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this place is dead...let's liven shit up, eh? 

one of the things i've come up with for this fandom is an x-men au. so like mutants and shit. basically super powers except it happens to people because of a thing with their genes. they aren't x-men though...actually, this could honestly exist within the same universe as the x-men.

this was a scene i came up with. nebris and pyro chainsmoking on the roof while nebris complains about etho.

nebris can float and is super agile
pyro can manipulate his body by turning it into fire
etho is a telepath


Mindcrack Club. A group of talented mutants with a dedication to protecting some of the strongest telepaths in the world. They've always had one problem though...

They've all always been after one and one thing only. Saving themselves.

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...Always so nervous when posting! Anyway, I've been visiting my brother, so this has been slow-going, and this is a little short, but it's going to be a couple of chapters long, so I hope that makes up for it! <3 Think of this as a teaser. :b

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and it pays like hell

"When I grew up, I never expected to be stuck in Boston. I expected to be doing something bigger and better with my music, not standing in the fucking Boston Commons playing cover music for pocket change.

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Monday, May 19th, 2014 06:25 pm
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So, I had the hiccups today, and then, this fic happened. It amused me, so I thought maybe it would amuse others too. XD

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So Celeste was feeling ill and to make her feel better I offered to write her a small thing to make her feel better if she gave me a prompt. The prompt was:

"FBI Agents OOG go undercover as a married couple."

Okay, I thought, easy, simple crack. A couple of paragraphs at most! Noooope. I hope you enjoy this slightly cracky AU featuring OOG love as well as some Vechs/Etho.




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