Outlaws (Songfic)

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Pause and Arkas; lovers wanted for treason.

Run, run like the devil's behinds us
Run to where no one can find us
Be my accomplice to my crime
Oh baby
Run, run cause we're guilty as sin
Run 'cause we know we won't win
We know together we kill time

Pause dragged Arkas to keep up with him, the duo running as fast as they could. Arkas wasn't slow or bad at keeping his breathe, but running so quickly, for such a long distance and period of time was taking it’s toll on him. Arkas and Pause had been running in search of a place where they could get away from the soldiers pursuing them, even if the place was just temporary. All they needed was some time to find somewhere more permanent where they could lay low for a few years.

Pause and Arkas were guilty of attempted murder and treason. The pair of rebels had set up a scheme to assassinate the Lord of their district, a conservative man who had recently made living conditions so harsh that anyone not in the top 10% of income could barely get a bite to eat. Most were too scared to attempt revolution, but Pause and Arkas had always been risk takers. Their entire existence was a risk- being in a relationship with another man was not taken lightly in their district, and the punishment would be torture. Something both men have managed to avoid so far.

They knew the chances of them escaping were slim, they had been running on foot, ducking through alleyways, making no effort to hide their footprints or path they were taking. Their pursuers were all highly trained guards, riding horses who could more than five times the speed of either of them. They knew escape was unlikely, but running together, delaying their separation, that’s all they currently wanted.

So for now, Pause and Arkas just ran, hand in hand.

You'll never face a judge without me
You'll never battle the gavel alone
And if they lock us away
Then I'll be still here
Proudly waiting to kill more time, with you

The duo were guilty of the crimes they were being accused of, they knew that, but they didn't care. Pause and Arkas believed in their cause of anarchy and were willing to do anything for it. They were even willing to attempt shooting their Lord through the skull with an arrow, only to be stopped by a keen guard with a large shield. They knew that if the assassination had failed they would be sentenced to execution, with no chance of winning the trial. Even if they were innocent, the court was ruled by a biased judge who worked for the governing forces of their district, there was no opportunity for a fair trial.

They’d be locked away for however many nights it took the district guards to roll out the guillotine. Maybe they’d get lucky and be put in the same cell, unlikely, but there was nothing wrong with hoping. If they did get caught, Arkas knew all he would be doing is sitting in his cell, thinking of Pause. Thinking of what Pause was thinking about. Wishing he was still running with Pause.

We'll be outlaws
We'll take on the world
We'll be outlaws

By some miracle, Pause and Arkas managed to escape their district’s walls, and continued to run, they kept running until they couldn't run anymore. They found a small abandoned windmill on a large farm, about 5 miles outside the walls of the district. Pause and Arkas walked into the windmill and passed out on the hay together. Pause cuddling around Arkas, who shivering. Pause kissed Arkas’ neck gently, as if trying to tell him everything would be okay as long as they were together.

Arkas believe him, until the sounds of galloping horses grew louder and louder in his ears.

Run, run like you never did
'Cause they found the evidence
And they found your fingerprints
All on me and baby run
Run like your life depends on it
Let's make forever in this moment
Tell me you love me again, oh again
And I would waste away without you
You're the shine into my star
I'd be searching till I found you
Wherever you are you are

Pause pulled Arkas to his feet and Arkas sighed, knowing that they would be running again. The windmill had a few loose pieces of wood near the back which Pause quickly kicked out, creating a hole just large enough for him and Arkas to fit through. Arkas went through first, and heard the soldiers’ marching footsteps into the windmill just as Pause slipped through the hole he created.

Arkas and Pause began to run as quickly as they could with minimal sleep they had. The soldiers seemed to have found the hole Pause created rather quickly, Arkas dared to peek over his shoulder. The soldiers were pursuing them on horseback. Arkas looked forward again and saw nothing but fields of dead grass, nowhere to hide. Arkas gripped Pause’s hand tighter and with an all new source of energy began running even faster.

“Pause!” Arkas yelled as they were running, hearing the galloping of the horses right behind them. “Pause, I- I love you Pause!” Arkas screamed.

“Don't talk like that, we’re not caught yet!” Pause screamed, panic in his voice.

The soldiers rode right up to duo, one of the men taking his sword out of it’s sheath, holding the blunt side out towards Pause and Arkas. The horse rode up closer and the soldier swing the flat side of his sword towards Arkas’ legs, slamming into the back of his knees. Arkas tripped, as he was falling to the ground he attempted to let go of Pause’s hand, hoping Pause could keep running and somehow get away. However, Pause didn't let go, he stopped running and held onto Arkas’ hand, looking his partner in crime in the eye.

