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 this needed to be done. kissing in a pool i mean really?! it probably didn't go this way irl but w/e, fanfiction is fanfiction, right?

kinda sfw...depends on your definition.


From this close, Rob smelt of way too much alcohol. On his skin and, of course, on his breath.

Of course, Pause probably smelt the exact same way. But, from the way Rob was breathing heavily, it was really obvious. Water beaded down Rob's face as he fumbled with the phone in his hand.

"Alright...we're gonna kiss, right? And I'm gonna take the picture and put it on twitter, okay? Those fanfiction people are gonna freak out, it's gonna be awesome!" Rob murmured, chuckling softly.

Pause nodded and their noses brushed together.

"Alright, 'm gonna do it now, okay?"

He rolled his eyes, nodding once more. Rob brought his hand up and grasped Pause's chin, tilting his head one way. In such close proximity, Pause could feel Rob's chest against his own. Wet, hot, and naked from the pool. For the first time that night, Pause blushed.

His eyes slid shut right as Rob started to lean in, pursing his lips slightly. Rob's eyes closed as well and he moved, slowly at first and a bit shyly.

Their lips finally connected, and Pause jumped a little bit. Rob didn't move, the kiss soft and gentle. The people around them cheered and Pause heard the camera phone click.

When Rob gave the phone to the nearest person, however, the kiss didn't end. Rob's other hand moved to Pause's cheek and Rob began to move his mouth.

The kiss deepened, and one of Rob's hands fell to Pause's hips, dragging the other man closer. Pause kissed back finally, hands finding their place on Rob's shoulders.

The cheering and various excitement quieted down significantly, changing into a shocked murmur.

When Rob slid his tongue past Pause's lips, Pause reacted quickly, eyes snapping open. He gasped and pushed the other man back. Rob looked a bit shocked with himself, tongue swiping over his lips.

"Sorry about...that..." He murmured, sounding surprisingly sincere.

Pause chuckled, adjusting his glasses.

"It's okay."

i think we've all taken things too far tonight lmao. i wrote this in, like, ten minutes so it's really cheesy and pretty poorly written. it's kinda...meant to be cheesy i guess hehe.

nonetheless, i hope everyone enjoyed.

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