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Here we go with part 6, the last part, in which Dezeray, Apple, and Ariana infiltrate the building

They stopped at the window, their backs against the wall, trying to disappear into the shadows. Dezeray squatted down and opened the window quietly. She slipped inside, landing roughly on the floor which was farther down than she expected. She glanced down both ends of the hallway. It was clear.

"It's clear." Dezeray called out quietly.

Ariana and Apple both slipped through the window and joined Dezeray. Dezeray pointed to the left, indicating that they should go that way and the other two nodded. They both followed Dezeray as she took the lead. Their footsteps were quiet, almost soundless as they made it to a corner. She peered around the corner cautiously, seeing no one. She was thankful for it being so late. They rounded the corner and found a set of stairs, which they proceeded down carefully.

At the bottom of the stairs was a long hallway, with a bunch of different sets of barred walls. Dezeray rushed down the dark corridor, looking each and every cell. All but one were empty, though dried up blood colored the floors and walls and an occasional bone, from something, littered the floor. It was horrifying, something she never wanted to see again, ever. The last one she looked in had a slumped over figure leaning back against a wall. She felt a pang in her heart as she rushed forward, trying to pull the locked door open. She pulled a bobby pin out of her hair and starts picking the lock, which actually worked.

She rushed over to the figure and hugged it tightly. "Dad!"

"Shut the fuck up Dez. We don't want to be caught." Apple hisses quietly.

"D-Dez?" Kurt questions, his voice hoarse, weak.

"Yeah, it's me dad."

Kurt hugged her tightly, or as tightly as his broken body could. She felt the tears already streaming down her face, but she couldn't help it, she was just so happy that he was alive, that he was ok. A loud set of foot steps going down the hall broke the seldom moment.

"Shit.... hug later, we have to go." Ariana says, pulling Dezeray away from Kurt.

Dezeray quickly stood up and helped Kurt up as well, pulling him along as they went out the door, which Apple closed behind her. They walked as quickly as they could back down the long hallway. They made their way back up the stairs and to the window they entered.

"You first, dad." Dezeray instructs.

Kurt nods briefly before he found the strength to haul himself up and out the window. Apple and Ariana followed, leaving Dezeray to exit last. She glanced back down the hallway, hearing heavy footsteps, a guard she presumed. She quickly pulled herself up and out of the window, joining the other three outside.

"Ok. It won't take long before they figure out he's gone, so we have to move quick." Ariana says quietly. "We'll walk till we get to the place we camped out yesterday and stop there. We'll rest for the day and head out again at night, got it?"

"Got it." Apple and Dezeray whispered.

All four jogged back up the hill and far into the plains, though they didn't get to far before Kurt had to stop.

"Guard us, he needs a minute." Dezeray instructs the two girls, who nod and do just as they were told.

"You ok?" Dezeray asks, casting worried blue-green eyes at Kurt, looking him over in the dim light.

He looked terrible, she realized. He was incredibly thin and looked so pale, the bruises, scars, and cuts that were visible made her very worried.

"I-I'm fine... Just... really weak...."

"How much did they feed you?"

Kurt spits out a laugh. "Not enough."

"Guys. We have to go." Came Apple's voice, sounding quite strict.

"Come on." Dezeray says, pulling Kurt along as they heard running and yelling in the background.

They walked as fast as they could away from the building, trying to keep a good pace as the building slowly disappeared in the background. It took an hour or two, but they reached the small clearing in the forest, just as the sun started its descent. Dezeray sat really close to Kurt as Ariana handed out food. It was quiet for the longest time as everyone ate. Kurt are quite a bit, though no one was surprised.

"I'll take first watch." Ariana says, standing up and brushing dirt from her pants.

"I'll join you." Apple comments, standing up as well.

Dezeray watched as the two walked towards the plains, their weapons in hand.

"Dez... Is Zisteau ok?" Kurt asks, his voice strained.

"I hope so." Was her reply as she looked at the ground.


"I mean.... he was ok, ok enough for a man who lost his husband.... but now, now I can only hope he is."

"Why do you keep saying that."

"Because.... I left. He didn't know I was leaving. Guude didn't know, Bdubs didn't, nobody did."

"Wait... your saying you came out here without anyone knowing? You could've gotten yourself killed!"

"I couldn't stand you not being home... I had to do something. All the fighting and arguing.... it really gets to you."


"Dad and I.... Ever since you first got taken.... we have been fighting so much. I hate it. But I couldn't keep anything back. All the emotions, the stress, the heartbreak, everything kept getting worse."


