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It's been ages, everyone!

This is a sequel to this (bloody long) fanfic- . we go with the followup!

There are two cuts, the first one goes to the story, the second one goes to any notes or translations that might be needed.


Shimmering, scintillating pain blossomed forth from his throat before spreading through his head and torso. The sharp pain did not reach the extremities, however, rather there it was a dull aching, throbbing, making it nigh impossible to move.

Blind eyes stared up at the ceiling, attempting to divine from it why he was not still asleep. There was, however, no answer forth-coming at this time. The pain chased away the thoughts that were trying to cling and explain what he knew, must know, what was happening.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he felt, felt more than heard, the door open. As he pushed himself upright in the bed, noting vaguely that his arms felt like lead, he finally saw that his mother was now sitting at the foot of the bed.

“Ah, Pádraig, mo mhac1, do you need anything?”

“Mamaí!2 I...why? Why do I hurt all the time? I’m not a baby, why...?” He looked up confused for a moment, trying to figure out how he had gotten down to the end of the bed and was now curled up against Lasairfhíona, like he had always done when he was younger.

“I…it is not a childish thing to hurt, you know. Everyone here hurts.” She sighed as he hissed in pain at her touch, it must be bad for him to do that.

“A…tell me things will be okay?”

Lasairfhíona chewed on her lip. How could she tell him that? Things weren’t okay, that was the entire problem!

“Well, we are going to stay with your uncle in a week, and then things should be far calmer, yes.” Calmer at least she hoped. They’d be there over the summer and over 12 July, and she still had no idea what happened in England then. She thought that maybe nothing happened at all, and she could truly wish for that, right?

Pyro blinked up at her, looking like he wanted to debate this concept, but instead started to yawn and slump back over. Exhaustion was starting to kick back in now, thankfully and hopefully without night terrors this time.

“Oh, sleep, sleep!” She cooed at him, gently patting his forehead with her good hand.

“Talk in the…morning…more…sleep.”

With that, he crawled back under the covers and wrapped them around himself as his mother attempted to get him in the general vicinity of the pillows. There was some sort of success, his head at least was near to a pillow this time.

She sighed softly to herself as she gently closed the door behind her. He’d been having more nightmares since he had returned from England, and now, with a week to go before they left, they’d been increasing in frequency again. She thought that she should talk to Tom about this, rather. Tom knew about the nightmares, but never seemed to know what to do about them.


BTC yawned. He was only now starting to think that perhaps his lieutenant was right and that he shouldn’t have annoyed the kid. If only now because he’d had the same nightmare of the same day for the past three week straight now.

Considering it, his lieutenant was usually right about this kind of thing, that son of a bitch. But that was his own problem, and not ultimately his lieutenant’s fault, even if he was the bluntest man he had ever meet…and he was in the military. That was damned blunt of the man.

There was the consideration of course, that he was confined to base currently for that stunt. And his lieutenant had told him that they needed to talk tomorrow about something concerning this…incident. What was that about? A personal suspicious was that the kid was being sent back to stay with his…what was it, uncle and cousins? Yeah. Them, sent to stay with them for the summer, maybe? Could be. He still didn’t know why the kid had been here in the first place though…and he knew his lieutenant would take a dim view of him trying to ask the kid (or the cousins…) that question. Hmmmm. Wonder if he could find them online. No. He’d get internet access revoked then. Bah.


Dinnerbone glanced around as he stood at the airport. The place looked…pretty much identical to the last time they’d been there. Though, of course, this time Pyro wasn’t coming alone or with an airline escort, but rather, they’d finally get to meet their uncle and aunt for the first time.

He wasn’t sure if he should be nervous about this or not. Millbee seemed completely calm. Or, possibly, not awake. No, wait, he was still, remarkably, ambulatory. Oh, of course. He was drinking a massive amount of coffee. It might be mocha. Or tea. It was caffeinated, at the very least. An explanation of how he was up and around this early.

Once again, he had to wonder if he was going to end up as the go to person when things invariably went to shit because nobody in this damned extended family unit seemed to want to actually talk to each other and hash things out. It was incredibly frustrating. He honestly thought he might start screaming if people didn’t start talking.


Baj thought that Tom was looking okay. Now… Las…Lasairfhíona was using a kind of walker to support herself, but Tom had said that her doctor was a bit over zealous when it came to that. His brother was remarkably protective of her, when all was said and done, all on his own, he didn’t need a doctor to tell him to do that, either. Once he ‘latched on’ to someone, they would have one hell of time making him let go.

Looking at his sister-in-law, even while she was ill, he thought he could see what had gotten Tom to take an interest in her in the first place. She really was quite pretty in her own way, and very well self-assured in her movements and appearance. His brother was a sort of introverted person, and his sister-in-law seemed to help pull him out of his shell a bit, at least from what he had seen. He still wasn’t entirely certain that was good though. It wasn’t so much…so it was so much that he worried that his brother might, upon retirement, find himself in very odd company indeed.

They had been worried about Tom when he first joined the army, but it had seemed to help him. Once he had gotten involved with Lassy though, that worry had come back tenfold. Now though, he could see that his brother really did seem happier to be with her. On the other hand, she didn’t seem either happy or sad to be with him, just kind of…contemplative.


Pyro pondered his current options. His da and ma were standing next to him, squabbling over which of them was going to be the one to go greet his uncle and cousins. There was no good reason they couldn’t just do it all at once, of course, but no, da was convinced that the three of them would be too confusing, and ma was trying to explain why he was wrong.

“Well then.” With that, he proceeded to walk over to his uncle and cousins on his own while his parents were still too involved to even notice that he had walked on ahead. He had to shake his head at that, they never noticed him when they got into their fights. Oh, they never really fought in angry or anything, when they got angry they simply left the room before things got that far. But he didn’t really think that this kind of fighting was really all that much better. It made him feel incredibly invisible.

Well, at least Uncle Baj and Dinnerbone and Millbee seemed to notice him now. Dinnerbone seemed actively amused that his cousin had walked out on ahead. Well, he could ask him if he was amused or not when he got on up there, after all.

Notes, Translations, Etc

1 My son. Mhac is pronounced as wak/wvac more or less.

2 Mommy/Mammy/etc

Part Two-


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