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Here we go with chapter 7, in which Zisteau and Kurt spend time together and Zisteau promises not to go too far
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Here we go with chapter 5, in which things get a little more heated and theres an agitated Guude!

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A Gentle Kiss

Thursday, December 10th, 2015 08:20 pm
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Sometimes all anyone needs is a gentle kiss from their significant other to chase away their fears

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This is my first attempt at writing a story, Its gonna be long, Its gonna suck, And Im gonna get better as I go on, Please Don't judge :D

Also, I'm rating this as Teen. For Now :D
(Ships happen after chapter 7-10)

Year 0103, April 3rd, Kingdom of Dragonhold. Isle Of Minecraftia

His Name Was Vechs, Vechs Davion.
And he Never knew his life was going to change today.

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We Are

Friday, February 6th, 2015 10:27 pm
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So, I don't know what to say about this other than Lindsey Stirling is amazeballs. And that when inspiration hits you, it hits hard. I knocked this thing out in about a half hour, which is much shorter than my usual writing things (then again, most of those are longer than this one :P)

Anyways. If you want to, here's a link to the song sung in this:

Without further ado, enyoy this thing I wrote. No names, just stuffs. So, it can be any pairing you want (except for the fact that there's one female and one male... Not quite "any pairing" by that logic >.>)

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Sooooo, found a prompt!


(Bonus: try to write it before the song ends.)

I shuffled to Nico and Vinz's "Am I Wrong"

Didn't really get the time on it, but did it a heck of a lot quicker than my other stuff :P

I left names out, so it is basically any ship. I found I don't really like using names...

Anyway! This is very close to unedited, but it should be alright.


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AO3 Link to full story: [link]


There are those in this world that are born with great powers, and there are those in this world to which great power is given. Nebris was granted his shape-shifting powers by the Bestower, Vechs, and has since used that power for personal gain. But when another shifter, one that can also take the form of a Dragon, emerges and challenges Nebris, his entire world is turned onto its head. He finds himself questioning his way of life... But can he escape the shadows?

In this chapter, Nebris returns to Pyro after their previous fight, because he just can't stay away.

Finally :D it's been like half a year but guess which story is back on track (hopefully)? Shadowfall is back! And hopefully it is here to stay. The entire story is written out, from this point onwards its a simple matter of editing as we go but here's hoping that should be an easier task. But for now, enjoy!



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The conclusion!

Link to the first:

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Based on a prompt about finding an letter in an old notebook. I took some creative liberties with how college works and with the narrator (who I decline to name). How you enjoy, feedback is always appreciated ^w^

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One year after Aureylian joined Mindcrack she had tons of great friends and a best friend, she also had a lot of hate.

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