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It's been a while, but with upcoming events and the turn of the new year, I think it's time for a chat.

While a lot of things have happened over 2015, this chat is mostly dedicated to the year to come. The minecraft server is dipping into a realm of quietness again, but it's not all doom and gloom. Frankly, I feel like we're approaching the beginning of a new era. This comes in the form of 7 days to die. It hasn't been hyped up a huge amount, but Guude's said there's a lot of interest in it, and going off of the form, I really hope they make something of it. What are you guys hoping for / looking forward to with the 7 days to die server? I feel like it's gonna become the new centre of mindcrack, and I'm planning on throwing myself head-first into it because if that's where the community's going, that's where I want to be.

Another major part of that to look forward to is the lore it's gonna be to the mindcrack world. We don't see as many in-game verse fics around here as we used to, but it's one of my favourite parts of the mindcrack world. And if 7d2d is a new era, then it's gonna bring new lore with it - new teams, new jokes, rew interactions. There's also the matter of us interpreting lore for the transition from the world of minecraft to 7d2d. I think it'd be fun to think about that: whether the world has transformed, or if it's a separate 'verse, or what. What kind of mechanics in the 7d2d world will become integral parts of the fics we write about it? That kinda stuff. Share your thoughts.

There's also the impending release of the big secret project that's been lingering for years. BTC may have departed, and the secret project may have a lot do with his joining of mindcrack, as rumour has it, but i'm still excited to see it finally come to fruition. What are your theories and hopes for the secret project?

What are you guys looking forward to in 2016? Both in mindcrack and real life?

I'm off to uni, but i'm hoping to throw myself head-first into fic again. I've got a bunch of ideas sitting around: mainly some aus, an idea for an agrarian skies series, and of course more survival saga. I'm hoping GOB does another series together after ragecraft 2 is completed, and I'm itching for a chevadus collab. 

And after so many people have left in the last year, do you think we're gonna get any new additions to Mindcrack this year? I'm hoping Shree gets officially signed back into Mindcrack, but no names come to mind for new people who I'd like to see join, but to be fair I don't watch much outside of Mindcrack. Who would you like to see join this year?

And how was your holiday break? Mine was good, though it's been too cold for summer down here in the summer hemisphere. I've still got another couple of months before the routine picks back up for me. Did you guys do anything exciting over the break? Is the weather actually being sensible for you?

Happy holidays and see ya around.
- sunset
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