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With the survivors now merged into one tribe, and the return of Etho. What new alliances will be formed? What old rivalries will show their faces again? Find out right now!

Previous Chapter:

Previously on Mindcrack Survivor Diffeithdir…

Although bonds between Pause and Beef grew closer on Elenyd…

At Cambria, BdoubleO and Zisteau only fought…

At the challenge, Dadbee shocked everyone when revealing someone would return to the game…

After a long fought battle, Etho eventually came out on top, earning himself a spot back in the game…

Dadbee then admitted the teams were no more, and the 8 remaining survivors marched back to their new camp…

~Merged Tribe Day 18~

Ugh, volunteering to sleep in the sand was not a good idea… My back is all in knots and my body’s so sore.

“Good morning everyone!” BdoubleO beamed, far more awake and energetic than he’d normally be at this time in the morning. The sun was just rising, and more of the others were still attempting to sleep, failing due to the cramped conditions, as well as their survivor shack not being comfortable to begin with.

Zisteau, who would normally be up and working by this time, was still uncomfortably laying in the shelter. During the night he had somehow gotten wedged between Baj on one side of his, and the duo of Pause and Beef on the other. The situation wasn't ideal, and he had hardly gotten any sleep, so hearing BdoubleO so loud, so early, was quite annoying.

“Ugh, Bdubs, can't you go check tree mail or some crap” Zisteau grumbled.

“Oh, sure thing sweet pea! You just stay in there and get some more beauty sleep!” BdoubleO retorted in a sarcastic tone. Zisteau mumbled some swear words before trying to back to sleep.

He hates me, which is good, because if he didn't hate me- well, I wouldn't be doing my job.

About a half hour later everyone was up and awake, and BdoubleO had returned with tree mail. It was a small note tied together with a piece of rope.

“Kurt, would you like the pleasure of reading today’s mail?” BdoubleO smiled, handing the note to Kurt who untied it before clearing his throat.

“Congratulations on making merge, Cambria and Elenyd are no more! But you'll need a new tribe name, and that shall be… Aberdulais!”

The 8 men cheered for their new name, and Kurt continued to read the letter.

“Today there won't be a challenge for you to do, but tomorrow be prepared for a tournament of high stakes!” Kurt finished reading the letter and passed it around to anyone who wanted to re-read it.

“Wonder what that means, ‘tournament of high stakes’” Beef voiced.

“Eh, who cares, we get the day off to just chill! We can worry about whatever stupid challenge is happening tomorrow, well, tomorrow” Pause exclaimed. “Anyways, I'm hella hungry, anyone wanna go out on the boat with me to see if we can catch anything?”

“Well, you already know I'm going with you” Beef said chuckling. “Anyone wanna third wheel?”

“Uh… Sure, I'll go” Etho volunteered.

Now that I'm back in the game, I need a solid alliance! Pause and Beef seem like nice guys, and since they're a duo- they'll be seen as bigger threats than myself, so they'll get targeted before me too. Volunteering to go fishing with them is the perfect opportunity to build this plan up.

Pause, Beef and Etho took the small rowboat than Former Elenyd had won on reward, as well as the fishing gear they had won, and boated out on to the river their camp was sat next to.

“So, Etho, what’s it like being back in the game?” Beef asked sincerely.

“It's all really surreal, y’know? I thought I was going home, eliminated, and then what do I know, Dadbee is telling me I have a chance to return! Actually being back is crazy, there's probably so many alliances and friendships going around, I really need to catch up” Etho laughed, and the two others smiled.

“So, if you're behind on relationships, let's get to know each other. Where are you from? Pause and I are both from Canada”

“Oh, no way! I'm from Canada too!”

“Whoa, that's crazy, ay?” Pause joked, trying to sound more like a stereotypical Canadian, invoking some laughter.

“So, this may seem kinda forward,” Etho began, “but I was wondering if you guys think us 3 would make an epic alliance?”

“Oh, uh, well I’d hav-” Beef was cut off by Pause putting his face over his mouth.

“We’d love to join an alliance with you!” Pause exclaimed happily.

“Excellent!” Etho beamed. “You know what we should do to form a more solid alliance? Come up with a cool alliance name!”

“Yeah, how about, since we’re all from Canada, we just be Team Canada?” Pause asked.

“That sounds great!”

“Then it's settled, from now on, us 3 are in an alliance known as Team Canada!” Pause announced, trying to keep his voice somewhat down so no one on the shore could hear him.

