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No more was Tarsen Harvex an uncaring sex addict hitting on anything that moved and wasn’t underage. No more did he shrug off his losses within a few days, only falling silent when reminded. No more did he seem lacking in any emotion other than enthusiasm, dripping with sarcasm and powered by his active lifestyle.
The sarcasm and the complaining remained, wrapped tightly around his innermost self, but most of his outer layers had been stripped away to show the pulsing and pained soul within.
The Heart of Pain glimmered faintly around his neck, and Nessy had to admit that her analysis was fairly accurate.

Curious what an extended lifespan and 200 years with the daughter of a Creator will do to a man XD

“Hello,” Nessy tried, and it cawed in response. The group slowly stopped to see what she was talking to and Eclipse groaned.
“Okay. Nessy’s lost her mind. She’s talking to birds. They’re not good conversationalists, Nessy. Not enough brain in there.”
“This bird talks back, so maybe shut your mouth,” the hawk told her, and her eyes widened.
“We’re looking for an alchemist,” Nessy told the bird. “I don’t suppose you’d know where she is?”
“I might. Why are you looking for her?”
“We come from the west,” Ujhin said slowly, approaching reluctantly, “and our people are dying from a plague. We think she might be able to help us. We were directed this way by boven of the Vabos clan.”
“We’ve got a prophecy,” Vengeance added, “and I’m not happy about it. What’s this alchemist’s name, anyway? I swear, if it’s Skera I’m going to-”
“Skera?” the bird interrupted. “How do you know Skera?”
“She was the alchemist on our last quest! Every quest has an alchemist, apparently!”

This is my new favourite scene of Static XD
Also of course every Quest needs and Alchemist, don't you know anything about Quests Vengeance? Where else are you going to get your potions from? XP

“Is Skera still alive?”
The group exchanged glances.
“She supposedly died,” Nessy said slowly, “but knowing her, she faked it and ran off to become a worldbuilder.”
“Or be an alchemist in a different forest,” Vengeance added.

Both kinda, except it's a mountain not a forest XP

Ujhin carefully shook her hand. “You’re a...shapeshifter?”
“Druid,” she corrected, “but it’s an easy mistake to make. There are only a few animals whose forms I can take, although more than most. Perks of being immortal: all the time in the world to focus on attuning with nature. Or writing terrible books about fictional people on silly quests. Whatever floats your boat.” She shrugged. “So, tell me about this plague.”
“I can believe you’re friends with Skera,” Vengeance mumbled. “You’re just as weird.”
“Most alchemists are,” Peesa told him, but quickly fell silent as Ujhin started to explain.

So this is the person who Skera learned her alchemist was from, did Skera also pick up some kind of life extending immortality feigning potion from? Because Skera had been alive for a LONG time before Nia and the others found her hiding out in The Vicious Wilds.
Also Druids are immortal? How's that happen?

Peesa sighed. “Definitely from a Creator, then. Well, I’m afraid I can’t help you much, but I can direct you to where most of the elven live. From here, you head south, out of the forest and across the plains, until you reach a river. Cross it and keep going south. You will encounter a second river that you’ll need to follow east, towards the mountains. When you reach the World Spine, you’ll find a massive waterfall. Behind that is a cavern that drops deep into the earth. That is where the elven, and, I suspect, Jeb, have their base of operations. I have felt a disturbance in the amount of lifeforce on Beskeren lately, but I didn’t think much of it…” She trailed off, thinking.

Peesa's also a jedi, she felt a disturbance in the force XP

“Just as I remembered her,” Skera mumbled. “Exactly the same. Believe me, when this is over, I’m taking a trip to Beskeren.”
“Can I come with you? I’d love to meet her.”
Aureylian beamed.
“She seems interesting,” Blame agreed. “If a bit...odd.”
“She taught my mom alchemy. She’s got to be odd,” Vechs protested. “I think she’s more normal than mom is, though.”
“By human standards, yes. By bovan standards, no.” Skera shrugged. “Peesa’s a bit… bizarre. She shares many of the same views as them, but they see immortality as something to avoid, as if you never die, your body will never return to the earth.”
“I thought you only met the one bovan?” Vechs asked, amused.
“I did! But she told me some about her people! Not much, but…” Skera crossed her arms moodily. “I’m still mad she never told me she was from another continent. Honestly!”

Tana request for a side story after Static is done, to go with the list of other side stories you have planned. PLEASE can we have a story about this trip to visit Peesa? Skera, Vechs, Aureylian, Iirkolav and Blame all travelling together to visit Peesa.

Vechs patted her shoulder. “Calm down the fury, mother.”
“Don’t you tell me to calm down.”
“Calm down.”
“You’re grounded.”
Vechs looked offended. “You can’t ground me! I’m almost five hundred years old!”
“And I’m your mother!”
“You’re both grounded,” Guude called from across the room, “and that’s final.”
“You can’t ground me!” Skera protested. “I’m-”
“You are far younger than me and yes I can.”
“No buts.”
Skera pouted and Vechs laughed at her.

Skera can ground Vechs and Guude can ground them both as he's the oldest and the leader XD
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