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Nobody has made note of this yet, so I thought I would!

Kurt has stated that if we raise a certain amount of money, I think it's 3,000 dollars, by the end of the year, he will get a tattoo! It's gonna be the original minecraft logo. Here's the link for the video he talked about it in for all the info!

I think it's an awesome idea, what about you guys?
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hint hint nudge nudge

For those of you following agrarian skies and / or some of nebris and arkas' vanilla eps since new spawn, you should know what's up.
So is anyone gonna tell me where all that fic's at?

Also, I guess it's about time someone brings up the Skype Chat again.

So hello ladies, gentleman, and others of salad. We have a group skype chat (technically 2 - 1 for sfw, 1 for nsfw -  that could use some new life. So give me a buzz if you're interested.

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So I've been tossing around this idea for awhile, but it has always been one of those silly ideas you have in your head and you entertain fantasies of, while knowing they can't ever happen. Then Hawksirius messages me one day and says, "Hey, what if we did this?"

And I got really excited. What is 'this,' you ask?

As you probably guessed from the title, it has to do with Monstrous. Residual and Fated, too, but mostly Monstrous.

This idea is an animated, voiced, episodic-format series of Monstrous.

I'm going to put a cut in for anyone interested in reading further.

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All of you should read the RULES and FAQ

As made known by Elfy, we have a Salad server that needs a new person to pay for it! Contact Elfy if you'd be willing. General FAQ for the salad server can be found here

We do have SFW and NSFW Skype chats. PM me your skype name and I will add you if you want.

There's a beta forum, which you can use to get betas/editors, throw ideas around, etc. That can be found here. It was fairly shaky in getting off the ground, but if you guys can keep it active, it will be helpful. :)

If you ever wanted to easily find older fics, we have the Salad Files Project. It's uncompleted, but fairly thorough in finding fics through 2014. That can be found here.

As far as subcommittees go, we have SaladLove for self-inserts, saladers/saladers, saladers/Mindcrackers, etc. That can be found here.

All in all, have fun without being a dick and have fun shipping (or not shipping) whatever you want!

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it's friday, i'm awfully what's your favorite mindcrack fanfiction? leave a link too, maybe you'll help someone else find their new favorite.

here's mine, "To Wait, To Watch, To Wish" by "mindcrack_love". it's an old one, july of 2013, but it's still good. nsfw nebtho. it was my introduction to the world of mindcrack fanfiction, not the first one i read but definitely the one that made me stay.

please mention if your fic is sfw or nsfw, don't want anyone stumbling upon something they don't like.

Space Engineers

Sunday, April 5th, 2015 10:25 pm
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 Hi. Long time no post. Am I still allowed to make discussion posts even though I havent been very active?

Anyways. I would have put this on the general discussion forum on the beta service site, but the most recent post was in December, so it seems to me it has been abandoned...

I have doubts about even posting this )
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An update was just posted on Mindcrack's website that you all should read

TL;DR: Mindcrack is changing the way it goes about itself and how it works and because of that GenerikB, BdoubleO, thejims, Etho, and PaulSoaresJr are no longer a part of Mindcrack.

A full, more detailed explanation is in the link above so please read it.

MC's personal post.

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015 10:02 am
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As a long time openly queer fan of Mindcrack, I'm proud and happy this is a thing. And I know there's a chance you'll see this too, MC.

Much love from us here at the Salad (thank you for naming us that)!
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 so! first off, hello, how are y'all doin', it's been awhile, etc, etc.

this post is part bragging, part related to the salad as a whole. it involves embarrassing myself, meeting lots of friends and mindcrackers, and hanging out with an irl friend that i hadn't seen in a good few months.

here we go! i hope the pictures go under the cut lmao.

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Hello salad, I'm sad to tell you that my The Light In The Dark story is going to be on hiatus :(.Read more... )
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No he didn't read it. But someone tweeted it at him (because the chat was discussing it, although he somehow didn't notice that) and he opened it. Just though you guys would like to see this footage if you weren't on the stream. (watch until 02:14:32)

Team F1 is back!

Saturday, January 17th, 2015 09:56 am
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 Kurt and Beef are back for another season of F1 together! :D

Let's bring back Kurt/Beef!

Kurt's POV:
Beef's POV:
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Hi! Welcome to our Sunday discussion/ written recap of what's happening on Mindcrack!

Mindcrack News!

Beef talks about moving, reads the last two pages of Aurey's book. He also converts a second villager zombie and decorates an Oxeye house

Chad adds rooms and starts potion brewing

Orange Wool goes in search of cows, find cows and fail to bring them home and promise to return with leads.

