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It’s not knowledge that makes a good teacher.

Set: Mindcrack Season 6; somewhere around what the server is like as of this day.
Word Count: 1030


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Prompt Used:  Person A teaching person B something they are good at.
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 Okay so I'm not gonna lie, this is pretty trashy and only just under 600 words because I've been pretty ill and yeah. I thought it was better to have something rather than nothing, 

Anyways, I got Featherscope (ngl, I found this mildly amusing, as we've connected on tumblr and have become friends through there).
I chose the prompt "Two Mindcrackers are aware they are being set up by the narrator of the story (break the 4th wall!) 
When I'm more recovered I might turn this into a miniseries with a bunch of different 'crackers in similar scenarios.

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 For this prompt swap I was given [personal profile] tackytacs !! I chose the prompt:

"(College AU) The vending machine close to an 8:30 am class just broke down, and Person A knows they won't be able to focus in class without eating something. How desperate will Person A act to get their sugary treat/breakfast? What do they do? (optional: Do their friend(s) jump in and help them?)"

And took it in uh... directions. This turned into a sort of humour thing I guess? With shipping thrown in. Guess who. Enjoy, tac!

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Sunday, October 16th, 2016 12:26 pm
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So um... hi, hello, long time no see? Gosh it's been forever since I've posted anything... I feel horrible about that but like I've been drowning in homework and school and band and work and stress. Yup. Just life, y'know? Well I've been working on this for a long while now. It was originally supposed to be smut for that challenge Zee and I did, but then this happened...? I don't even know. But um, I guess enjoy some cute and slightly angsty SMS! *nervous laughter*

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To Hell With It

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016 08:56 pm
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This short thing shall be my contribution to AUGUST. The premise was inspired by Arkas' rather, ahem, 'artful' Dutch rapping during a stream, and a prompt from /r/writingpropmts. Once I get some other more monstrous fics out of the way, I may end up making a short series of this. If that happens, this can safely be assumed to be a preface of sorts to said series. Til then, it stands as is.


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My submission for A.U.G.U.S.T
Many thanks to my beta SyrupWink for both checking it and coming up with a name when I struggled.

On a distant planet, where nights are long and days are filled with extreme dust storms, the craft U.S.S. Mindcrack crashed. Left to fend for themselves on the alien world where Zombies rose in the night and death was less permanent than they remembered.

Jsano, with Seth’s assistance, looked for a cure for Zombism. And the group survived well enough for the first year, staying in their broken shell of a craft, trying to fix their transmitter.

Once their Shell had finally broken beyond repair they began crafting forts to temper the night in. Many had their own place, a few shared, and they all helped out if someone was in danger.

But the forts now crumble, their resolve is weakening and a few days ago people started vanishing. No-one knows how much longer they can hold out, nor who will vanish next.

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A short collection of short AUs. My contribution for A.U.G.U.S.T.! There might be more of these if I get some additional inspiration. This collection includes police detective AU, Harry Potter AU, and Star Wars AU, because I am a nerd with 0 shame. Contains many notes, uh, apologies for those who don't know the source material for the latter two, I did my best to explain.

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 Yeaaahhhhh... I can't really leave this universe alone, can I?
Well, I wrote this for Gali (who doesn't have an account on here so I can't tag her rip) for her birthday and thought I'd post it here as well! Happy birthday <3

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 Here it is.
The end.
I feel kind of sad posting this, to be honest - I've enjoyed writing this immensely. Well, I hope you all enjoy this, and keep your eyes out for an epilogue that I will post some time in the next few weeks.
Thank you all for reading and supporting me, it means a lot! <3
Chapter list | Map

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WOW SO IT'S BEEN A LITTLE WHILE HUH. College hath slain me, and I'm really, really sorry for how long this took. Particularly since these nerds were actually meant to get something done this chapter and instead they just argued for almost 4000 words. Prepare yourselves for an infodump and a lot of dialogue. Thanks to yamina-chan for giving me a great beta job!

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Chapter 1
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Hello, hello! I am gonna try to put one of these out every two days until the series is over. If I don't make that, it's because I'm struggling with writer's block. Anyway, who is gonna die this time and how? Let's find out shall we? :D EDIT: I forgot to mention that I tried to write the poem like RT did where they tried to subtly hint at how the next person died, so if you have any guesses as to who dies in Chapter 3 and how, leave them below! I'm curious if anyone will get it right! 


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Hello! It has been several years since I posted the one fic I ever posted on here, but I am back! I really hope that this hasn't been done before. I am so so sorry if it has. I had no idea. Anyway, I am doing a Mindcrack version of Ten Little Roosters, the show RoosterTeeth put out last year, I think. Also, since it's been several years, I have forgotten how to salad, so if I do something wrong, please tell me. This is gonna be a tad different to the RT version, just saying. :D EDIT: I forgot to mention if you want to make predictions about who's next and how they die, go right ahead! 
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Outlaws (Songfic)

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 02:36 pm
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Pause and Arkas; lovers wanted for treason.

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this is for yamina_chan! I chose the first one, hopefully I did this justice! It's 2k words, enjoy!
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