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Welcome to April 2017.
We're past Aprils Fools now, so no trolling here. All honest discussions. ^-^

First up the most important thing: I sure hope you're not tired of UHC yet after the conclusion of season 28, because there's an other one just on the horizon. Mark your calenders and put some content of your wallets asside for the following date:
April 15th. As you may have quessed this in fact is the next Charity UHC that will be livestreamed by the participants.

Now, question time: What do you get when the following three stars align:
1 - Guude is on vacation
2 - Coestar has reinstalled GTA 5
3 - Avidya loves the car racing part of GTA 5

If your guess was that Avidya would join Coe for a few Stream-A-Day's then you are correct.
But better yet: he is also streaming himself. Yes, you read that correctly.
A few days ago now he held a test stream in which he stated that he had fully inteneded to never stream again, but the things above happened and well... there he was. He thanked the handfull crazy people who have stayed subbscribed to a streamer who hadn't streamed in about a year and although this will likely not continue for an extended period of time, it is raher nice while it lasts. His YouTube channel may be gone, but the man himself is not and we can look forward to the perhaps ocasional stream here and there in the future. =D
In fact, for the last few nights he has been playing not only with some of his viewers, but also with Coe and Breon - and lately even Kurt.

So take that bit of positivity with you for this month and have a good time with whatever you are up to. =D

That's it from my side for now. Should further topics arise during the month or if you think I missed something, let me know and I'll include it.

Happy April Everyone! We don't need to be fools to enjoy it. =)

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March 23-25 the ExtraLife United anual gaming tournament will take place.

Doc, Guude, Nebris, Pakratt, SethBling, Sevadus and Zisteau will be there.
Nebris had to cancle due to injuring his back. Stupd back injury of injustice. :(

I hope you all finished watching season 27 because
UHC 28 just released the first episodes!!

Guys. It's March.
I totally relized that at the start of march and not only just now when I was thinking about things I'd have to include in the next Discussion Post.

So yeah! Welcome to March, everyone!

We're still in the beginning phase of the year, and it seems to be a phase of change.
Did I forget any major things? Let me know if I did.
Also, with lots of people focusing on school right now: what are some major changes in your life currently?
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Welcome to February, eveyone. =)
January has been a quiet month for the community, due to the fact that most of us are either hibbernating or very, very busy with other things. Or even with working behind the scenes. ^^
So I'll keep this months topics short.

For one, Valentines Day is coming up soon. Do you have any stories planned for it? =) Or how about something of a completelyl diffrent genre to counteract all those chocolates, flowers and random cure gifts they try to sell you in stores these days? (Then again, I don't think I actually saw anything like that lately. It's all easter stuff here. <.<')

And for those among us who are very busy right now: do you still find time to watch any of the Mindcrackers? If so, who do you watch and what have they been up to? Share with us, so we know what we're missing out on. =D

UHC season 27 is underway.
Go here to find everyones perspective.
No spoilers, but I think the twist this time will make for some interesting situations! =D

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Hello everyone!

We have officially made it to 2017! ...a few days ago. XD'
How is everyone? Did you have a good start so far? Any New Year's resolutions you made that you want to share with us?
We haven't had a on-site chat since November. December was busy.
The Prompt Swap came and is actually still running. We've had some good entries so far and we can look forward to a coupple more. =)
And the Mindcrackers are busy with many things as well.
Did you hear about...


  • the Prank done to Pause on the server, by Beef, Kurt and Etho?
  • CriminalForHire, who showed up in response to this? So far their identity is still a mystery, but we know it's neither Pause nor Pak.
  • how Guude joined Team Canada in their Don't Starve Together series?
  • that the Golf With Your Friends IRL videos are now uploaded and just as fun as we hoped?
  • the fact that FLoB reached it's season goal?
  • all things Zeldathon?
  • and everything else that has been going on? =)
What was your favourite part of 2016? Mindcrack related, Salad related or otherwise? And what are you looking forward to for this year?

