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Things are looking up?

Kurt walked into Adlington's room bright and early Monday morning. "Come on Ads, time to get up for school bud!" He says cheerily.

Adlington was up quickly. "I'm so excited!" He says, almost literally jumping out of bed.

"Breakfast will be waiting for ya when you're ready." Kurt says as he makes his way from the room.

He heads into the kitchen and starts making scrambled eggs. His heart swelled with pride as he saw the food stocked up, and the stash of gold for rent. He was finally starting to take care of Aldington, and be a good father, that's all he'd ever wanted, to be a good father. It didn't take long for Adlington to come out into the kitchen, looking good in his brand new clothes. He sat down at the table, practically bouncing in his seat. Kurt couldn't help but laugh as he sat down two plates and sat across from his ecstatic son.

"So, my bosses daughter, Dezeray, is gonna help you out today."


"Yeah, wouldn't want you to be wandering around looking lost."

Adlington laughed. "It would be a funny sight though."

"It would indeed." Kurt chuckled.

After Adlington had finished, Kurt ushered him out the door, heading towards Zisteau's shop. He waved to Zisteau and Dezeray as they approached.

"Morning Kurt." Zisteau greeted, smiling kindly at him.

Kurt couldn't help but smile back. "Morning."

"Its nice to meet you Adlington." Zisteau says kindly. "This is my daughter, Dezeray."

Adlington smiles brightly. "Hi Dezeray! Its great to meet you both!"

"You two better head off to school. Have a good day."

Dezeray nodded and started walking, motioning for Adlington to follow. "You can call me Dez."

"Call me Ads then."

Kurt couldn't help but smile as he watched the two walk down the road. "Ads is so excited for today ." He comments, his gaze finding Zisteau.

"I can tell." Zisteau chuckles, stepping closer to his boyfriend.

A light blush colored Kurt's cheeks as Zisteau caressed his cheek, a kind, loving look in his blue-green eyes. He laughed nervously, causing Zisteau's smile to widen.


"Only slightly." He says around a breathy laugh, biting his lip lightly, his eyes darting to Zisteau' soft lips.

His eyes fluttered closed as he leaned in, his lips meeting Zisteau's. Slow and sweet, and oh so magical. They hadn't kissed that many times, but each time was magical and perfect. His heart fluttered and his lips tingled as they parted.

"As much as I wish I could kiss you forever, we gotta get to work." Zisteau says, his breaths ghosting on Kurt's lips, causing a shiver to run down his spine.

Another breathy laugh. "Y-Yeah."

They headed into the store and got started opening up and stocking books. After a while, and only one customer, Kurt leaned on the front counter, reading a book he'd plucked from one of the shelves. It was something about adventures from long ago, though he wasn't really reading, more or less skimming the pages, his gaze leaving the words often, finding Zisteau, who was straightening books, which meant bending over. The view was pretty spectacular, he couldn't deny that. Blue-green eyes met blue and he blushed, looking back down at the book, which was taken from his grasp and set on the counter beside him.

"Reading?" Zisteau questioned with a sly smile.

"Oh yes, and only the most brilliant story." He responded, smirking. "Very interesting."

"I'd imagine so with how focused you seemed."

A rosy blush colored his cheeks. "I could read that book forever."

"I can't handle you." Zisteau says before moving to kiss him deeply.

He almost instantly kissed back. Zisteau's hands ran along his arms, before landing on his hips, tugging the shy man closer. Kurt's fingers tangled in Zisteau's blond hair, gently tugging. His back hit the counter lightly, as Zisteau deepened the kiss, nipping lightly at his lip. They quickly broke apart, hearing a jingle from the bells above the door. Both were breathing heavily as they faced the customer, who looked rather embarrassed.

"How can I help you?" Zisteau questioned, trying to catch his breath.

"I... I was looking for a certain book." The customer spoke slowly.

"Lets see if we can find it for ya." Zisteau says, leading the customer away from the counter.

Kurt stood breathless, staring after Zisteau, his lips tingling, his heart racing, his mind clouded by bliss. He wanted to kiss Zisteau again, and he wanted those surprisingly soft hands in other places. He felt like he was falling, falling for Zisteau ever so quickly. And, that thought didn't bug him, not at all. Eventually, the customer left, looking rather satisfied, though still awkward, which was understandable.

"Working here with you is either gonna be the best thing ever or the worst." Zisteau ponders with a chuckle.

"Huh?" Kurt says, giving his boyfriend a curious glance.

"Best, because I get to spend a lot of time with you." Zisteau says, smiling kindly. "And worst, because I can't kiss you or anything for fear of making the customers feel awkward."

