rayman || Nebris | MC

Next time: PauseunBeef Lethamyr!
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Sorry for lack of links, things are a little crazy here - hopefully others can provide!

Something about this season of CobbleHaters is even more feel-y and flail-y than usual for me. Not sure what - partially that they're alive longer and so there's more at stake? I don't know. But yes. FEELS. And poor Nebris feeling unwell, though I love the "are you feeling better? are you, are you?" from the others. :p

B-Team is also doing an adventure map, called "Herobrine's Mansion", with texture pack and fascinating mechanics galore. Should be interesting. The concept of Genny trying to learn how to handle custom maps from Bdubs just makes me giggle.

ALSO: I'm realizing we're almost done with CobbleHaters, whoops!. Is VintagePause Lethamyr cool for next season, or do you have a specific request for something else?
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Today has been really frazzling for the mod, so no witty commentary. Enjoy the CobbleHater-y goodness.

Episode 3: Pakratt | Rayman || Nebris | MC
Episode 4: Pakratt | Rayman || >Nebris [yes the same video: Nebris combined these two] | MC

On an unrelated note, if you in your Minecraft travels happen to find an interesting parkour map that takes advantage of jump boost beacons that is recreate-able in survival, please let me know.


Talk to me!

Today's topic: tell me something completely unrelated to Minecraft/Mindcrack/Youtube about yourself.
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Been a bit quiet around here. We have a few members affected by Sandy, so I hope they are safe and are able to return to their normal lives soon. Our lovely moderator has once again asked for assistance doing these routine posts, so I shall assist! Next on the Group Rewatch is Cobblehaters Season 3, which has a different format than usual. It's a competition for the most points between teams: Pakratt and Rayman versus Nebris and MC. So technically there's one and a half hours of footage between two episodes if you want to watch both teams, and also for some reason Pak and Ray went twice as long as Nebs and MC, so their team has 30 minute episodes and the other has 15 minute episodes even though everyone has 6 episodes total for this season. Gah why did I volunteer to post the confusing season? So, let me know if I'm supposed to have done it this way, because I am very confused.

Episode 1: Pakratt | Rayman | Nebris | MC
Episode 2: Pakratt | Rayman | Nebris | MC

If no one else gets to Fanart Friday by the time I get up tomorrow, I will post that as well.

PS, Ms. Mod, I don't know where you got the idea there was no Rayman footage before season 5, because I found it just fine.
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I am currently at my godmother's house, since she has power and I do not in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. (I am otherwise okay though, so please don't worry!) Hopefully I'll be able to do these popup things again on a semi-regular basis, but no guarantees - so if people could be so kind as to keep posting these/Fanart Friday/Chit Chat'n Sunday in my absence I would really appreciate it.

Episode 1: Pakratt | Nebris | MC

Episode 2: Pakratt | Nebris | MC

Episode 3: Pakratt | Nebris | MC

...Also I just realized I have spent this WHOLE time mixing up Seasons 2 and 3 as to which CobbleHaters season is my favorite, and that officially makes me a terrible person. We will watch Season 3, and soon, depending on how much or how little ConEd derps up!

EDIT: Yuletide signups end TONIGHT IN SEVEN HOURS so if you want to request Mindcrack fanfic NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!!!
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Yes, CobbleHaters S1 is only like, an hour of footage. Enjoy. ;)

Episode 1: Pakratt | Rayman's old channel has been deleted, so there will be no Rayman coverage for any CobbleHaters before S5, sadly. | Nebris | MC
Episode 2: Pakratt | Nebris | MC

[livejournal.com profile] yuletide signups are extended through Wednesday. Which is a good thing, because the moderator hasn't been keeping up with it.

Also, for any of you in the northeastern/mid-Atlantic part of the US, all the best for you as Hurricane Sandy approaches! I may or may not have the day off, which (if I am lucky enough to have power) may mean a free day for LPing and studying and wine. Here's to hoping!
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* Apparently YoshiToMario is strawberry flavored. Well, that's kind of oddly kinky.

* Doc and Nebris farm Wither skulls. Their chat is minimal and mostly mechanics, but with these two, I'd listen to them read the phone book and find it awesome, so. (Also, Zisteau trolling like a champion. XD) I want fic of them sitting around talking about their completely different relationships with Etho, though.

* Introducing Tayega. The confusion over who would be the one lady is amusing, as is Pakratt's take on the Ethonian Pickup Line. Also surprise domestic MC. :D


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