Friday, September 11th, 2015

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Today's 9/11. The day the Twin Towers were crashed into and burnt down. Last weekend, me and my family were at the 9/11 memorial, and in the museum there was a quote by someone watching the building burn. He spoke of seeing a woman who, as she was preparing to fall, held her skirt down to keep her modesty in her last moments.

So I wrote this.

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Here we go with chapter 5, in which Kurt needs to talk, and Zisteau explains some stuff.
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hint hint nudge nudge

For those of you following agrarian skies and / or some of nebris and arkas' vanilla eps since new spawn, you should know what's up.
So is anyone gonna tell me where all that fic's at?

Also, I guess it's about time someone brings up the Skype Chat again.

So hello ladies, gentleman, and others of salad. We have a group skype chat (technically 2 - 1 for sfw, 1 for nsfw -  that could use some new life. So give me a buzz if you're interested.


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