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A physical is done and the results are rather.....

He sat on the paper covered table in his hospital gown, which seemed to engulf his thin body. He felt awkward, but didn't say a thing about it.

"Kurt." Doctor Harlent says, catching his attention. "I'm only going to be honest with you." He had a look in his eyes that had Kurt concerned. "You're terribly underweight and over all very unhealthy."

"Okay." Was all Kurt could think to say as he shrugged. He didn't care. Not at all.

"You barely weigh sixty eight pounds, which might I add is about one hundred pounds shy of a healthy weight for how tall and how old you are."

"Why does it matter?" He asked quietly, his voice cracking.

"It matters because you could die if you don't start eating properly."

"What if I want to die..."

Doctor Harlent sighs. "You also have severe depression and anxiety." His mossy green eyes find Kurt. "I'm putting you on antidepressants. I'm hoping that'll also help with your lack of appetite."

"Whatever." He says tiredly, not really caring.

The doctor simply frowned. "It's currently six forty, which means dinner time. I'm going to have Lauren bring some food to your room so you can eat, which I expect you to do."

"I'm not hungry."

"I don't care if you're hungry or not, you need to eat, this habit of yours is very unhealthy."

He just shrugs as he hops off of the table, landing on shaky legs. He held the table to balance himself for a second as the world seemed to spin.

"See, this'll only get worse if you don't eat."

He just shrugs as he leaves the office. He gets onto his bed in his room and stared up at the blank white ceiling, his thoughts swirling. He had thought for sure that he was gonna die on that beach; he wished he had, honestly. He didn't see the point in living anymore, he hadn't since his parents passed.

"Alright Kurt, here's your dinner, please eat." Lauren said as she sat a plate of food on the bed tray.

He just looked at the sandwich for a moment. "I'm not hungry." He said weakly.

Lauren sighed. "Kurt, I get it, I know you're going through a lot, but you have to eat." She put her hands on her hips. "You don't truly understand how dire this situation is. You will die if you don't start eating."

He just shrugged. "Let me die. I don't care."

Her expression softened and she sat on the foot of bed. "Do you need to talk?"

He shook his head. "No... I don't want to talk."

She frowned slightly. "Tell me Kurt, what do you like to do?"

He shrugged. "Nothing really. I just sit in the darkness all alone."

"What about before your parents passed?"

He looked down at the bedsheets, drawing incoherent shapes into them. "Stargazing." He squeaked out.

"Stargazing?" She asked gently, her misty grey eyes holding a soft and kind look.

"My dad... He-he used to take me stargazing... He-he used to love showing me the constellations and planets..."

"Were you and your dad close?"

He nodded, feeling tears stinging his eyes and making his vision blurry. "Yeah... We were... He was my hero....." He choked out, holding back a sob. "He... He-he meant the world to me..."

She put a hand on his knee, hoping to be reassuring. "What happened to him?" She asked gently.

He just shook his head, unable to speak any longer as the tears fell from his dull blue eyes.

"Shhh. It's okay Kurt, it's okay." She murmured as she pulled him into a hug.

His head fell limply onto her shoulder as the tears continued to fall. He missed his dad desperately. He missed all the good times they had. He missed everything about him. He wished he were still here to guide him. He felt so lost without him.

"Can you please try to eat?" She asked gently, holding him at an arms length away.

He shook his head. He felt the furthest thing from hungry.

"Can you try for your dad?" She tried, hating that she had to pressure him into it like this.

He stared at her with dull blue eyes filled with pain. He picked up half of the sandwich and took a hesitant, small bite. "I-I'll try... For dad..." He said as he struggled to swallow the small bite.

She handed him a bottle of water and rubbed his back soothingly. "He'd be proud of you." She spoke softly, her misty grey eyes soft as she gazed upon him.

He ate part of the half before he sat it down, feeling sick to his stomach. "I-I can't eat anymore."

"Hey, it's okay. You tried, that's what counts." She said gently. "Thank you."

He just nodded weakly before curling up in a little ball on his side. She gave him a gentle smile before picking up the plate and heading from the room, leaving him to his slumber, which he quickly fell into.

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