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Chapter 2- The Mindcrackers regroup and try to form a plan on what to do next.

Ever since the plane crash happened, Guude had been arguing with the pilot, who quite frankly, was the most idiotic person he’d ever met.

“How the fuck can the engine get hit by lightning when we were above the clouds!” Guude yelled, his southern accent becoming apparent as he grew frustrated with the pilot.

“I told you, we were already descending before we got hit by the lightning!” the man yelled back.

“Then why the hell were we descending!”

“I don’t know! There was some kind of malfunction!”

“Malfunction my ass, we could have died!”

“And you didn’t because I was able to get us to safety!”

Coe was the one who broke the two up, pulling Guude away before he tried to punch their pilot.

“He’s such an asshole” Guude said, kicking at the sand. “Our fucking plane crashed and now we’re stuck on this damned island!”

“Guude, I’m pretty upset too, but you have to realize we’re probably not stuck. For all we know, this island can have a city just a few miles away. Besides, the plane has to have some kind of radar, I’m sure people will come to find us even if this place is uninhabited.” Coe spoke, acting as the voice of reason.

“I guess you’re right,” Guude sighed, “sorry man, I’ve been kinda losing it.”

“That’s totally understandable man, I mean, we were just in a plane crash and all, being stressed is perfectly normal I’m sure.”

Guude sat down on the beach, not caring about the sand that would surely be all over his pants when he stood back up.

“Well, at least the view here ain’t bad,” Guude noted, as he looked out towards the vast ocean. There were no signs of land, boat or plane in sight, leaving a clear view of the sun above the horizon, and the wide open blue ocean.
‘The sunset here is probably really amazing’ Guude made a mental note to watch the sunset tonight, if they were even going to be on the beach for that long.

“You think we should get all the guys together and figure out what to do?” Coe asked. Guude frowned slightly, feeling content with just relaxing on the beach for now, but he knew as the ‘leader’ of Mindcrack, that it was his responsibility to do these types of things. Standing up, he brushed as much of the sand off of him as he could, though he couldn’t reach most of the sand on his back.

Guude and Coe headed back to where the pilot and most of the other Mindcrackers were, and Guude called for everyone to gather up.

“Some of the guys are off exploring the beach, and Z’s still with Kurt I think,” Pakratt noted, as their group was incomplete.

“I can go find Zisteau and Kurt,” Nebris put in.

“Yeah, and I can go get Vechs.” Millbee added, “He said something about wanting to explore the beach before walking off, I’m sure he coul’n’t of gone too far.”

“Thanks you two, I’d really appreciate that.” Guude nodded to them, before they left to get the others.

Soon enough all 11 of the Mindcrackers who were on the plane, in addition to the pilot, were standing in a semi circle formation around Guude. Despite most of the group considering him the leader of Mindcrack, Guude rarely led any of the meetings they had. Guude was normally leaving that responsibility up to Chad or Seth, but since they were both on the other plane, it was now his job. Guude felt a bit nervous, but he quickly shrugged it off.

‘These guys are my friends, no need to be nervous.’ Guude cleared his throat, and wiped the sweat off of his brow.

“So, now that we’re all here, I guess we should figure out what to actually do-”

“No, y’think?” The pilot scoffed, cutting Guude off. Guude paused a moment, somewhat shocked that he was cut off. He inhaled deeply and turned his attention to the pilot instead, completely forgetting what he was going to say.

“Listen here y’asshole, I don’t like you, and it’s obvious you don’t like me, but sarcasm ain’t gonna get us anywhere!” Guude shot back aggressively, glaring at the pilot, who, he couldn't remember the name of.

The pilot stepped forward and jabbed Guude’s chest with his finger, as if he was angrily pointing at him. “No you listen here, I am not going to stand around and let someone call me an asshole when I saved their life from a fucking plane crash!”

Guude locked eyes with the pilot and narrowed his glare into a scowl. “I don't fucking care if you save my life a million times, that's not changin’ the fact that we’re possibly stuck on a fucking island, and your bitching ain’t getting us anywhere!”

The pilot was about to retaliate, but the two men were broken up by Vechs and Coe, Vechs having to pull the pilot back by his shoulder. There was an air of resentment for a moment before Zisteau broke the silence.

“Alright then, if we’re done arguing… Anyone have any ideas for what to do?”

Millbee spoke up, “We could always just start walking through the forest area, there's probably a town or something nearby.” Nebris shook his head.

