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Dear Yuletide: this is why you should care about Mindcrack. Probably far from perfect, and I apologize if I missed your favorite build/prank/invention/pairing, but for being thrown together I'm almost proud of it. Feel free to comment over there with additions.

Eventually I'm going to do a longer introduction of each of the 12 LPers nominated and why they rock and who they're most compatible with - but most certainly not now. If you'd like to write one for your favorite, feel free to do so in the comments.

Off to catch up on this weekend's stuff - Orange Wool and Doc playing FTL? GODDAMNIT WHY DOES ALL THE AWESOME STUFF HAPPEN WHEN I'M GONE.

Fanart Friday

Friday, October 5th, 2012 11:52 am
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Draw stuff! It's good for you.

...I actually don't really have a feature for this week, oops. Feel free to suggest features for the future!

But here's a thing: does knowing what the guys really look like affect how you draw them? If you knew what Chris (real life Nebris) looked like, would you use his features with violet eyes when drawing Nebris? Does kurtjmac (as the Minecraft character) look like David Tennant, or does he look like Kurt wearing the Tenth Doctor's clothing, or something completely different/in between? I've noticed, for example, that there's at least two "canons" for Guude: the "bishounen" one Sixelona drew before she knew what Jason actually looked like that others have since adopted, and one much closer to Jason himself.

Also, again I'm stepping out for the weekend. I probably will be able to get the last post of Group Rewatch 2.5 up on Saturday as well as the chat post on Sunday, but expect further delays and feel free to put them up yourself if you're feeling impatient. Next weekend I will definitely be away with a very small chance of posting, so I may ask for folks to cover for me. Group Rewatch 3 is coming soon, and by overwhelming agreement it will be OOG Portal 2, so look forward to it!

Oh yeah, and we're officially approved for Yuletide, in "Other Media". (I think they figured out their mistake for the Mindcrack vs. Minecraft thing as well.) Minecraft as a whole is not there, and neither is Minecraft LPs, so apologies for those of you holding out for Biffa/Hypnotizd or something. XD For those participating, all fandoms/characters eligible to write about this year are here. If you are participating, you get to pick three or four fandoms from that list to request (to get as a gift), and need to pick at least four fandoms from the list to offer to write for someone else. Signing up for said fandoms begins October 15, so this is a good time to start perusing the list and picking out what you want to request and offer! If you have any Yuletide questions let me know. :D
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  • So I am of two minds about how to react to Guude and Pause plausibly knowing about this place (if they even explored that link seriously). I know this is supposed to be sort of a 'safe haven' away from the Mindcrackers themselves, but at the same time, they kind of should know what they're getting into when they see the title of the community, you know? And I don't like the idea of making everything shut down and members only because I know we have lurkers and I like said lurkers and I don't want to discourage them from eventually joining the conversation. At the same time, the golden rule of RPF (never tell the people involved that you ship them) is flashing in my head. But that rule is very strange for this fandom - I mean, Guude watched Sixelona draw him and Bdubs snuggling in bed on a livestream and enjoyed it and laughed! So what do we think?
  • There seems to be some mixup about Yuletide where Mindcrack is being conflated with Minecraft. I kind of wanted it to be focused on Mindcrack to allow for RPF and for non-Minecraft game worlds (e.g. that fabulous Faster than Light fic recently posted), but saying Minecraft allows for the wider world of LPs (Vechs interacting with Team Tunnel Rat, my weird pairing of Genny/Keralis, etc.) Again, what do we think?
  • On a shallow/personal note, I am looking for a Minecraft server. I am of a mixed mind regarding the term "Mindcrack-like", but it's honestly what I'm looking for - a fairly small whitelist of generally active people, as close to vanilla survival as possible, with a dedicated and serious administration who chooses carefully for mature members and takes the server seriously. The mod has been seriously burned on how the administration handles drama before, so. A group that is okay with me LPing on the server and is mostly 18+ is a bonus but not a requirement. If you know of anything like that looking for a member with plenty of Mindcrack knowledge and moderation experience, let me know?

