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It's that time again!
You know, that time? The one where we attempt to have a discussion post up on Sundays but don't quite manage that and so we have one a few days into the week? Yeah, that one.
This week I'm the one filling in. Hi! .o/

So. What has been going on lately? Let's take a look!

➭ Minecraft 1.9 has been released not to long ago. Have any of you messed arround with it so far?

➭ Minecon 2016 has been announced! It will be in Anaheim, California on Sept. 24-25.

➭ Guudes secret project has been revealed and is coming to a YouTube page near you this Friday! "Mindcrack Island" will air episodically once a week. Find the trailer here!
BTC's involvement and the tale of how he joined the server have finally been told as well. Watch here as he and Guude sit down and talk about it.

➭ The Mindcrack Podcast 141 has made it's way onto YouTube and features almost all the Mindcrackers that attended the ExtraLifeUnited event. And who could forget the Mindcrack Mini-Golf that followed up on the Volleyball game? (See last week's post.)

➭ There is a lot of Multiplayer Content happening at the moment. The 7 Days to Die server, the Mariocart sessions, Agrarian Skies 2, Etho's & Docs joined plans for the Hermitcraft server, Team Canada's newest Minecraft adventure... to name just a few.
What's currently everyones favourite Singleplayer- and Multiplayer series that's still running? Can be any game, can be old or new. And what about favourite one-of videos? Are there any of those that you've particularly enjoyed as of late?

That's it from me. Hope you're all having a good week =D

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