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King of Deadlines. But seriously I apologize, the prompts I was provided were very similar to the ones that @Scara fulfilled with her submission, which really deterred me from my original concept. Here's what I ended up with, hopefully you still enjoy it.

2) Coffee Ice cream au where a very flirty barista coworker hits it off with a very shy costumer other coworker.

It was the middle of summer, and the heat was reaching record high temperatures. If it was any other summer, Kurt wouldn’t mind. He’d probably just stay inside his air conditioned home and relax, maybe work on a few small projects here and there, nothing too extreme. However, this was the summer he decided to take a part time job at his local ice cream store- The Ice Block. The heat was great for business, but that was bad for Kurt. He applied at The Ice Block for a relatively easy job that paid more than a fast food restaurant would; Kurt was saving up money to buy his first car for when school came around. The sudden heatwave meant Kurt’s dream of an easy job was thrown out the window, and that everyday at work was a constant rush of scooping ice cream into cones and throwing cash into registers.

Today particularly was even worse than normal. The air conditioning at The Ice Block had broken, and now the record high temperatures outside were inside as well. The heat in addition to the non-stop working was definitely making Kurt uncomfortable. He was currently working the register, which was his least favorite position. Most of the time working the register was casual, Kurt would ask someone what they wanted, they would take 5 minutes to decide, Kurt would stand there awkwardly waiting for them to make up their minds, and then he would take their money and give them the right change. Unfortunately, it seemed for every normal customer there was also a whack job who would forget that Kurt was also a human being and not just their ice cream scooping slave.

Already today Kurt had to deal with a woman yelling at him for a refund because she dropped her ice cream on the floor, a man who complained to Kurt for the line being too long- even going as far as to threaten to get him fired, and a group of kids who couldn’t be much older than 7 deciding that the ice cream they bought would be better on Kurt’s face then it would in their mouths. Though he couldn’t particularly complain too much about the last one, the cold dairy was most certainly a welcome way to help avoid heatstroke.

As the ice cream rush finally begins to slow down, Kurt’s manager asks him to change positions. No longer working the register, he goes to his second least favorite position- sweeping and mopping. Admittedly, neither was that difficult, and it was a welcome change of pace, but Kurt was already having a bad day and now he’s looking for even the smallest thing to internally complain about. The floor is a complete mess due to the build up of dropped toppings and ice cream from throughout the day. Kurt makes a mental note that he may want to remind his coworkers that the ice cream goes in the cones, not on the ground.

As he begins to sweep up the fallen candies, the feeling of the black shirt of his uniform sticking to his back from all the sweat makes him feel gross, and makes the entire experience that much more detestable. He looks up to the small digital clock posted to the wall, hoping, begging to everything above and below, that his shift is almost over: it’s 5:58

Only two minutes left, and then he can go home, take a shower, then spend some well deserved time on his computer. As he began to put away to broom, a sound of a ringing happened. This marked someone entering the shop, and he instinctively turned his head to the door. In front of him was a tall, muscular man with a shaved head and blue-green eyes. He wore a pink shirt with green accents on it. Kurt wasn't able to see much below the waist due to the counter obstructing his vision, but from what he could see it appeared that he had some kind of tan pants or shorts on. It was a bit difficult to judge his age, but despite his hard features he still seemed to have a sense of youth to him, making Kurt wonder if they were of similar age.

“Hi there, welcome to The Ice Block, how can I help you today?” One of his coworkers asked, a happy tone in his voice which Kurt knew to be completely fake, and put on just for the job.

“I was wondering if there were any applications available?” The man with the pink and green shirt asked, his voice caught Kurt by surprise, yet at the same time it seemed to suit him. The man stood there, a small smile on his face. Kurt couldn't tell if it was there to try and make a good impression or if he was genuinely happy.