“Too dangerous, there could be wild creatures in the jungle, and we don't even know how big this island is. Besides, if there are other people here, they'd probably be set up by the water too. So it'd make more sense to just walk the coastline until we see signs of others.” There were a few murmurs of agreement for this plan.

“I don't know,” MC now spoke, “Like you said, we don't know how big this island is and the sun’ll be going down in a couple of hours. What if we’re all out there walking the coastline and night time hits? I doubt we’d be able to bring enough supplies from this plane for us all.”

Avidya answered next, “Plus, shouldn't we stay by the plane? I mean, if a plane of 12 people just goes missing, they're probably gonna send people to look for it, right? And if they're searching for us, the first thing they'll notice is the crashed plane on the beach.”

Pause nodded in agreement, “Yeah, we don't even know if there are actually people on this island. It probably wouldn't be safe for us all to just pack up and start walking around aimlessly.”

“It wouldn't be aimlessly though,” Pak uttered, “if we stay on the coast while walking, we’ll either find others or just eventually end up back at this plane”

“Pak has a point.” Vechs’ turn to speak, “I mean, are we just going to sit around here and hope that someone comes to rescue us? Especially when people could be just a few miles away!”

‘I am not liking how divided we’re getting over this issue…’ Guude thought. ‘But I can't exactly speak up unless I have an idea of my own, and I'm fucking clueless right now.’ Guude was somewhat surprised when he heard the next person quietly speak- it was Kurt.

“Um, I have an idea.” All eyes were on Kurt, now. He cleared his throat. “Well, why can't we do both?”

“Both?” Pak inquired.

“Yeah, both. We could have a small group of say three to four people take a few packs of supplies and start walking the coast. If they find people, they can get a car or something and come pick us up. If not- well, I guess it's like Pak said, they'd just end up back here.”

“No way, I do not like the idea of splitting up!” Guude quickly spoke up on this issue.

“Do you have a better plan?” Zisteau turned to Guude. “I think it’s the best idea any of us have come up with so far. Besides, it's not like this is some sort of horror movie, it's not like we’re gonna get murdered if we split up.”

“Hey! You don't know that for sure man!” Millbee joked, “there could be some sort of weird voodoo tribe or some shit out there, just waiting for innocent grown men to walk by so they can eat ‘em!” Millbee made a biting motion toward his own arm to visually demonstrate his point.

“Oh that's true, I don't wanna be on the walking team!” Pause exclaimed.

“Also going to request I'm not on the walking team. I'd rather not be cannibalized” MC spoke softly. Zisteau rolled his eyes.

“No one’s going to get cannibalized!”

“Maybe” Millbee added.

“I don't know…” Guude proclaimed uneasy “I still don't like splitting up. I mean, who would even want to go walking around on an island we don't know anything about, and besides, what would the rest of us do? Just sit around until someone finds us?”

“We could start a farm” Pak put in, “maybe build some sort of shelter, always check if there's fresh water nearby too.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, you guys are acting like we’re gonna be here forever!” Pause exclaimed. “Isn't the whole idea of splitting up, I don’t know, that we’re increasing our odds of being found?”

“It is, but there's no harm in starting a farm or building a shelter either” Nebris’ raspy voice was heard “I mean, what else would you even do? Sit around and build sand castles?”

“Oh hey, that actually sounds really fun” MC smiled. Pause and Vechs nodded their heads in agreement.

Coe cleared his throat, attempting to get everyone’s attention. All the voices stopped and everyone turned their heads toward him. “Alright, I think we need to decide what we’re going to do, and we need to decide now. Is everyone okay with Kurt’s idea of splitting up? Or does anyone have any objections?”

Guude looked around and saw that the entire group of his friends, and that pilot, seemed okay with splitting up. Although he still didn't like the idea, he wasn't going to be the only one to go against the group. Even if he was the “leader” of Mindcrack, he refused to be the dictator of it.

“Alright, good, then we’re all in agreement to split up” Coe finalized. “Now, more importantly… Who’s going to be walking the coast line. Any volunteers?”

5 hands shot up into the air: Nebris, Vechs, Pak, Kurt, and the pilot.

“Whoa Kurt, no way you're going!” Zisteau announced.

“What? Why? I mean, since I walk so much anyways, I could be useful for the walking group” Kurt responded.

“You passed out in the plane crash! You might not be physically okay enough to be walking for so long.” Zisteau explained.