I'm not sure what Pause is doing here… I mean, we’re already in an alliance with Baj and Guude, and now we’re tangled up in another! I hope he knows what he’s doing…

So, Beef and I may already be in an alliance- but what's the harm in 1 more?

~Reward Challenge Day 19~

“Come on in!” Dadbee announced, the 8 survivors walking into sight as he calls out. There is a long wooden flooring set up behind him with 2 sets of 10 gray bowling pins set up on either side of him.

“As you can probably guess,” Dadbee began, “today's challenge is a bowling tournament! We will randomly draw for the bracket, and each person gets 1 throw per round. Whoever knocks down the most pins between the 2 people facing each other in that round of the tournament, wins and moves onto the next round! Last person left wins and gets a reward!” Dadbee announced, getting some applause. “Now, who wants to know what they're playing for?” Dadbee asked.

After everyone nodded their heads, or said “yes”, Dadbee pulled a necklace out from his back pocket. The necklace was designed with red, black and white beads. In the middle, was a small, flat, rock, designed to look like a broken skull.

“This is the hidden immunity idol! Now, it isn't exactly hidden right now, is it? Whoever wins this challenge will get a clue to where it will be hidden! But what does it do? Well, if you find this, and feel you're in danger of going home, you can use this one time to negate all votes cast against you at tribal! But warning, you can only play it before the votes are read, understand?”

Everyone nodded, and a few of the men had smirks on their faces as they thought about the power in the game they could have with that necklace around their neck.

“Alright, with that, let's randomize the pairs and then start the challenge…” Dadbee spoke.

The first pair to go against one another were Baj and Beef. Dadbee called for them to start, and both men took their small wooden ball and rolled it down the lane. Beef’s ball swerves to the right and only knocks down 1 pin. Baj’s ball rolls right down the center and manages to knock down 7 pins.

“Baj moving onto the next round!” Dadbee shouted. Guude and Zisteau were the next match up.

“Fair warnin’, some call me the bowling champion back home” Guude said with a snicker. Guude and Zisteau rolled their balls down their respective lanes. Guude's ball swerved completely to the left, missing every single pin, while Zisteau knocked down 5.

“What was that you said Guude?” Zisteau asked with a smirk.

“Uh, I was just letting you off easy on that one, I didn't want to win this reward anyways…” Guude lied, walking back to his seat embarrassed.

The next matchup was BdoubleO and Etho. Etho picked up his ball and had a determined look on his face, when Dadbee gave the signal both men rolled their balls down their lanes. Etho’s ball went right down the middle and knocked down 9 pins. Etho smiled to himself before turning just in time to see BdoubleO’s ball knock down all 10 of the standing pins.

“Better luck next time Easy-E” BdoubleO joked, Etho sighed and took a seat on the bench next to Guude and Beef.

The final round was Kurt and Pause. Both men aimed at the pins and then bowled. Kurt knocked down 3, and Pause managed to knock down 6. Kurt shrugged, as if he knew he wasn't going to win anyways.

“Alright, onto the semi-final rounds!” Dadbee called out. “First up, Baj and BdoubleO!”

Baj stood up and walked over to where the small gray bowling balls were, and bent over to pick one up.

“Oh my Baj, trying to distract me with your fine ass I see” BdoubleO called out loudly, causing Baj to roll his eyes and walk over to his lane. BdoubleO laughed to himself. Dadbee mumbled something to himself, but none of the contestants were quite able to understand what he was saying.

“What was that Dadbee?” Baj asked for the group

“Oh, nothing, just bowl!” Dadbee responded hastily.

Baj and BdoubleO wore expressions of confusion, but both bowled anyways. Baj knocked down 7 pins and BdoubleO managed to once again knock down all 10.

“Yeah baby, 2 in a row!” BdoubleO called out excitedly, striking a quick pose as he knocked down the pins. Baj grumbled, and walked back to the bench.

“Competing for the last spot in the final round, Pause and Zisteau!” Dadbee announced. Pause rolled his ball without hesitation, as did Zisteau. Pause knocked down 4 pins, and Zisteau knocked down 7 pins.

“Alright, moving onto the final round are Zisteau and BdoubleO!” Dadbee proclaimed, watched as the men walked up to their lanes. BdoubleO had a confident stride and turned to Zisteau.

“Good luck Z!” BdoubleO spoke in the most sarcastic tone he could. Zisteau rolled his eyes much like Baj did earlier toward BdoubleO’s statements.