I hope to hear from lots of you throughout 2017. =D

Most Likely A Goodbye

Friday, May 6th, 2016 09:03 pm
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Hey guys!

I don't think most of the new people will recognize me or my name, but I used to post fics a while ago. I've tried to keep up with all the great stories and people coming and the people that have left, and to try and keep writing on my various fics, but unfortunately, with the way that both Mindcrack and this group have changed, the lack of will to write and the way my job has turned out to be (and the quality of the internet I have access to there), I will take my leave of the group. I'll still be in the skype chat, as quiet as it is.

Keep the torch bright!

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It took a while, but here it is: the Mindcrack reads Salad Album of all the stories that were read out during the Marathon. - Minus one that was within a muted segment and is thus sadly exclusive to our memories.

Enjoy 14 tracks of the audio-book format of some of the works this community has created!

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Best wishes.

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 10:24 pm
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Hello, beautiful people.

I've been inactive long enough here, and involved enough with other fandom and not-fandom things, that I'm basically considering myself sort of "mod emeritus" here and leaving the rest. So my account will be here still, listed as a mod and the original owner, but I'm not making any guarantees that I'm checking, and removing myself from any not-Dreamwidth Mindcrack Love/Salad type external things. (And yes, I'll update the rules soon to match - tl;dr contact the Actual Mods if you have any concerns.)

I don't have the time or energy to remember to check Mindcrack stuff anymore, which is tragic, but happens. I trust the rest of my mod team dearly, and they've clearly run a very capable ship. Feel free to run stuff by them, and remove me from server whitelists or Skype chats as need be.

If you'd like to see what I'm up to now (Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, German soccer, running a tiny roguelike developer convention, living/eating/drinking far too much in New York City, working data science in healthcare, upping my femme presentation game, exploring the possibilities and challenges of ethical nonmonogamy...) I'm on Twitter as @kawaiidragoness and Reddit as /u/kawatan.

I am also going to PAX East again this year if you'd like to say hi in person, and if it's on Sunday I'll probably still attend the Mindcrack panel and/or stop by the booth. And I might still occasionally moderate Nebris' Twitch if he ever streams again or make jokes to him on Reddit (and yes we're still friends!) But other than that, don't expect Mindcrack/LP/Twitch content from me. :P

I'm so glad this fandom is chugging along and even growing, and I'm sorry I'm not prioritizing it the way I did three years ago or so. All the best. <3

Prompt Swap #14

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016 08:42 pm
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Welcome to prompt swap #14!

There hasn’t been one of these for the past few months, so I’m going to make one, because these really helped bring life to the salad. That aside:

Sign up by posting a comment here with a prompt - it can be one, or two or more, something unique or something that someone's written before. You can do this until January 12th.

On January 12th this prompt will be given randomly to one of the other people who submits a prompt, and you will be given the prompt of another person who signs up. All of the participants will then written one of the prompts from the list they have been sent, to be submitted before the deadline of January 19th (one week after prompts are sent).

There's no regulations to the prompts other than if you choose to include one NSFW, please also include one SFW so that those who are uncomfortable writing NSFW have an alternative. And, similarly, some people do not write shipping, so if you post a prompt with shipping, an alternative would also be nice, or including a variant that isn't shipping - or at a minimum don’t be disappointed if what’s written doesn’t include shipping.

On January 12th (one week from this being posted) I will pm everyone with your assignment, so PLEASE have your PMs turned on. Go to Settings -> Privacy -> DW Private Messages -> Have it selected to "Registered Accounts"!

And please put time and effort into these pieces! If you're writing, don't make them less than 500 words, but even longer would be even better! Please post them on Salad by, if not before January 19th! Also, make sure to tag your stories/art (you can do either/or) as "fanfiction"/"fanart" AND "prompt swap".