I will probably edit this later as I watch more videos.
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I wasn't anticipating an extended period of actual-computer time while on my trip, but it has happened and I am not complaining, so I've worked on something. :P But not the co-op list? Quiet, you.

I've posted a journey taken together, my little contribution to Altverse, at the Archive of our Own, a site much like Fanfiction.net. (From here on out, the Archive of our Own shall be referred to as the AO3.) I prefer the AO3 over FF.net for two big reasons:
  1. there is a large exchange for rare fandoms later this year known as [livejournal.com profile] yuletide which is run through the AO3 and I'd really like to participate with Mindcrack; more on Yuletide in a moment
  2. the AO3 is much more tolerant of real person fiction, and with the paper-thin boundary between fictional and real people in Mindcrack I figured it was more appropriate for us

Please note the following:
  • I'm using the "Mindcrack" (which should be shuffled into "Other Media", just like Yogscast) and "Minecraft (video game)" fandoms. If you write fic that is purely real world based (say, OOG makeouts at Minecon), don't use the Minecraft tag because it doesn't take place in Minecraft; if you write fic that takes place in another game (say, Nebris and Millbee derping around together in Guild Wars 2), use that game's fandom tag instead. I don't think this needs the "Youtube and Vlogger" fandom tag, because generally LPing as a community is distinct from vlogging; what do you think?
  • I'm using full Youtube names for character tags for clarity; I think it's least ambiguous this way. Obviously in your own works you can use whatever tags you want (including relationship tags, which wasn't relevant for this fic), but nevertheless, I think this is the option I'm taking and I hope others agree. (I may talk to a tag wrangler in the future about that, too...)
  • I've made a "Mindcrack Altverse" series, since it's fairly cohesive and there's three of us writing in it. :P I know that my fic is not actually part 1 chronologically, but we'll fix that if/when "Perceptions" gets added to the AO3.

If you guys have written fanfiction for this fandom and have accounts on the AO3, I highly encourage you to upload your fanfics to the AO3. If you're nervous about the connection between your username and Mindcrack fanfiction, you can use a new pseudonym or orphan (anonymize) your work immediately after upload, whichever you prefer.

If you have written fanfiction for this fandom and do not want to get an account at the AO3 for any reason, let me know. I am willing to upload and then orphan your works, if you'd like.

If you do not have an account at the AO3 and would like one, unfortunately it's currently invite only. Still, you have two options.

Firstly, you could post now that you need one. As the community's moderator attempting to archive fanfiction, I could possibly request extra invites for those who need them. Of course, if others here have invites they're willing to offer, that's also an attractive and much easier option. :)

Secondly, if you're willing to participate, it's generally not difficult to get an account during Yuletide.

About Yuletide: basically rare fandoms and characters from those rare fandoms will be nominated starting this Monday (and I hope to get as many Mindcrackers on that list as I can), and then from that nomination list everyone will pick characters from three or four fandoms to request fanfiction for, and a whole bunch of fandoms they're willing to write. Everyone gets matched accordingly, and then you're given about a month and a half to write a thousand words for the person you've been assigned. If you're feeling daring, you can surf through other people's prompts and write for more folks as well. All the fics are revealed anonymously Christmas morning, and all the authors are revealed on New Year's Day.

So if you're willing to participate - it is a lot of fun, though it can be stressful, and you're not guaranteed by any means to be assigned to write Mindcrack fic - you can request an AO3 account while signups are going on, participate, and then stick all of your Mindcrack fic on afterwards.

I for one will be requesting Mindcrack for sure; not sure which characters yet. "Any character" is an option as well, which I just may take. Hmm. I hope others participate in the madness that is Yuletide with me, and maybe we'll even attract a few more folks to this crazy little place this way! :D

MAJOR EDIT REGARDING YULETIDE: So by not checking my other LJ, I was caught completely unawares by the fact that it is in fact nominations season starting Monday! OH MY GOD, GUYS. If you are participating and have room for Mindcrack on your nomination list, let's coordinate characters! I'll probably nominate Guude, Bdubs, MC, and Nebris; I'll let others cover other characters so we can get a nice and wide variety. :D


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