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No family is perfect.

"See, I told ya they'd be okay!" Bdubs says quietly as they look into Zisteau's room.

"I wanted to believe you before, but I was so unsure." Guude responds as he pulls the door closed quietly.

"Its perfectly okay to be unsure about some things, you know." Bdubs says encouragingly as he took Guude's hand in his own.

Guude smiled slightly. "I know, but I'm supposed to a confident leader."

"You and me both know that every leader ever has been unsure about something."

"Yeah, but I just feel like I've had too much I've been unsure about."

Bdubs stopped walking suddenly, pulling Guude to a stop too. "Guude, honey, there is absolutely no reason you should feel bad about this. You are a great leader, and no matter how much you are unsure, you've been so sure about other things and everything is going so well. Look at the kingdom, its beautiful. Look at your son, he's handsome, wise, and he's gonna be an amazing leader one day. And, look at yourself, you're a great leader, a great father, an amazing husband."

Tears glistened in Guude's emerald green eyes as he listened to his lovers words. "Why are so good to me?"

"Because you deserve someone good, and I'm just speaking the truth. You are far better than you give yourself credit for."

"I try to give myself credit, but its hard sometimes." Guude says with a small sniffle.

He felt himself breaking down slowly. It had been a long, long week. A whole bunch of ups and downs and it had finally gotten to him. After so many years of being strong, so many years of being the brave, selfless leader, he felt himself falling apart.

"Oh honey." Bdubs says, pulling Guude into his arms. "Honey honey honey. It's okay."

Guude just put his head on Bdubs shoulder and cried.

"What's wrong?" Bdubs asks, rubbing Guude's back.

"I just... I-I don't know."

"Just having one of those days?"

Guude nods mutely.

"You wanna do what we always did on days like these?"

Guude nods again, liking that idea a lot. Bdubs picks up Guude, carrying him bridal style to their room, where he sat him down on the couch. He started massaging Guude's shoulders, feeling just how tense he was, but he quickly relaxed into the touch. Bdubs started singing a song, one he had written for Guude long ago, when he'd really been into music and when they had both been so young. Guude hummed along quietly, feeling himself slowly getting calmer.

Guude didn't always understand why Bdubs was so good to him, or why he was always the strong one of the two. Bdubs had always been stronger than Guude in so many ways. He'd always been able to keep his emotions in check, and he'd always been braver.

"I know what you're thinking honey, and it's not true. You have always been the strong one. You stood up to your father, even if it didn't end well, you still did it for our sake, my sake."

"Why are so good at reading me?"

"Because I know you too well."

Guude sighs. "But its true... You're far stronger than me."

"Now Guude, listen to me." Bdubs says sternly. "You are the strongest man I've ever met. You went threw getting the love of your life taken from you and being forced to marry someone. You lost Aurey, and you were strong enough to still be okay. And, you've given up everything for this kingdom."

Guude just sighs, knowing he won't win this, not when Bdubs was the one he was arguing with. "There's no winning with you."

"Now sweetheart, I just want you to feel better is all."

"I know...."

"You know I mean absolutely no harm."

Guude smiled slightly. "I know Boo. Thanks for dealing with me, I love you."

Bdubs smiled too. "I love you too sweetheart." He says gently, that kind Guude had always loved present on his face. "We all good now?"

"I think so."

"Good, cause I just wanna kiss you." Bdubs stated before doing exactly that.

He kissed Guude, and Guude kissed back instantly. There was never a time when Guude would deny a kiss from his lover. This allowed the world around him to slip away. It allowed the worries to slip away too. He'd never get over just how amazing it was to kiss the love of his life. He pulled away, after a while, a small, satisfied smile on his face.

"I love you, so much Boo."

"I love ya too, sweetheart, I always will."

"I know." Guude murmurs, running his fingers through Bdubs' soft brown hair, playing with it slightly, which caused Bdubs to chuckle.

"Your adorable, you know that."

"I know, you've told me before."

"I only say it cause it's true."

Guude leaned against Bdubs, resting his head on him. He was tired, yet didn't want to sleep. But he knew sleep would soon enough take him, but that was okay, especially when he had his favorite pillow with him. Bdubs would've found that funny, Guude plundered tiredly. He intertwined his fingers with Bdubs', giving his hand a gentle squeeze. He fell asleep quickly. Bdubs merely chuckled. He kissed Guude's head lightly.

"I love you, so much Guude, so much more then you'll ever realize." He murmured, snuggle closer to his lover.

He ran his fingers through Guude's soft blond hair. He knew Guude had been having a lot of stress lately, but his lover was so much stronger than he gave himself credit for. He knew his lover would be okay, especially if they stuck together. He completed Guude and Guude completed him. Most people didn't believe in destiny or fate, but he did. He believed he was always destined to marry Guude. He wanted to believe Kurt and Zisteau were destined to be together too. He wasn't actually Zisteau's father, but, he was trying, and he knew Zisteau was trying too.

He knew those two would go through a lot with the wedding. He was worried about what the rest of the town would say, of course some found it cute, but most were disgusted by it, which he hated, but it wasn't his place to judge others. He just wanted the best for Kurt and Zisteau, and he knew that what was best for them was going to be a struggle to get to, but they were both strong, and he had faith that everything would be okay, for all of them, as a family. Sure, their family wasn't perfect, but what family is?

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They're so cute. Original comment is original. (::)
-Observing Anon

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OOG feels and cuteness make my heart melt. <3

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