Zisteau rolled his ball and it rolled more to the left than he wanted it too, knocking down only 5 pins. BdoubleO took a stand, then swung his arm forward releasing the ball from his hand. It rolled smoothly down the lane and struck the pin right in the middle, knocking down 9 pins.

“And with that BdoubleO wins reward!” Dadbee announced, throwing his hands into the air. “Come on over”

BdoubleO walked up to Dadbee. Kurt, Pause, Beef, Guude and Etho clapped for him out of courtesy, Baj and Zisteau did not. After taking an over dramatic bow, he claimed the idol clue from Dadbee.

“Alright, that's all I have for you for now, you can head back to camp” Dadbee declared, watching as the survivors walked back.

Yes! Yes, yes, yes! This idol clue is going to help me so much, now I basically have a free immunity whenever I'm in trouble! And more importantly, if I use it wisely, I can get rid of anyone I want!

That idol clue would have been quite useful… Though, I suppose it's a good thing I didn't win it, that sucker Bdubs is going to have quite the target on his back now.

~Aberdulais Day 20~

So, besides Bdubs, I really haven't talked to anyone from that Cambria tribe yet, and I think it'd be smart to know ‘em.

Kurt was sitting on the beach, drawing a picture in the sand with a stick. Guude walked up to him, he was standing directly behind Kurt.

“What y’doing here, guy?” Guude asked curiously. Kurt, startled, threw his stick right into the air- it fell a few feet to his right.

“Oh goodness, you are… Quite startling” Kurt spoke hesitantly, pushing himself to his feet. Kurt guessed that Guude was about 4 inches shorter than him, and yet he still felt nervous, afraid and awkward. Guude had made no attempts to talk to him yet, so Kurt assumed that the man was just planning on keeping with his friends from Elenyd.

Guude laughed a bit, the laughter making Kurt tense up, wondering if Guude was laughing at him.

“Scared of me? Now that's a riot. Anyways, what’re you drawing in the sand there?” Guude pointed to the image Kurt was doodling the sand.

Kurt quickly stepped in front of what he was drawing. “Uh, nothing much, and it's not really good so I don't really want you looking at it and-” Guude held up his hand signaling Kurt to be quiet.

“I'm sure whatever it is is fine- unless you're drawing some kind of porn or some shit” Guude joked. Kurt began to sputter incredulously, denying that he would ever draw something so inappropriate. Guude laughed loudly. “I was just joking guy!”

With that Guude walked past Kurt to get a better look at the drawing in the sand. Kurt appeared to use water to dampen the sand so it wouldn't just sink back into the ground. What was in the sand was a detailed sketch of the moon, looking to be about 75% done.

“Damn Kurt, that looks really good!” Guude said immediately.

“Wh- what, no, it doesn't.” Kurt weakly protested, looking at the pictures he sketched in the sand disapprovingly.

“Kurt you fucking shaded it, in the sand. I don't even know how to shade shit on a fucking normal piece of a paper” Guude argued. “Stop saying this isn't good, it's great”. Kurt scratched the back of his head.

“I mean, I guess it's not the worst thing ever” Kurt spoke quietly.

“It's phenomenal.” Guude continued. “I didn't take you as the artist type”

“I- I'm not, really. I just, like space a lot”

“Huh, that's pretty cool actually. I don't know much, but when I was a kid I wanted to be an astronaut, my ma said that wasn't realistic though” Guude and Kurt continued to talk, and as their conversation went on Kurt found himself getting more comfortable around the other man.

Normally I wouldn't really be quite so… Conversational, with someone I don't know well. Guude just has this presence to him though, that makes it really easy to talk to him.

When I decided to talk to Kurt, I didn't think we’d get along very well just ‘cause of how different we are, but he's actually a really interesting guy I wouldn't mind getting to know better.

~Immunity Day 21~

The new merged tribe, Aberdulais, walk into the beach as a group of 8. Dadbee stands before them all, his beard straight and smooth, looking well kept with a large amount of beard gel in it.

“Looking good Dadbee!” BdoubleO called out with a smile. Zisteau mumbled something about him being a kiss-ass, but BdoubleO ignored him.

“Alright, for today’s challenge, you 8 will all be hanging onto these wooden poles behind me, by wrapping your legs and arms around the vertical structures. Once you get too tired, you may drop off the pole, however once you do so, you are out of the challenge! Last person on their pole wins this…” Dadbee pulled a cloth off a stand next to him, revealing a necklace. “Individual immunity!”

