Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

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All of you should read the RULES and FAQ

As made known by Elfy, we have a Salad server that needs a new person to pay for it! Contact Elfy if you'd be willing. General FAQ for the salad server can be found here

We do have SFW and NSFW Skype chats. PM me your skype name and I will add you if you want.

There's a beta forum, which you can use to get betas/editors, throw ideas around, etc. That can be found here. It was fairly shaky in getting off the ground, but if you guys can keep it active, it will be helpful. :)

If you ever wanted to easily find older fics, we have the Salad Files Project. It's uncompleted, but fairly thorough in finding fics through 2014. That can be found here.

As far as subcommittees go, we have SaladLove for self-inserts, saladers/saladers, saladers/Mindcrackers, etc. That can be found here.

All in all, have fun without being a dick and have fun shipping (or not shipping) whatever you want!

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A/n: Here’s my entry for prompt swap: And yes, Tanadin, I did get you.

“......thinking about what I’d done the day before.

That’s when the lightning struck.”

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