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Some moments are ones you'll never forget

Zisteau straightened his crown and took a deep breath. He hated these public announcements, but it was just something he had to deal with. He looked to Kurt, who was trying to fix his hair and chuckled quietly at his struggling lover. He walked over and helped Kurt fix his messy hair, even if he thought it looked better messy.

"You'll never be able to manage your hair, will you?" Zisteau chuckled.

"Its easier to keep it messy." Kurt replies with a shy smile.

"Its cuter that way to."

Kurt blushes, but moves closer to Zisteau, taking his hands in his own. "But not as cute as you, especially when your all dressed up."

"I beg to differ, there is nothing cuter then you after I've gotten you all worked up." Zisteau says with a seductive grin.

"Zisteau!" Kurt laughs, his face a deep shade of red. "You shouldn't say stuff like that in public!"

"But were not in public." Zisteau murmurs, his lips brushing Kurt's neck. "Its just you and me in here."

Someone clearing their throat has Zisteau shooting backwards and tripling over his own feet, sending him to the ground. He half heartedly glared at Kurt, who was laughing, but his attention was quickly drawn to the person who had interrupted them, which happened to be his father.

"If you aren't too busy, we need to head out to the main square." Guude says with a lighthearted chuckle.

Zisteau nods and allows the help getting up when its offered. He follows behind Guude with Kurt by his side. He didn't know if he was ready for this, but he just had to face it with a smile and be brave. When he had first figured out he was gay, he didn't ever think that this was gonna be allowed within the kingdom, his home. He was nervous, probably more nervous then he should be, but it was just another public speaking. They approached the small stage that was set up and they greeted Bdubs, who was waiting on a bench nearby. The four got up on the stage and Guude took the podium.

Guude cleared his throat. "Hello ladies and gentlemen of Gattove, I have a big announcement. As of today, gay marriage is allowed in the kingdom!" He paused when cheers and boos ran through the assembled crowd. "And, I would like to introduce the person who will be helping me lead this wonderful kingdom, Bdoubleo."

Bdubs stepped forward, curtsying slightly, and obviously trying to ignore the boos from the crowd. "I'm very honored to be able to help rule this kingdom, alongside my love, Guude, who has been an amazing leader, and will continue to be one."

More applause and more disapproval. Zisteau sighed as he watched the crowd. Some people will never understand or approve of being gay. But it was just something they would all have to overcome, which he knew would take some time.

"Are you nervous?" Zisteau questioned, looking expectantly at his father.

"A little, but I've been through this before." Guude replied, adjusting his shirt.

"Were you nervous when you married mother?"

"I was a foolish young man. Nerves were the last thing on my mind. I was so mad at my father that I didn't truly get to enjoy the wedding or the ceremonies after, I regret that now, especially after I actually fell in love with Aurey, but that's all in the past, and I've got to focus on this wedding, and making sure I treasure it." Guude says, glancing at his son. "When you eventually marry Kurt, or whoever, make sure you treasure it, do what I couldn't."

"I will." Zisteau says, knowing how much that actually meant.

He was just glad his father approved of him, that he finally felt accepted by his father, he didn't know how he could ask for more. He pushed those thoughts aside and walked with his father down to the ballroom, which and been transformed into a beautiful wedding banquet.

Guude took his position and watched in awe as Bdubs walked down the isle, looking more beautiful then words could even begin to describe. He regretted alot, but in this moment, none of that mattered, this couldn't have been more perfect, marrying the love of his life was one of the only things he ever truly wanted, and it was finally happening, which he was still having trouble believing.

His gaze caught his sons, and be saw the approving look and the nod he got, that made his heart swell with joy. He couldn't even find the words to describe how he felt, but none of that mattered, especially as he kissed Bdubs, officializing the marriage of the two lovers. The preist that married them approached them again with a crown, identical to Guude's, that rested on a red pillow with gold trim.

"Bdoubleo, do you swear to serve and protect this kingdom no matter what fate is bestowed?" The priests voice echoes through the large room.

"I do."

"Do you swear to put the kingdom and its well being before your own?"

"I do."

"Do you swear to be a good king and bare the weight of any wrong doing that happens to the kingdom and its people."

"I do."

The priest places the crown on Bdubs' head, a big smile on Bdubs' face as he curtseyed and stood straight.

"I know grant you the honored title; King of Gattove."

The crowd cheered, despite the people who still disapproved of the whole ordeal. It was a joyous occasion as the celebrations continued long into the night. Kurt and Zisteau were enjoying scotch long after the guests had left. They had gone up to the roof, where the view was absolutely breathtaking, and sat under the stars, drinking scotch. Zisteau knew he'd regret drinking that much in the morning, but he couldn't care at all, not when he could be with his impossibly adorable lover.

"Have I ever told you how amazing you are?" Zisteau questioned, glancing sidelong at his lover, who he considered the most beautiful thing in the whole world.

"Yeah." Kurt giggled. "You have."

That made Zisteau smile and laugh too. Kurt was hilariously adorable while drunk. He just stared at Kurt for a while, not able to look away, not wanting to either, as Kurt laughed and his cheeks were red from the alcohol. Everything that had happened today had Zisteau thinking, a lot, but it wasn't a bad thing. He had come to a decision earlier about something. He didn't know if now was the right time, especially because he's drunk and probably wont remember anything in the morning, but, in his drunken state, this seemed as good a time as any.

"Kurt." Zisteau said as he sat up, which was a bit of a struggle.

"What?" Kurt slurred out as he sat up too.

"Kurt Jay Mac, will you marry me?"

"Ye-yes!" Kurt practically yelled as he collapsed against Zisteau, causing both of them to loose their balance and fall back to the ground, both laughing uncontrollably.

Zisteau slipped the gold band onto Kurt's finger, only slightly struggling, as they continued to laugh pointlessly.
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