The group applauded and allowed Dadbee to continue. “As you know, with this, you can not be voted out at tribal council! If everyone understands, then we can begin!”

Everyone got into position and began climbing up the wooden poles. They resembled telephone poles, but with small indents to allow their feet to stand in. Once they were about 75% up they all wrapped their arms and legs around the pole, and Dadbee called for the challenge to begin.

“This is an endurance challenge…” Dadbee began to commentate, “it will test you, and it will take everything you got to win it. You've been out here almost 3 weeks, let's see how that's taken a toll on your physical strength…”

About 2 minutes into the challenge Kurt was already struggling, slowly slipping down the wooden pole. He struggled to get a grab with his feet but he couldn't, and dropped off onto the sand.

“And Kurt is the first one out of the challenge, barely lasting 2 minutes!” Kurt sighed and walked over to the bench that he was slowly becoming more and more accustom to sitting on.

About 15 minutes in the challenge passed, and somewhat surprisingly no one else had fallen. However Guude, Beef and Baj were all showing signs of struggle. The sun had risen to the peak of the sky and heat was beating down upon the men, temperatures rising to unprecedented highs in the game.

“Aw man, I'm not sure how much longer I can do this” Beef thought out loud.

“Same, I'm feelin’ like I'm about to slip” Guude put in. “You wanna drop together?” Beef hesitated, then nodded.

“Yeah, on 3?” Guude nodded. “1, 2… 3” Beef and Guude both dropped and helped each other over to the bench, shaded by a tree.

“Thank fuck for the shade” Guude breathed in, picking up his water and chugging it.

Another 10 minutes passed, and Baj had continued struggling to hold on.

“It is getting very hot outside” Dadbee noted, “a lot of sweat is running down Baj’s body, he's looking very hot”

“Damn right I'm hot” Baj retorted, hint of frustration in his voice. Out of nowhere Zisteau began to slip quickly down the pole, he tried to use his feet to stop himself from falling but before he could he was already off the pole.

“Out of nowhere, Zisteau is out of this challenge!” Dadbee announced. Zisteau swore furiously and walked over to the bench, taking a seat next to Kurt.

“BdoubleO, Pause, Etho, and surprisingly Baj still left in this challenge!” Dadbee proclaimed.

10 more minutes passed, and Dadbee had a wooden cart called in, with a sheet over it. It was covering something that created an almost pyramid-shaped bulge in the sheet, though what was unknown.

“You have been up there for 35 minutes,” Dadbee announced, “and I've got to say, I'm impressed. However, let's see if you 4 will continue to stay up there, when a little bit of temptation enters the picture” Dadbee pulled the sheet off of the cart, revealing a bottle of a beer with a plate of 3 slices of pizza next to mit.

“If any of you willingly drop out of the challenge in the next minute, you will be rewarded this beer and pizza! So, any takers?” Dadbee grinned.

“Give me it!” Baj responded immediately, stumbling off of his pole and landing on his rear. He picked himself off of the ground and jogged right up to his reward.

“Baj taking the temptation!” Dadbee handed the bottle of beer over to Baj, “c’mon Baj, take a sip!”

Baj opened up the bottle and downed half of it quickly, the cold alcohol being welcomed beverage. Baj picked up his pizza and walked over to the bench, still gripping his bottle.

5 more minutes passed when BdoubleO began to really start struggling. Without any warning he slid down the wooden pole, landing on his feet.

“BdoubleO suddenly out of the challenge!” Dadbee called. A couple of the people on the bench clapped.

“Good jobs Bdubs!” Etho spoke while his arms and legs were wrapped around the wooden pole.

“And then there were 2… Pause and Etho”

“You wouldn’t be willing to strike a deal, eh Pause?” Etho joked, looking over to Pause who was wrapped around a pole to his right.

“Not a chance’ Pause retorted while laughing.

The sun begins to lower slightly, as they get later into the day. Etho raises one of his legs and begins stretching it, staying onto the pole with just one leg.

“What the fuck Etho how are you doing that” Pause complained, his body locked around the wooden pillar. Etho made his best attempt at a shrug, while making sure his grip with his arms didn't loosen. “No, fuck this you're not dropping, are you?”

“Nope” Etho said confidently.

“Yeah, I’m done” Pause raised his voice, but didn't drop yet. “Hey Dadbee, can you come offer me some food? I'll drop then!”