As Kurt’s coworker dug around beneath the counter for an application, the digital clock in the corner of Kurt’s vision changed, catching his attention. It now read “6:00”, marking it as time for him to clock out. Kurt walked over to one of the cash registers and typed in his employee number of 115. A small receipt paper shot out of the machine marking that his shift was over and he had clocked out. He felt a sigh of relief exit his mouth, striding happily out from behind the counter to go back home. As he walked by the applicant with the shaved head, he saw that he now held the application in his rather big and strong looking hands. Kurt saw him take a pen out of his pocket- he was in fact wearing tan shorts, not pants- and begin filling out the application, starting with his name.

‘Zisteau T. Nian’


Nearing the end of summer, Kurt had began to feel a lot happier and confident with his job. Sure, there was still a lot of negatives, such as the pay being low and the occasionally rude customers, but he really couldn't complain. After all, it was his first job, it's not like he expected perfect conditions and a 100k salary.

Kurt credited the job getting better to him just finally adjusting and being able to do every facet of the job well. He also credited the summer heat beginning to go way, which not only allowed for less stressful days sales wise, but also just made it more comfortable to work in general. At least, those were what he claimed out loud. Internally, he knew that the only thing that made this job bearable was his most recent coworker, Zisteau.

The first few shifts they worked together Kurt found rather uneventful and awkward. Zisteau had such a towering physique compared to his own, and yet Kurt was the one teaching him how to put the proper amount of sprinkles onto an ice cream cone. Kurt mainly only talked when he was teaching Zisteau how to do the job. It was Zisteau who filled the rest of the silence. He’d go on and on about all his different plans and priorities in his life, talking about how he's going to spend the money he makes from this job to go to a good college, and talk about all of the aspirations he had for after then.

It was enthralling. Kurt often found himself listening in to Zisteau’s words, even when they weren't directed to him. As time went on, he would begin laughing more at Zisteau’s jokes, and even contributing little quips and comments to the conversations Zisteau would be in. Now he felt himself almost completely warmed up to Zisteau, some days even looking forward to work just because they were scheduled together.

It was at the end of a particularly exhausting shift where their relationship took a turn Kurt wasn’t prepared for. Kurt had worked a double, as one of their coworkers had called off sick, and thus was there since they opened at 10 am, all the way until they closed at 10 pm. Kurt normally felt tired working 4 hour shifts, but 12? There has to be some kind of law against this. Zisteau clocked in at 4, which made the latter half of the shift more bearable, but when he finally punched in his number to clock out he felt like passing out. As Kurt walked outside, he realized he’d still have to walk home, as he still did not have enough money for his car. Kurt enjoyed walking for the most part, but after the shift he just worked, he wished he could just fall asleep right now.

That’s when Zisteau offered Kurt a ride home in his car. Too tired to deny, Kurt gladly accepted and took the passenger seat in Zisteau’s car. His car wasn’t anything too spectacular, just a generic silver model- it was probably about 10 years old, but Kurt could tell Zisteau still took good care of it.

As Zisteau drove Kurt home, Zisteau tried to keep the conversation going. He did most of the talking as usual, Kurt only yawning back hazy replies. Kurt felt somewhat guilty for not providing full attention, but he simply couldn’t bring himself to it right now. Of course, if Kurt was fully awake, he’d probably be blushing a lot more at some of the comments Zisteau made.

When they finally arrived to Kurt’s home, Kurt unbuckled the seat belt and thanked Zisteau with a sincere tone. Kurt exited the car and headed to the front door, only for a hand to grab his shoulder as he approached it. It was of course Zisteau’s, the larger figure holding Kurt’s hat in his hands. Zisteau informed him he had left it in his car, and Kurt took it. They stood there silently for what felt like forever. Kurt wondered what was going on, why were they just standing there? Shouldn’t he be getting that sleep he’d been wanting all day, and why was Zisteau not heading back to his home?

Before he could think of any answers for his questions, one was provided to him in the form of Zisteau leaning forward and giving him a kiss on the cheek. Blushing profusely, Kurt couldn’t help but mumble his response. That was the beginning of their relationship.

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Awww this was cute! No worries about it being late, I'm just glad I got it :3 SMS always warms my heart!


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