"Ah, that's very true."

"Yes, sadly."

"Indeed." Kurt chuckled.


"Papa!" Adlington shouted as he pranced into the small shop.

"Hey Ads!" Kurt said with a big smile. "How was your day?"

"It was great! School is so much fun! I met a whole bunch of people and made a bunch of friends!"

"He's literally been like this all day." Dezeray comments, leaning against the wall by the door.

"He's excited, I don't blame him." Zisteau chuckled.

"It's just school." She shrugged.

"Such a downer." Zisteau teased, a playful smile on his face.

She smiled, rolling her eyes. "Yes, I'm just the biggest downer ever."

Zisteau ruffled the girls hair.

"I'm gonna head home, I got some homework to do." Dezeray says, a smile still present on her lips. "You wanna come with Ads? I can help you with your project."


"I'll drop by after work and get you then Ads, have fun."

The two head out, both looking happy.

"They seem to get along well." Zisteau comments, leaning against the counter.

"They do, which I'm glad about."

"Me too; Dez has a hard time making friends."

"Ads has never really had the chance too..." Kurt says, his smile falling to a thin line.

"Hey, it's okay." Zisteau says gently, using two fingers to lift Kurt's chin, causing blue-green to meet blue. "Don't blame yourself for this. You have done an amazing job raising Ads, he's seems like such a good kid."

"But he didn't get to have a good childhood... He was deprived of it."

"But you gave him as good of childhood as you could."

Kurt let out a deep breath, his gaze leaving Zisteau's. "MK... She told me to give him a good life... Protect him.... Those were her last words... And I feel like I've failed her..."

Zisteau took Kurt's hands in his own, gently twining their fingers together. "You have not failed her in the slightest. Ads is a good kid, he's happy, and you have tried your hardest to give him the best life possible. You gave up everything for him, so don't discourage yourself."

Tears glistened in Kurt's eyes as he finally looked at Zisteau again. "I-I'm sorry you have to see me like this..."

"There's no need to be sorry Kurt."

"But I feel like there is... I don't want you to not like me because I'm weak..."

"Oh Kurt, you silly man." He said with a light chuckle. "You are not weak. And seeing you like this means nothing. I know you're insecure, but I love your insecurities, your flaws, your weaknesses. I love everything about you."

Those words pulled at his heart. "You-you love me?" He spoke, his voice uneven, his blue eyes bright with hope.

Zisteau let out a breathy laugh, caressing Kurt's cheek. "Ah, I guess I do." He brushed his lips against Kurt's. "I do love you."

Kurt's heart raced. "I-I love you too." His voice was quiet, uneven, but none the less confident.

Their lips brushed again before they actually kissed. Kurt's arms wrapped around Zisteau. He linked his fingers together, gently tugging his boyfriend closer, wanting nothing more than to be as close as possible to him.

"What happened to no kissing at work?" He questioned with a breathy laugh, his forehead resting against Zisteau's.

That caused Zisteau to smile. "I just couldn't help it I guess."

"I couldn't either." He chuckled lightly, playing with Zisteau's hair, almost absentmindedly. How did I fall for you so fast? He asked himself, feeling like he was getting lost in those beautiful blue-green eyes, which were so bright and so intricate.


Eventually, closing time came and Kurt was very happy about it. He walked beside Zisteau, a bright smile on his face. He was in love, and it felt amazing. He hadn't felt this good since MK, which had been so long ago. His hand brushed against Zisteau's and he twined their fingers together gently, giving his boyfriend a shy smile.

"You're too cute." Zisteau commented, giving Kurt's hand a gentle squeeze.

"Not as cute as you." Kurt replied, his cheeks a rosy red.

"Not possible, because you are the single most beautiful thing I've seen in this world."

His cheeks turned an even darker shade of red, which reached the tip of his ears. "I..." Was all he could say.

Zisteau chuckled, a loving smile gracing his lips. "Ah, this is one of the things I love about you." He says, giving Kurt's hand a gentle squeeze. "Your shyness is adorable."


"For starters, you blush a lot, which is absolutely adorable. And, its hilarious and adorable when you get flustered."

Kurt just lets out a sigh when he can't seem to find his voice, which only further proved Zisteau's point. Once Zisteau's house came into view, they dropped each others hands and walked into the house.

"Hey Papa!" Adlington said with a big smile.

"Hey Ads."

"Why don't you two stay for dinner." Zisteau offered. "I make a pretty good meat stew."

"I think we'll accept your offer." Kurt says with a smile.
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