Dadbee laughed. “So you're saying you're willing to give up immunity to Etho, if I offer you some food?”

“Yeah man!”

“Alright” Dadbee walked away and a couple moments later came back with a plate of cookies and a glass of milk. “6 chocolate chip cookies and a cold glass of milk, all for the person who wants to voluntarily drop out right now”

“I'll drop!” Pause spoke quickly, climbing down the pole. The second he began to walk he collapsed to his knees.

“Pause, are you alright?” Beef asked, running up to his side.

“Yeah- I think I'm fine. Legs just a bit weak from the challenge, now where those cookies at?” Beef grinned and walked over to Dadbee, grabbing the plate of cookies and bringing them to Pause.

“Well with that,” Dadbee began, “Etho wins the first individual immunity challenge of the season!” Everyone clapped for Etho, as the man skillfully climbed down the pole, almost resembling a monkey. Etho walked over to Dadbee, trying not to overexert himself. Dadbee placed the immunity necklace around Etho’s neck.

“Congratulations Etho, you are safe at tonight’s tribal council!” Etho smiled and let out a small “yay!” While the others applauded politely. “As for the rest of you,” Dadbee continued, “you all will be in danger of being voted out tonight. You may head back to your camp!”

Etho winning immunity today isn't too big of a deal, I've got my eyes locked on a bigger target, and his name is Zisteau!

~Aberdulais Day 21~

So, I'm immune tonight, which is great! But I still have to make sure I'm doing what's best for me, and for my alliance with Beef and Pause. This vote tonight is going to be a really important one!

“So, Pause,” Etho began speaking to Pause, as everyone else was away from the shelter, most likely also strategizing. “What's the plan for tonight’s vote?”

“I don't know, I mean, BdoubleO seems like he's playing the game way too hard, plus he did win that idol clue. It could be a good idea to vote him out right now” Pause began, as he was speaking Beef walked up to the shelter. “Oh, Beef, good thing you're here. We’re talking about the vote tonight”.

“Oh, okay, okay, what's up?” Beef asked with anticipation.

“The plan seems to be BdoubleO right now, but we’re not sure. We’d need at least 5 of us to agree, right?”

“Well that's not too hard,” Beef spoke, “we can always talk to Guude and Baj about voting with us”

“Hm…” Etho began thinking, “Yeah, and Zisteau doesn't seem to be too fond of the guy either. How about I go talk to him, and you two go talk to Guude and Baj, and then we all rendezvous back here before tribal.”

“Sounds like a plan, Stan!” Beef replied excitedly.

“Beef, his name isn't Stan, it's Etho” Pause corrected, jokingly.


“Guude, honey, what a coincidence seeing you out here by the watering hole!” BdoubleO spoke in the same over the top manner he always did. Guude rolled his eyes, though he couldn't help the small smile that worked its way onto his face. Baj, who was also with Guude, maintained a blank, if not observant, expression.

“What do you want, guy?” Guude asked heartily.

“I was wantin’ to talk with you two about the vote, actually” BdoubleO spoke in a slightly more serious tone. “I think we need to vote out Zisteau this vote, after all, him and Kurt are basically a complete duo, and he's really strong in challenges. Not to mention, even though he looks pretty stupid, he's actually somewhat clever- I wouldn't be surprised if he was able to find the idol without any clues.”

“Hm… You bring up some good points” Guude replied, “can I talk to Baj about it in private, then we’ll get back to ya.”

“Take your time!” BdoubleO replied, walking away. Guude turned to Baj quickly.

“So whattya think?”

“I think that BdoubleO is trying extremely hard to save his own ass since he knows he's a target” Baj spoke monotonically.

“Yeah, but I do think what he says is true. Z’s a big threat. Plus if he’s willing to vote him off now, that means next tribal between you, me, Pause, and Beef, we’ll be able to control the vote no matter what”

“Hm…” Baj narrowed his eyes in concentration.

Guude and BdoubleO bring up good points, but BdoubleO has also shown himself to be a challenge threat, just not in the same way as Zisteau. It's gonna take some thinking before I really know who I’m voting for.

Pause and Beef walked up to Baj and Guude, the sun indicated it was about 4 O’clock, so they only had a few hours left before tribal.

“Guude, Baj, we need to figure out who we’re voting” Pause explained that Etho was willing to vote BdoubleO, and Guude went on to explain how BdoubleO wanted Zisteau out.

