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Tuesday, March 12th, 2013 06:19 pm
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More shipping discussion, including the possible impact of a female on the server and Baj wants to go shopping. Also Guude mentioned posting 'on the main shipping site'.

So, thoughts?
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-That was the most amazing podcast ever recorded.

-We do indeed have some very special lurkers, like I suspected for some time.

-I feel like we need something like in the subreddit header where it has the yellow text that says snappy things like "Check out Beef's legs!" Only ours would say, "isn't much different than the subreddit" -Guude

-After being outed in the podcast and officially acknowledged by Guude there, I actually feel kind of invincible. I don't mind as much when we get linked on the subreddit, and I no longer fear the wrath of trolls. Not to mention there's mostly valid discussion about shipping and fic writing in the reddit podcast thread. No blind hatred anywhere.

-I found this thing called Drabble Matic, which is essentially ad libs with fanfic. With everything that's happened recently I decided to do one with Guude and Wes from the podcast, and filled in the rest of the blanks with the most ridiculous, flowery words I could think of.

Well THAT was a plot twist )

Edit: In other news, I made a new icon. Dunno if I'm entirely happy with it. It was surprisingly hard to find a good picture of a mining turtle. I had to pull this from one of Guude's videos.


Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 08:57 pm
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Guys. Shipping discussion on the podcast.

Edit: Aaaaand hi Reddit! *waves*


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