“I- I love you too Arkas” Pause said, before getting slammed in the back of the head by one of the soldier’s sword hilts. Pause fell to the ground, blacked out. Arkas cried out for him, before he too received a blow in the back of his head. His vision faded to black, the last thing he saw was Pause being dragged away from him.

We'll be outlaws
Partners in crime
We'll take on the world together
I'm Bonnie you can be Clyde
We'll be outlaws
You and me
They'll never understand the honor
Among these thieves

Arkas awoke in a barren, monotone colored, prison cell. There was absolutely nothing in the small room except for him, no bed, no window, and most importantly- no Pause. Arkas swore furiously as he remembered what had happened. He punched one of the stone walls furiously, doing nothing but hurting his hand. Arkas sighed, falling to a sitting position.

“How did we end up like this…” Arkas said to himself.

He remembered when Pause had first come to him with the idea of a revolution. It was a sporadic idea, seemingly out of nowhere. Arkas thought the man was crazy, but after thinking about it some more, Arkas knew Pause was crazy. After all, what man would want to love him?

Arkas agreed to the plan, and from there on out they worked together as criminals, rebels, and lovers. People on the street would look at them as they walked side by side, hands brushing a bit too close to one another, smiles a bit too big to be just friends. No one understood them, but no one ratted them out. There had been word of the duo working on a plan of revolution, no one believed they could actually do it, and everyone knew it was their civil duty to report them. However, all the citizens felt the same way they did, changes had to be made, they were just the only criminals willing to risk it all to accomplish change.

When the guards would walk down the streets, making sure no one was out past curfew, and punishing anyone who was, no one told the guards about the plans.

You'll never face a judge without me
You'll never battle the gavel alone
And if they lock us away
Then I'll be still here
Proudly waiting to kill more time
With you
Oh with you
With you
With you

After only a few hours of being awake, a large guard marched up to Arkas’ cell and opened the gate. He yanked Arkas to his feet and shoved him out of the cell. The guard threw cuffs on Arkas’ hands, so the outlaw’s hands were behind his back. The guard shoved Arkas down the dirty hallway, the only light coming from the small window by the exit. Arkas was led to the courthouse, and forced in front of the judge.

He looked around and smiled when he saw Pause sitting in an uncomfortable looking chair near the side, his partner’s arms also being cuffed behind him. Pause was yelled at to stand and join Arkas, which he did. As Pause walked up to Arkas he leaned over and kissed Arkas on the cheek, sickening the guards.

The judge immediately sentenced them to execution, scheduled for the next morning. Neither Arkas nor Pause showed any sign of fear, they knew it was coming. They simply turned to each other and tried to embrace one another best they could while their arms were shackled.

The guards shoved them apart, and pulled them their separate ways, each being marched to separate cells. Arkas looked over his shoulder and saw Pause doing the same, his heart ached.

We'll be outlaws
Partners in crime
We'd take on the world together
I'm Bonnie you can be Clyde
We'll be outlaws
You and me
They'll never understand the honor
Among these thieves
We'll be outlaws

The night was sleepless for Arkas. He was cold and uncomfortable, and missing Pause. He was forced out of his cell in the morning and shoved toward their district center. A wide open area where hundreds were gathered, waiting to see the public execution of the traitors.

Pause and Arkas were stood in front of the freshly-sharpened guillotine, side by side. Pause turned his head toward Arkas.

“Partners till the end” Pause declared.

“Partners till the end” Arkas repeated, tears beginning to form in the corners of his eyes for the first time in a long time.

Pause was shoved forward and positioned where his neck would be under the blade.

“I love you Arkas” Pause whispered, tears beginning to form his eyes now as well. A guard pulled a lever, and blade fell swiftly, decapitating the outlaw.

The crowd gasped at the sight, fear beginning to overtake them. Arkas knew he was going to die. Arkas knew he had yet to make any sort of change in this world. Arkas did something about it.

Arkas turned away from the guards quickly and raised his voice, to the point where he was screaming his words.

“People of this district! Do not be oppressed any longer! Do not let the death of my love be pointless! Avenge us, revolt!” Arkas was yanked away from the crowd and his head quickly shoved down to where his love’s had just been, blood still covering the area. Arkas could only see the bloodied-ground in front of him, but what he heard was astonishing. Cries from the people, cries of… Revolution.

The last thing he heard however, was the sound of the slick blade falling down and onto his neck. His last thought, was hoping there was an afterlife where he and Pause could be together. Partners till the end.

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