“So, it’s really all up to us tonight” Beef thought out loud. “I mean, who we decide to leave is the person who’s leaving”

“It would seem that way” Baj responded. “Come on, we should head back to camp and get something to eat before we go to tribal, we have any fruit left?”

Tribal tonight should be interesting, but now we know what we’re doing, and I think we’re makin’ the right choice.

~Tribal Council Night 21~

The 8 remaining survivors walked into tribal council, their torches in hand. They all took their seats on the wooden bench that they were all accustomed to, and Dadbee began to speak.

“So, Zisteau, you're merged now. No longer 2 separate tribes, but 1. How do you think this new dynamic will affect the game? Are you really all playing as individuals now, or is there still a feeling of Elenyd vs Cambria?” Dadbee asked.

“Well Dadbee, I think it really has become an individual game. After all, there's clearly people on the past tribes who aren't exactly fond of each other”

“What are you talking about?” Dadbee questioned.

“I know what he’s talking about about” BdoubleO put in. “He's talking about him and I, the two of us just don't get along. I've tried being civil towards him, but he just chooses to ignore my kindness” Zisteau rolled his eyes.

“Zisteau, big facial response, I take it you don't agree with what BdoubleO just said?”

“Damn right I don't agree” Zisteau practically hollered. “This guy has been trying to flirt with everyone since the beginning, and I can almost guarantee he’s been plotting to get me out since the beginning too, I in no way find that as ‘kindness’”

“Wow!” Dadbee grinned, “anyone else want to touch on this? Kurt?”

“Oh, uh, no thank you” Kurt said quickly, earning a couple chuckles when he didn't expect to.

“Alright, well, unless anyone else wishes to talk more. I think, it is time to vote. Beef, you're up first”. Beef stood up and walked to the voting area, writing down his vote and putting it into the urn where the votes were collected. After Beef returned, Pause went next, and the pattern continued until everyone had voted.

“Alright, I will now go collect the votes” Dadbee left, and soon returned with the urn filled with votes. “Before I begin reading the votes, if anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so”

Everyone looked at BdoubleO, however he sat there silent, clearly not playing the idol if he had one.

“Alright, I will now read the votes” Dadbee pulled out the first piece of paper and read the vote aloud. “First vote… Zisteau.” Zisteau shot a half-glare towards BdoubleO.

“Second vote… BdoubleO”

“Third vote… Baj” Baj’s head shot up, and he immediately began looking around confused.

“Fourth vote… BdoubleO”

“Fifth vote… Zisteau”

“That's 2 votes Zisteau, 2 votes BdoubleO, 1 vote Baj, 3 votes left”.

“Sixth vote… Zisteau”

“Seventh vote… Fifth person voted out of Mindcrack Survivor Diffeithdir and a member of our jury, Zisteau” Zisteau rolled his eyes and picked up his torch, walking it over to Dadbee. BdoubleO smirked, and waved him goodbye.

“Zisteau,” Dadbee made a movement and snuffed out Zisteau’s torch, “your tribe has spoken” Zisteau turned and shot glares at his former tribe mates, his expression softening when locking eyes with Kurt. Zisteau turned and walked away.

“Well, you all just took out a big threat, however he seemed pretty upset. Remember, being liked is important in this game! That's all I have for you tonight, you may head back to camp” the Survivors picked up their torches and marched back to their camp.


I'm voting Zisteau… Sorry, this was kind of a group decision.

BdoubleO. I wish I could vote you out of this game a million times.

Well, uh, no one really talked to me, and I don't want to vote Zisteau or Bdubs, so… Baj I guess.

Last I checked this was the plan, I guess you can call it a bit of revenge for voting me out before. BdoubleO.

Zedsteau, not much I can say here, have fun in jury I guess?

This isn't really anything against you, it's more so just for someone else. I vote Zisteau.

It doesn't really matter who goes home tonight, but my alliance seems to think you the bigger threat, Zisteau.

Date: Saturday, March 26th, 2016 09:51 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
The food thing was awesome. With Kurt's seemingly random vote for Baj, things should get interesting. This is great. (::)
-Observing Anon

Date: Sunday, March 27th, 2016 06:43 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I really like this story. As a fan of all the Mindcrackers, I hate it every time one of them goes home, but I know it has to happen. I don't even know who I'm rooting for at this point. Except I know I am not rooting for Bdubs. I like him as a Youtuber, and I like him in a lot of fanfics. This is not one of those fanfics.

-the lurkiest lurker


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