Aurey comes back and works on her Blingtower Apartment

Chad talks about the drama from last week's reacp

Jsano talks about when he finally matured

Chad works in Shop Town and gets geared up at the Ender Ender

Beef and Chad do some ABBA Beef wins by 29 points

Ads builds a functional saw mill

Beef works more on Oxeye, including a town centerpiece

Chad finishes up enchanting

Also: Happy Birthday to BTC and Nebs!


1. I imagine that we are about halfway through UHC19. What are your favorite moments from past UHC's?

2. How do you celebrate the holidays?

Sunday Chat!

Sunday, December 7th, 2014 09:09 pm
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Week 3 -or 2- or something. Nobody did it last week, but I shall take the mantle this week!

News from the Mindcrack!

Chad rebuilds the barn in Farm Town, talking about his Thanksgiving

Adlington makes a redstone coal system

Orange Wool works on the Church of Melon and makes fun of politics

Adorabolical makes Anderz a rainbow Viking ship.

Etho enchants a bunch and adds a TnT killing device and makes Beef another Seinfeld trivia game with a chance to win diamonds.

Chad finished off the barn and cleans up from his introduction

Nebs shows off the library he added to his Spawn Town Compound

Avidya tries to figure out if the Glue Factory works, then joins Pak to breed some horses.

Chad goes caving, talking about his trip to Austin and does some maintenance talking about Big Hero 6

Avidya makes a proper entrance to his and Coe's tunnel of measuring

Beef works on Oxeye, does the trivia from Etho and explodes a bit of BlingTowers

Jsano updates us about the Union drama in DC

Chad, being the dedicated bloke he is, uploads another video with the beginning of construction in Shop Town

Pyro uploads explaining his recent feelings about making content on the server

Podcast 94 was uploaded, in full 1080p, 60 fps!


1. What would you say is to blame for the lack of posts here? Holiday rush, lack of inspiration, or something else?

2. As other games are played, do you find it difficult to write "pure" Mindcrack fics (as in Minecraft based)?

And welcome to the Rush of December!
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We haven't had one in a while, have we? For the newbies, and the somewhat-newbies, sunday chat us a (supposedly) weekly chat that's posted every Sunday. Apparently we haven't had a Sunday in a while. Discuss anything in the comments, Mindcrack, salad, fics, whatever. 

Mindcrack news! Sponsored but not sponsored by the weekly recap on Mindcrack network hosted by OMGChad! He does a much better job so check that out!

Anderz gets the derz, well derp, part of his name fulfilled while building in space. Ge almost lived, too. 

Aureylian gives moar thanks :P. Lots of it going around :D

Orange wool does a tournament. 

Avidya does more building. 

BTC declares hate on living things. Makes sense, considering his skin :P. He also gets a new base. 

Chad does building, cleaning, and enchanting work, as well as posts the podcast I'm getting this from :D

Beef starts with three dogs, ends with one. He also starts on the entrance of his new base. 

The cupcake mafia cleans Genny's slimy mess. Genny obviously never was taught to clean up after himself. He also finds a slightly misplaced RV. 

JSano jinxed himself while caving in search of riches. 

BDubs builds. Really, what else do you expect? He also does redstone. Not as expected. 

Adlington tackles projects. 

Etho starts speed-mining and building. 

MC finds a stronghold!

Vechs asks for texture packs. 

Bah works in the inside of the courthouse. 

Series are ended and started, and games are tested. 

Podcast episode 93! Seven left 'till... Uh.... 93+7.... 100! Seven left until the great hundred!

Questions for this week!

Who thinks these should come back?
How does one react to such OOG feels? If you read the fic before this post, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
Do you feel like fic quality has declined since the olden days of salad? Do you think it should be highly recommended to get a beta?

Remember, you can chat about anything. Just don't spam my inbox (looking at you, Goose. No caps-locking a name from Rangers Apprentice and posting it, though Tug is awesome :P)

Merry thanksgiving! Or happy thanksgiving? Either way, to the people who celebrate it, enjoy one of the few days the colonists helped the world! They don't happen often!
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It's today! Wooo! Am I allowed to make a post like this? Yaaaay!
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Gonna cross-post this, and I hope to see some amazing work from you guys on the 27th!
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I feel like we need to have this discussuion.

What's your honest opinion on Saladcrack? Don't lie, that won't help anything. Just post your opinion and do so in a respectful manner.

EDIT: There is now a Saladcrack Dreamwidth:

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 The Mindcrack PAXPrime  panel just finished up. What did you think of it?

EDIT: Youtube video for the panel is officially out! Watch here!


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