"I'm just glad your ok." She says and hugs him tightly, letting the tears fall down her pale cheeks.

Kurt hugs back tightly, holding his beautiful daughter close. "I'm just glad I get to see you again."

They stayed like that for a long, long time. It was comforting, having the other back after so long. Though she was very worried about Kurt, he looked absolutely terrible, like they hadn't feed him in days and they'd beat him senseless.

"Dad.... why did they take you?" She asks quietly, not moving away from him.

"They thought I knew something about Farlands."


"A kingdom from long ago, it was millions of miles to the west, it resided on a rocky cliff that overlooked a beautiful ocean. But, something happened to it, as it no longer around, but no one knows what."

"Why did they think you would know?"

"The last king that ruled, he was related to me. See, if the kingdom were still around, I'd be king."


"But I have no idea what happened to the kingdom, I've only ever heard the legends. Some say a mystical power was put into the wrong hands, others say they went to war and lost everything."

She really wasn't sure how to feel about this whole situation. But, she pushed that all aside and just let herself be happy that her dad was finally back. After a while, they had both fallen asleep from the long night they'd had. But, she didn't get to sleep for too long, for Apple and Ariana woke her up to take watch. She glanced worriedly at Kurt, not wanting to leave him.

"He'll be fine, don't worry." Apple says quietly, giving Dezeray a brief hug.

She nods and heads off towards the plains, where she climbs the tree and gets comfortable on the branch. She watched the as the sun slowly made its way down, as it was well past noon at that point. She knew Zisteau would be irate when they got back, until he saw Kurt, that is. She knew she would probably get grounded and never be allowed outside again. She let her mind wander as the sun started truly setting, casting a beautiful array of colors across the vast sky.

When the sun had gotten low enough, she hopped down for the tree and woke up the others. They all ate quickly and set out again, agreeing it would be best to be quiet until they reached the far edges of the forest surrounding the town. They walked for hours, occasionally taking a break for Kurt, who was trying his hardest to keep walking, despite his weak body.

Just as the sun peaked out over the tall trees, they reached the forest surrounding the town. They finally made it into town and people were walking about like usual, though a certain person was crying onto Vechs' shoulder.

"Dad!" Dezeray called out running towards him, just as Apple and Ariana did the same to their respective parents.

"Dezeray!" Zisteau shouts, hugging her tightly. "Why the hell did you leave??? I thought they took you.." He half shouts till his voice faded away, his eyes landing on his husband. "K-Kurt?"

Zisteau just stares for a second, like he couldn't actually believe what he was seeing. But, it didn't last long as he ran over to Kurt, kissing him deeply, his arms wrapping tightly around the other. They stayed like that, for a long time. Dezeray watched as her fathers finally reunited after too long. When they finally did separate, they approached Dezeray and hugged her.

"Your grounded, you know that, right?" Zisteau says through tears, and a huge smile, which would probably never leave his face.

"I know." Dezeray murmurs, finally feeling safe and whole again.

Date: Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016 11:34 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
OH MY GOD IT HAS A HAPPY ENDING AND EVERYTHING IS OK THIS MADE MY DAY YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH I NEEDED THIS!!! *takes deep breath* Sorry, I'm calm now. Have all the cookies ever. (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::)
-Observing Anon

Date: Wednesday, February 24th, 2016 01:36 am (UTC)
scara: Steampunk hat (Default)
From: [personal profile] scara
I don't think this is the end Observing Anon, it feels like it's just beginning.....

Or at least I hope so :)

Glad to see that they survived and got Kurt back but I get the feeling this isn't the last of it.

Date: Wednesday, February 24th, 2016 01:53 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
You're right, it says last part, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were a continuation. But it's happy right now, so, yay!
-Observing Anon

Date: Friday, February 26th, 2016 12:42 pm (UTC)
scara: Steampunk hat (Default)
From: [personal profile] scara
Ah actual endings that are happy, seems strange.

Suppose I'm still in denial about stories ending as I look forward with a mixture of happiness and sadness to the closure of Tanadin's story.

Have some cookies Bubbles (::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)

Date: Wednesday, February 24th, 2016 10:38 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
IT ENDED HAPPILY I'M ACTUALLY SQUEALING RIGHT NOW! Oh, reunited ships are the best. Especially reunited SMS or Coevidya. It does feel a bit sudden, but I really can't complain. Happiness!

-the lurkiest lurker


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