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 The long awaited ball has arrived.
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Firstly, I would like to apologise that the hiatus lasted WAY longer than I said it would. I have been very busy with theatre these last few weeks and also am good at procrastinating... We shall be returning to two chapters weekly, though! There are likely 10-15 chapters left of this story, so I hope you enjoy them all.

So, without any further ado, please enjoy;

Chapter 22. The Ball

Skereth carefully helped Erin into her dress. Skereth was already dressed and along with the clothes she'd bought a few days ago, she also wore a deep blue cloak that beautifully matched Erin's dress. Erin carefully moved her hair out the way so Skereth could fasten her corset.

"You look beautiful, Green Eyes," Skereth murmured in Erin's ear. Erin felt shivers at the feeling of Skereth's breath on her neck.

"As do you," Erin replied, her voice thick.

Skereth smiled at their reflection, "We're kind of cute together, aren't we?"

"Yeah," Erin smiled, then quickly added, "but I know you're not ready to call this anything yet and that's okay. I'll wait for as long as you need."

Skereth kissed the top of Erin's head, "Thank you."

The two of them walked through the Luran's house to find the other three waiting, all fully dressed and looking handsome as ever. Vechs had gone with black and deep red, Sevadus with green and brown, and Chad with green and black. Erin smiled at the matching green of Sev and Chad's clothes. They were a cute couple.

"There will be a carriage waiting just outside the entrance to the forest in about fifteen minutes, let us adjourn." Skereth announced. The party bid Mrs and Mrs Luran goodbye and started to walk towards the exit of the city. The air was filled with excited chatter. Only Skereth and Sevadus had been to balls before. Skereth because of being friendly with the Princess and Sevadus because he was friends with a wealthy family back in Zopru.

Roughly fifteen minutes later the carriage came into view. It was sleek and stunning. Erin wondered if the Princess had sent it specially. It certainly looked Royal. As did the horses leading it and coachman on his perch.

Erin's eyes went wide when she realised that, on closer inspection, the horses were not horses as she had first thought, but unicorns - regels if she remembered correctly.

The small group got into the carriage excitedly and the coachman urged the regels on. There was a sudden and slightly violent jolt causing Erin to fly into Skereth whom she was sat next to. Skereth laughed and pointed out the window. When Erin looked out she discovered the coach was flying.

For the whole of the journey Erin looked out of the window, only occasionally and absentmindedly replying to the others chatter every now and then.

It was just before eight o'clock when the carriage landed outside Obrary castle. Like everything else that evening, the castle was stunning. It was made from a beautiful pale grey stone with slight purple-grey roof tiles. Skereth slipped her hand into Erin's and led her down the road towards the castle gate.

Several other people were also arriving in carriages, others were walking towards the castle already. Everyone was dressed in beautiful, expensive looking clothes. A joyful chatter filled the air along with the music that was growing ever louder as they approached the castle.

The colour scheme inside was white and purple-grey with silver accents, Skereth explained those were the family crest colours. She added that the Princess would likely be wearing at least one of those colours.

A footman took their cloaks and they entered ballroom. It was already full of people, music filled the air, lightly mingled with talking and laughter. Several people were dancing joyfully around the ballroom, others stood around dance floor, socialising with friends and acquaintances.

There was a finger buffet full of mouth watering foods, some of which Erin recognised, others looked slightly alien to her.

Skereth took Erin's hand, gave her eyebrows a little upwards twitch before pulling her to the middle of the ballroom. She pulled Erin up against her and looked down into her eyes cunningly. She started to dance around the ballroom, expertly guiding Erin.

"You never told me you could dance," Erin laughed.

"You never asked," Skereth quipped back.

"You make a valid point," Erin replied with a nod.

Erin was being very careful to not step on Skereth's feet, but it seemed any time she was about to, Skereth was ahead of her and had already moved her foot. The music was like a strange mixture of the classic medieval music you always heard in films and modern day pop. It was weird how music evolved.

Out of the corner of her eye Erin saw Vechs chatting to some people, one of whom was an albino felin. The felin glanced at Erin and smiled, his smile made the hairs on the back of Erin's neck stand on end. She looked away and searched for Chad and Sevadus instead. They were standing with glasses of wine, swaying to the music and seemed to be chatting merrily.

