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Part the second-

Sequel to Family Relations

First cut goes to the story, second to any notes or translations.


BTC grimaced as he stared at the far wall of the bunk. He had just been informed that it was in his best interest to not bother the new group that had just been rotated in, and the only way he could see to do that was to avoid them entirely. Since most of them were currently attempting to inhale as much food as they could, that meant he was hiding in here, trying to figure out how to make a Minecraft replica of Belfast explode properly when using Redstone, and eating a ton of junk food.

Luckily, one of the people he played Minecraft was on line, and he seemed to know both the layout of Belfast (Probably grabbed some maps from when he had mentioned wanting to build it in multiplayer) and also on how Redstone would work in this case.


Oh goody, the instant messenger. This online friend never used audio, only typed, so it had to be him.

”Hey man, how’re you?”

“Oh hey Pyro, doing well. Stuck here eating junk food at the moment, tho.”

“Oh? Why?”

“Just got some fresh blood here, been asked to stay away from them.”

“What did you do that they don’t want you to kill newbies over?”

“Nothing. Well, apparently, upset some kid who wasn’t from here, but that was a while ago. Lieutenant didn’t explain past the stay away part.”

Pyro suddenly went offline, which was unlike him. BTC was mildly concerned and was about to try messaging him again when he finally came back on line.

”Okay, man, sorry. That…sounded a hell of a lot like something similar to what I’m dealing with, it was a bit freaky, okay.”

“Oh. Sorry man, didn’t mean to freak you out.”
He wasn’t sure just how or why he’d be freaked out, it wasn’t like Pyro was in the military or from…”Uh, got a question for you, if you don’t wanna answer, just say so…”

“I might be able to guess.”

“Erm, don’t suppose you have any family in Northern Ireland?”

“…Yeah, that’s not something I want to answer. Take that as you will.”
With that, Pyro went back off line, leaving a now even more frustrated and upset BTC behind.

“Oh god damn it. Fuck this, I want real food if no one is going to be around to talk to.”

He was pissed, but he should have guessed, he damn well knew they were in the same time zone at the very least, after all. The little voice in the back of his head reminded him that the kid was probably a unionist but even unionists didn’t much like the military presence, so. And that lead to the thought of the fact that when even the community that had begged the military to come had stopped liking them, you had to know that something was rotten there. (Then again, he was wrong on that front. It was the Irish nationalists who had called in the army…only to have it blow up in their face) Just what he could even do about that though, he had no idea.

Grumpily, he stalked off towards the chow hall.


Baj sighed softly. He had the most terrible feeling that this time was going to go about as well as it did when it was only Paul here and not his brother and sister-in-law. At…at least he’d get to see his brother while whatever terribleness happened, right?

“Positive thinking Baj old buddy, gotta think positive man.”

He thought that Maxwell might have over heard him, but he wasn’t sure until he spoke up.

“I don’t think we have to worry about Pyro running wildly off again, Dad, his mom is here this time, you know?” he said, grinning over at Baj.

“Hm. I’m actually more concerned that she might do that against her doctor’s orders, but I mean…”

“That she’s a grown-ass adult?”


“Yeah, yeah, language, language. It’s still true. I don’t think we could prevent her….but Pyro might be able to, if we asked him to. Or he might on his own. He has been real worried about her, after all.”

“Fair enough.” He could talk to his nephew tomorrow about how his sister-in-law was doing. And maybe make sure he was pronouncing her name correctly. While he was pretty sure that she was just going to find his accent entirely amusing, he could at least try to be close to correct with her name. And he damn well intended to try.


Dinnerbone contemplated the messages waiting for him on the computer. One was from Pyro, complaining about someone they both played Minecraft with on a private server. And one was from the person that Pyro was complaining about, who was, in turn, complaining about Pyro (though he was using Pyro’s gaming handle and not his real name and thankfully neither of them had ever called Pyro as Pyro around anyone in real life.).

“God damn both of you. Dealing with Pyro was bad enough, dealing with that idiot soldier was bad enough, now this.”

He shook his head and messaged both of them back, first telling ‘Bitsy’ (why the hell the man had chosen that name, he did not know, but he had) that he didn’t want to get dragged into what sounded like a personal communication problem with the two of them, and then messaging Pyro and reminding him that he was currently next door and could, you know, walk over and talk to him tomorrow morning. Like really now, we can talk like normal human being and not keep instant messaging each other, damn it.

Contemplating things, he wondered briefly if ‘Bitsy’ happened to know BTC. Their names were hilariously similar and equally as stupid, after all. Okay, he was being a bit mean now, but BTC had upset his cousin and that put him firmly in the ‘bad’ category.


Pyro stared at his laptop and tried to not scream. Again. Well, he only muffled a yell and punched the bed that last time, but still, mamaí might get worried if he did that again.
Dinnerbone was right of course, they could talk tomorrow, but still.

If Bitsy knew that soldier, than god damn. If he was that soldier than he was going to just…

“I’m an adult damn it. Or almost one. If it is him, I’ll just…take a break from multiplayer games for a little while. Yeah. That’s the ticket.” He nodded vigorously. That was the best way to deal with this, take a break and unwind and you know, maybe get therapy or something for god’s sake. Mother had said that she had found a therapist willing to at least meet with him while they were here during the summer.

It occurred to him that he might want to wear his gloves tonight, however. He wondered if BTC’s face was going to take the place of the soldiers from three years ago, or not. Oh god, he hoped not. There was an better than zero chance he’d run into the man during this summer (unless god was looking down on them right now and had arranged for the soldier to be transferred, and god he could hope, right?) and he really didn’t want this to become a reoccurring thing. At all.

Translations, notes, etc

None for this section, thankfully! If you have any questions, just ask!

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