A Cruel World Chpt. 1

Monday, May 2nd, 2016 05:45 pm
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The world is a cruel place, where you're never too young to be broken down and beaten. Everyone finds that out eventually, some sooner than others.

This story is based in the Fallout 4 universe, so sorry for any trouble understanding some things. I'm super excited for this new adventure! I hope you are too!

Zisteau hid behind an old broken down, beaten up car, his double barrel shot gun in hand, eyeing the building before him. He had heard rumors of a cryolater hidden in a safe here, though he doubted it would still be there. But, it was worth the risk. He took a deep breath and charged the door, kicking it open roughly. It hit the wall with a loud clang, startling the few raiders, who pulled out pistols, aiming them at the young mutated guy who had strode into their hideout.

Zisteau smirked, pointing his shot gun at, what looked like, the leader. "So. What do you have hiding in here? Anything I should know about before I shoot your heads off?" He asked, cocky as ever.

The 'leader' scoffed. "Ha, like you'd be able to manage that!"

Zisteau gave him a look. "Come get some!"

He shot the first in the head, the second in the chest, and the third in the throat. Three shots, three kills. Raiders were always way too confident for what little they had. It was pathetic, really. He took what little was valuable from the bodies and scavenged the room, finding a hidden set of stairs, which he went down cautiously.

He was wary of this. Last time he'd found something like this it didn't end well. A group of raiders in power armor against a guy with a shot gun usually won't end well. He peaked around the corner, seeing something that surprised him. A man was tied to a chair in the center of a small room, a single light shinning brightly above him. The man looked so innocent, though he'd obviously been through a lot, most people had. He had brown hair, which was messy, and blue-red eyes, which Zisteau found quiet intriguing and beautiful, in its own manner, they were bright, which was weird with the dreary wasteland.

"What do you know about them?" Came an angry, gruff sounding, voice.

"I know nothing of them." Blue-red replies calmly, if not hesitantly, his voice deep.

"Lies!" The gruff voice shouts, slapping blue-red hard in the face, making him recoil.

Zisteau saw that as his chance and brought his shot gun up and aimed. He took the shot, hitting the guy, presumably a raider trying to get info, in the head, his blood splattering against a wall. Blue-red jumped, well as much as he could physically jump in the restraints, with a surprised yelp. Zisteau moved over, scavenging the dead body, thankfully finding the Cryolater he had been seeking. He looked over the gun, already feeling the cold radiating off of it.

"Who.... are you?" Came a hesitant voice.

Zisteau turned to see Blue-red squinting at him from his chair, where he was still restrained. "I could ask you the same." Zisteau states simply.

"I-I'm Kurt...."

Zisteau eyes Kurt curiously. That almost never worked. He almost never got anyone to tell him anything without threatening them. "Okay, Kurt, what were they questioning you about?" He questioned.

"They... they thought I knew something about the brotherhood.... but I don't."

"Of course they wanted info on them." Zisteau scoffs, glancing around the room for anything of importance.

He sees nothing, which means he can leave with his new weapon. He heads for the door, which leads to the stairs. He was used to this, loot and leave. He'd been living like this ever since he was kicked out of his town for being a 'monster'.

"Wait!" Came a small shout. "Please... please don't leave me here...."

Zisteau glanced over his shoulder at the man still strapped to the chair. He looked so desperate. He looked too young, much like Zisteau himself, to be dealing with this type of thing. He let out a sigh and walked back over to where Kurt was, pulling out a small knife to cut the ropes, which had been restraining him.

"Thank you.... uh....?" Kurt says quietly, rubbing his raw wrists, and squinting up at Zisteau.

"Zisteau." Zisteau says simply, heading back for the stairs.

He stops, once again, after hearing a loud thud and scrambling. He turns around, seeing Kurt on the floor, looking dazed and confused. It was honestly kinda funny, Zisteau found.

"Having trouble there?" Zisteau asked with a chuckle.

"Uh... have you... seen any glasses? Ones with red and blue lenses?" Kurt questions.

Zisteau scanned the ground, looking for said glasses, which he saw, though they were barely glasses anymore. "Yeah.... here." He says, handing over the glasses.

"Shit...." Kurt mutters, placing the beat up, broken glasses on the bridge of his nose.

Kurt glances up at Zisteau again, this time only having a slight bit of trouble seeing through cracked lenses. He just stared for a second. Zisteau sighed. It was always like this. Anyone who saw him couldn't help but stare at his scars and deformed, burned, body, what was exposed, that is. His face was burned and his skin was stretched, and looked pink, from never truly healing. This was why he was kicked out of his home. He'd been hated, called a monster.

"You done staring?" Zisteau asks harshly.

"I... I... uh..." Kurt rambles, glancing down at his hands.

"That's what I thought." Zisteau scoffed, heading, once again, for the stairs.

He didn't make it far, however. A loud curse and a thud had him looking behind him again. Kurt. He couldn't make it very far without tripping over something and falling on his face. Zisteau sighed loudly.

"What is your problem, really? Normal people can walk at least five feet before tripping on something." Zisteau says, thoroughly annoyed.

Kurt looked up at him from the ground, looking thoroughly embarrassed with a blush coloring his cheeks. "I.... It's my glasses. Without them in perfect condition I have no depth perception and am pretty much blind....."

Zisteau sighs again, hauling the other up to his feet. He digs around in his satchel, finding a pair of glasses, handing them over to the clumsy man. "Here. Try these."

"Uh... Zisteau.... those won't work.... They have to be red and blue like 3D glasses."

"Why?" Zisteau asks, sounding overly irritated.

"They have to be opposite color of my eyes.... without that I'm color blind and my vision is basically nothing."

"God your so fucking needy." Zisteau replies, weighing his options.

He could leave Kurt here and let him stumble and fall over everything. But, he'd more than likely be killed in ten minutes that way. He could take Kurt with him, help him get to a city, Diamond City more than likely, where he could get help. But, that would slow him down immensely, and put him in danger. But, Kurt wouldn't die this way, more than likely at least. He weighed his options. Both had positives and negatives. But, in the end, Zisteau wasn't a monster and he wouldn't just leave Kurt behind to die.

"Kurt, I'll help you get to Diamond city." Zisteau says with a sigh.

Kurt looks up at him with a hopeful smile and scrambles to his feet. "Thank you so much Zisteau!"

"Lets just go."

And, Zisteau heads for the stairs, for hopefully the last time, and starts ascending them. He heard Kurt stumbling behind him as they made their way out of the old building and back into the harsh, unforgiving home they call the wasteland.
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