To those of you who have done this before:

Just this once you can sign up even if you didn’t complete your last prompt swap assignment. It’s been three months, so you deserve another chance and I don’t want to exclude, like, half of salad, but this does not mean that not completing your assignment is okay. If you sign up for this, you're committing yourself to finishing your side of the prompt swap by the end date or at least close to it. It's not fair for those who do complete their prompt swap to not get something in return.

If you forget who you were assigned too and you've lost the email, just go back to the older Prompt Swap threads and pick a prompt that's not your own and write it! It still has to be tagged "prompt swap" and "fanfiction" as always.

In the words of the previous mod,

Have fun and enjoy creating something!

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Obviously, the Mindcrack marathon begins in nine hours.

Meanwhile at work, we are giving away salad.

That is all. <3

Cookies (MCbris)

Monday, July 27th, 2015 12:37 pm
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This is a short and fluffy college AU, with one of my favorite pairings <3 Clash helped with this too!

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Space Engineers

Sunday, April 5th, 2015 10:25 pm
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 Hi. Long time no post. Am I still allowed to make discussion posts even though I havent been very active?

Anyways. I would have put this on the general discussion forum on the beta service site, but the most recent post was in December, so it seems to me it has been abandoned...

I have doubts about even posting this )

I'm Back.

Sunday, March 15th, 2015 11:43 pm
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Hi. I'm back, and I'm here. Kind of.

Some problems had occured to me that rendered my activity on the Mindcrack community to be in vain for the last half year.

I am still updating SH:BA, but not in an extensive way since I have learned not to gouge out reading material in such a short time, but you have to ponder about its quality too.

I might leave again, dunno, but I'll try my bestest to stay and be active on this community a bit more.
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I hadn't seen this mentioned here, or anywhere outside of tumblr truth be told, so here I am bringing it up. For those of you who enjoy our lovely Buffalo Wizards, there is now another Salad section for them


By all means drop by and give the fics a read :D Post some of your own, discuss Lords and other series, just like here :3
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"Thank you for being such a friend to me
Oh I pray, a friend for life
And have I ever told you how much you mean to me?
Oh you're everything to me"

~From "Broken Wings", by Flyleaf

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Thursday, November 6th, 2014 09:41 pm
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Thankful- 1.Pleased and relieved, 2. Expressing gratitude and relief

As Shawn and Sharpie before me, I shall take part of the party of gratefulness.

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o (◡‿◡✿)
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I like that phrase today. Hmm.

Anywho, TDScott and I are trying to assemble a group for GMod games. Anyone interested? (Fair warning, I shall probably record it).

If you be interested, pm me or Scott on Dreamwidth or Skype.

Im sorry....

Monday, September 8th, 2014 09:05 pm
[personal profile] strikingace57
So sorry.

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I'm here to post official confirmation that the two saladcracks I work on will be transferred to saladlove for the time being. (Those are Sem Equites and Power Mad, obviously)

In case you can't see the sticky, or it got removed, saladlove.dreamwidth.org is where saladlove is.
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Hello friend! Remember when I posted that thing about a Mindcrack Beta forum? The response was very positive and so I finally managed to get some time to myself to set it up!


Now, before you go rushing off an making an account, please make sure you read the RULES and FAQ pages.

Please try and make your account name the same as your account name here. It just helps avoid confusion. If I feel the need, I may contact you here on dreamwidth to make sure that it's your account on the beta site. PLEASE HAVE MESSAGES ENABLED, you have no idea how many times I've gone to message someone here on Dreamwidth only to find that they have pms turned off. Please note, if you deliberately take someone else's username then I will instantly ban you.

Mods here and those in charge of the previous Beta , please message me on skype once you have created an account there, if you intend to do so, and message me your username on the beta forum. Having confirmed that, I'll then moderate you there too, that way we're all on the same page and such :3

(It was just discovered that you can't use symbols in the usernames, thats okay, just go with the closest thing to your username if you can <3 )

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here, or in the help section on the forum site. If you're wondering why there's no banner, its because I haven't gotten around to making one yet :P Work in progress!


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