“Zisteau, I think-” Kurt was cut off by Pak.

“Z’s probably right, Kurt. We woul’n’t want you getting dehydrated on the walk, and we may have limited supplies of water bottles”

“A-alright, if you guys think I should stay, then I guess I will.”

“Okay then,” Coe continued, “so Nebris, Vechs, Pak and our pilot are going to be walking around the island”

“I have a name you know,” the pilot exclaimed, sounding bitter. Guude knew that this guy was just no fun to be around, so selfishly he was glad the pilot wasn't going to be staying with him at the plane.

“Fine, my bad, remind us what your name is?” Coe asked.

“It's Frank. Frank Sudipal.” The pilot- Frank- responded. He straightened his back as he spoke his name, as if trying to make himself look taller. Guude rolled his eyes.

“Frank… Like, uh, that pilot from LOST, yeah?” Millbee inquired.

“The one that died in the first episode? Did he even have a name?” Pause asked.

“No, no, he means the pilot that comes in later and helps get them off the island” Avidya said.

“Oh! Lapidus! His name was Frank?”

“Yeah dude, Frank Lapidus. Man, that guy was such a-” Millbee got cut off by Coe raising his voice.

“And we're getting off topic again!” Coe proclaimed loudly. “Back to the plan. The walking team probably shouldn't leave till tomorrow, that way they'll have more daylight. As for tonight… Any ideas where to sleep?”

“The plane’s still in relatively good condition.” Vechs suggested. “We can just sleep in our seats. Heck, maybe we’ll wake up and realize this was all a dream” Vechs joked.

“Just like LOST!” Millbee yelled out.

“What? LOST wasn't a dream, it was some kind of… Purgatory or something.” Pause scratched his chin, trying to think.

“No, LOST had multiple timelines, so there were multiple versions of each character.” Avidya began explaining the TV show and Coe sighed in defeat. Guude put a hand on Coe’s shoulder.

“There there, I know your pain of trying to keep these fools on topic for more than five minutes” Guude smiled.

“I don't know how you do it.” Coe replied, a small smile working its way onto his own lips, watching as the others began to derail into other conversations.

“Come on, let's go check the plane out and make sure we’re not going to die if we sleep there” Guude laughed, feeling much better than he had earlier.

The day had been a complete disaster, and he had a sinking feeling that they were probably going to have to spend at least a few nights on this island, but somehow… He was still optimistic. Guude had to credit this to his friends, Coe stepping up as the mediator took a lot of stress off of himself, and just seeing the others still be able to talk and argue about random shit- Guude couldn't help but smile when thinking about it. He decided they would be okay.

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Date: Tuesday, August 9th, 2016 09:00 pm (UTC)
yamina_chan: (Default)
From: [personal profile] yamina_chan
I hate to ask this, becasue it means you have to reveal some of your plot thougths that aren't in a posted chapter yet, but I have to so I know if I can continue reading this or not from this chapter onward:
I was starting to see similarities to LOST and now the characters brought it up as well... is that going to continue to be a theme? If so I'll have to stop here, because I've not finished watching that series and I try to avoid spoilers where I can.

Now, the feedback part.
Good: Everyone has their own thoughts about how the situation should be handled; everyone is reacting to the circumstances diffrently and not everyone is calm. It's a scary situation and people are allowed to be on the edge.

Bad: Similar to the first chapter, things are progressing to fast without painting a scene so it's hard for the reader to be drawn into the events or care.
Equally, the way the debate was handled made all the characters seem a lot...younger. A lot less adult. Some more so then others, but all had it to a degree.

Date: Wednesday, August 10th, 2016 02:34 am (UTC)
ruddiestbubbles: (Default)
From: [personal profile] ruddiestbubbles
Hmmm I feel this Frank guy is just no good! DOES HE END UP MURDERING EVERYONE??!?!?!?

Date: Wednesday, August 10th, 2016 07:54 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
That's your first thought? If he were to murder people, it would be more effective to murder them individually over time to make the bodies last longer. But if someone were to be murdered, then he'd be the main suspect. So it wouldn't really be beneficial to him in the slightest to start murdering people.
-Observing Anon

Date: Wednesday, August 10th, 2016 07:58 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
It wouldn't be mindcrack if people didn't start wandering off and going on wild tangents. Even in a possible life or death stranded situation.
Conflict between Frank and Guude seemed a little rushed, but I would love to see it developed more.
-Observing Anon


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