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So I've been tossing around this idea for awhile, but it has always been one of those silly ideas you have in your head and you entertain fantasies of, while knowing they can't ever happen. Then Hawksirius messages me one day and says, "Hey, what if we did this?"

And I got really excited. What is 'this,' you ask?

As you probably guessed from the title, it has to do with Monstrous. Residual and Fated, too, but mostly Monstrous.

This idea is an animated, voiced, episodic-format series of Monstrous.

I'm going to put a cut in for anyone interested in reading further.

This is primarily an interest check, as well as a (very rough) list of what we'll need. I'm aware that this is a ridiculously huge and ambitious project, but if we get enough people on a team for this (Hawksirius has recruited some of her friends and apparently they have "connections" so that might help out) we could potentially pull this off.

I had told Hawk that if she could "find me an animator or a team of animators, I will put posts up and actually put work and hope into this." ...So she started teaching herself how to animate. It would be great, however, if we could get at least one other person to help her out with that- it's a big job and overloading her would be not-so-good. She's capable of doing it, I feel, but it would be so much easier if there was a team.

And voices. We need so many voices. If we get enough interest in this, then I'll compile a rundown of what characters absolutely must not share voices with other characters and what characters can due to lack of importance/things they say.

We need voices, repeats or not, for every Mindcracker EXCEPT for Avidya, Mhykol, Arkas, and thejims. They don't directly say anything in Monstrous, but they do in Residual, so we'll need them if we get that far. In addition, we have other characters such as Norazdomu, the dragons, random people like the pigman that told them about the nether portal and the blaze that got mad at Vechs when he escaped his cell, and the Hostiles, once again if we get that far.

So, if anyone's interested in helping, or just in supporting the project, please be kind enough to let me know. If this gets off the ground, I'll likely start up something somewhere for us to all congregate to, in order to avoid cluttering up MCL with our project.

Hawk, if this backfires in some way, I blame you.
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