"Hello? Erin? Anybody home?" Skereth's voice pulled Erin back into the moment. She smiled at Skereth warmly.

"Sorry, I was just making sure the boys were okay,"

"They'll be fine, they're big boys, I'm sure they can look after themselves."

Erin laughed, "I don't know, they could probably get themselves killed by choking on a nut or something."

"I would not put that past Chad," Skereth replied.

The song ended and the two women walked to the edge of the ballroom again. Erin steered them towards Vechs. As well as the felin he was talking to a handsome man with blond hair.

"Hey guys, this is Otto," he gestured to the felin, "and Tye." He gestured to the handsome blond man.

"How do you do?" Tye said warmly, shaking both Erin and Skereth's hands.

"These are the women I was telling you about, Erin and Skereth." Vechs continued.

Otto smiled at Erin, "Yes, I believe we caught each other's eye when Miss Erin was checking on you." Otto had a velvety voice, the type that would charm anyone he pleased.

"I'm a big boy, Erin, I can look out for myself," Vechs said with a mocking pout.

Skereth nodded, "Yeah, that's what I told her. But she had to keep up her place as mother of the group."

"What? When did I become the mother of the group?" Erin looked at her friends.

"When you started to mother us all," Vechs replied with his trademark grin, "it's not a bad thing, it's nice knowing you'll look after us."

Skereth placed a kiss on the top of Erin's head, "If it's any consolation, I don't see you as mother. I have enough of those."

"It'd be really weird if you saw me as a mother…" Erin shook her head, "Let's not think about that."

"Good idea," Skereth nodded. She turned to Tye, "So, what is it you do?"

"I own a brewery in the capital. I brewed the potion that saved the Princess when she was a baby so I get an invite to all of these events."

"Oh yes, I remember her mentioning you," Skereth said, "we used to date, you see,"

Otto raised an eyebrow at Erin, "Quite the person to follow. A Princess."

"Yeah," Erin laughed, "I like the challenge."

"It's not a challenge!"

"No, you're right," Erin kissed Skereth's cheek, "the challenge is the act of dating you, not living up to previous partners."

The small group laughed and Skereth swatted Erin's arm with mock irritation. She decided to go back to talking to Tye, "Would you happen to be Jeremy Tysen?"

"Junior, but yes. Everyone calls my dad Jerry and me Tye. It saves complications," Tye explained.

"Very wise," Skereth said with a nod.

It was at that moment the music changed and Skereth's face lit up, "I love this song. Erin would you allow me the honour of having this dance?"

Erin curtseyed, "Why of course, Miss Luran," she turned to the men and gave them a little wave before Skereth pirouetted her out in the middle of the room again.


A few hours had passed and Skereth and Erin were in a gentle embrace on the edge of the room, swaying to a beautiful slow song.

"It's getting late, maybe we ought to be heading back to Lynsereen soon," Erin said softly.

"I actually pulled some strings and got us all rooms." Skereth replied.

Erin looked up at her, "Yeah? Do the boys know, should we go and tell them?"

"They know, I was keeping it a surprise for you," there was a glint of mischief in the brak's eyes.


"I thought that maybe, if you would like to, tonight could be the night? I asked for enough rooms so you don't have to, but-"

Erin cut her off, "I think I would like to, Skereth."

"Yeah?" Her eyes lit up, she then frowned, "How much wine have you had?"

"Nothing at all, I've been drinking the non-alcoholic stuff tonight. I didn't want to be tipsy in a Royal castle, I might've made a fool of myself."

"You make a valid point." Skereth teased, "So, would you like to go now?"

"Now?" Erin glanced at the large clock that hung on the wall above the staircase that led further into the castle. It was a quarter to twelve, "It's later than I thought. Now sounds good."

And just like that the mood switched between them. Adrenaline ran through Erin as Skereth led her to the stairs and into the corridors of the castle.

Erin felt like she was a teenager again, sneaking off to a private room with the person she was dating. It felt naughty, even now when she was thirty, or fifty, apparently.

They reached a door and Skereth turned to look at Erin, "You're sure you want to do this?"

"Certain." Erin replied as she reached for the door handle behind Skereth and pushed open the door. She was grateful it was a push door, otherwise that would've been embarrassing and not as sexy as she intended.

She pushed Skereth into the room and kicked the door closed behind her. Skereth seemed to have got over her initial bafflement at Erin being so commanding and once the door was shut she pushed Erin into it. Erin took a moment to admire Skereth in the beautiful low light of the room. Her dark hair fell over one shoulder and her clothes fit in such a way that her slight curves were defined yet soft.

Skereth leaned down and kissed Erin. She kissed back deeply, daring once to nip Skereth’s lip, "Mmm...feisty." Skereth purred.

"I've never said I don't bite," Erin replied between kisses. She felt Skereth's hands roam her body and eventually find their way to her back. Skereth started to undo Erin's dress. Or at least she tried to. "Are you have trouble there, Skereth?"

Skereth pulled away from the kiss, "No, it's just fiddly when you can't see." She replied.

"Would you like me to turn around?"

"Would you," Erin did so with a laugh, "these damn lace up dresses," Skereth muttered as she untied it.

"I never imagined they'd be so annoying."

"I can't imagine you slept with many people who've worn them." Skereth said distractedly as she fumbled with the corset's laces.

"You'd be surprised how many men on Earth I've slept with who wore dresses with corsets," Erin quipped dryly.

"I feel like you're joking, but I can't be sure."

Erin laughed, "I am joking. All the men I dated had really fragile masculinity and would never wear a dress,"

"Did you ever ask?"

"No, but I knew them." Erin looked over her shoulder, "Are you done yet?"

"I did the laces up really well! I'm better at stopping myself from having sex than my mothers ever were." Skereth grumbled. The corset suddenly fell loose and Skereth gave a little whoop before helping Erin out of the corset.

"Shall we continue?" Erin said teasingly.

Skereth scooped Erin up and placed her down on the bed. She crawled up and knelt over Erin, "I need to catch up." She said before pulling off her vest and shirt and yanking off her boots.

"Honestly, men are so much quicker."

"Yeah," Skereth said, "they'll have had an orgasm by now and be getting dressed, but you'd be in the exact same place you are now."

Erin let out a loud laugh, "Be nice!"

Skereth lowered herself so Erin could feel her breath on her face, "But my dear, what would be the fun in that?" She purred and started to gently kiss Erin's neck. Her breath caught and became staggered. Skereth nibbled her earlobe before moving down Erin's body and carefully removing her undergarments.

Erin felt Skereth's gentle hand on her breast, causing her breath to catch again. She carefully unfastened Skereth's belt and trousers. Skereth moved further down Erin's body, leaving a trail of kisses. She paused at Erin's stomach, "Nice piercing." She said simply before continuing. Erin could no longer reach Skereth from her position, but she could reach the hand that was massaging her breast.

She entwined her fingers with Skereth's wanting to feel the other woman with her own hands. Skereth kept going down, Erin felt shivers running through her.

It wasn't long before Erin was hit with a dopamine rush. Skereth lifted her head up and crawled back up the bed to Erin whose breathing was slowing again.

"You're… wow." Erin breathed.

Skereth laughed softly and placed a gentle kiss on Erin's lips, "I already addicted to your taste," she murmured into Erin's lips.

"I'd say I'm addicted to what you just did…" Erin whispered.

"I'd happily do it again," Skereth grinned.

Erin paused before saying, "It's your turn, I shouldn't get all the fun."

"Oh believe me, I'm having fun." And with that Skereth moved back down the bed.

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From: [personal profile] scara
Out of the corner of her eye Erin saw Vechs chatting to some people, one of whom was an albino felin. The felin glanced at Erin and smiled, his smile made the hairs on the back of Erin's neck stand on end. She looked away and searched for Chad and Sevadus instead. They were standing with glasses of wine, swaying to the music and seemed to be chatting merrily.

I'm willing to bet that this felin is one of the masked companions of Ethos that has appeared in Erin's dreams, which is why his gaze made her shiver and check on her friends and subconsciously panic a little.

Skereth placed a kiss on the top of Erin's head, "If it's any consolation, I don't see you as mother. I have enough of those."

Love this line XD

*fangirls at end of chapter, faints*

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Did not expect the end of the chapter. Not at all.


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