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She's finally happy, really happy, but is that happiness here to stay?

Dezeray and MC entered the house hand in hand. They had been out walking Eva when it started storming, thunder rumbled in the distance, lightning flashed brightly, and the wind howled. Poor Eva was terrified.

"We're back!" Dezeray called out as she unclipped Eva's leash, letting her run off into the living room.

"Dezzy, come here." Zisteau said, his voice coming from the other end of the house.

MC sent her a questioning look. She shrugged and dropped his hand, walking towards Zisteau's voice. She ended up finding him in the art studio.

"What's up?" She questioned.

"Did you paint this?" He questions, holding up a canvas.

"Uh yeah... why?" Dezeray asks, staring at the sunset confused.

"It's amazing. How do you even manage to get the colors to blend so well?"

Dezeray laughed. "Its a little trick my mom taught me. You use two paint colors, acrylic paint, and then use a white gloss to blend."

"That's really awesome."

"Yeah, is that all you needed?"


She heads back to the living room, seeing MC relaxed on the couch and Kurt sitting on a window seat, staring outside sadly. She sits beside MC, sending him a smile, but turning her attention to Kurt.

"You okay there?" She asks with a laugh.

"There's supposed to be a transition tonight and now I won't be able to see it." Kurt replies with a pout.

"A transition?"

"Yeah, it's hard to explain."

"Okay then."

"How was your walk?" Kurt asks, changing the subject randomly.

"It was nice, till it started raining at least."

"That's good."


MC kissed Dezeray's head, brushing hair out of her face. Dezeray sent MC a happy smile and snuggled into his side, laying her head on his chest.

"You guys are adorable." Zisteau says, entering the room.

Dezeray blushes, throwing him a half hearted glare. "I could say the same about you and dad."

Kurt blushes as Zisteau moves to sit on his lap instead of in the empty spot beside him. "I'd have to agree, there's no one cuter than this cutie."

"Z!" Kurt says, growing flustered, causing Everyone else to laugh.

"You know I love you." Zisteau says playfully.

"Sadly." Kurt says with a smirk.

"So mean."

Kurt chuckles. "Love ya too."

They smile at each other before sharing a kiss.

"They are too cute." Dezeray whispers to MC.

MC chuckles, nodding. "They are."

For once, life seemed normal, well as normal as it can get for Dezeray. She was happy. Truly happy. Her and MC and been together for almost a month now. She was so glad that she finally put her trust into the right person. She was glad that MC loved her. She was glad to have someone so amazing by her side. She still had bad days, where all she could do was cry and try to face the day, but those were so few now. She has more good days than bad, and MC has definitely helped with that. He makes everything brighter, happier. He makes life more enjoyable.

"I'm gonna go make dinner, you staying MC?" Kurt questions, lightly pushing Zisteau off of his lap so he could get up.

"Yeah, I probably will." MC replies.

Kurt heads into the kitchen, Zisteau trailing behind.

"Z! Knock it off!" Comes Kurt's voice from the kitchen around giggles.

"Are they always like this?" MC questions with a laugh.

"Yep." Dezeray replies with a smile, glancing up into MC's bright blue eyes, suddenly getting lost in them.

Her eyes fluttered shut as they both leaned in, lips met lips and they shared a kiss. It was slow, sweet, magical. The kiss deepened as she tangled her fingers in his, already messy, brown hair. This was so magical, she found, nothing like with Max, nothing at all. MC didn't just want her for her body, he wanted her for her and loved her even, unlike Max. In moments like this, it was just them in the world. No one else, just them. No one to annoy them, to be mean. It was just them, both in a place of bliss, happiness, love. It was something magical indeed. Dezeray pulled away and rested their foreheads together, unable to keep the smile off of her face.

"I love you." She breathed out, her voice barely a whisper.

"I love you too, Dezzy, always."

She smiled lovingly at MC, pure joy the only thing she felt. She was happy. Happiness was a thing she hasn't actually felt in so long, too long even. Sometimes she felt like this was all a dream, like she'd wake up and be back at her last foster parents house. She knew it wasn't though. It all felt too real to be. Though the thought did pop up occasionally, but she pushed it aside, trying to be happier, trying to be the real her; the one that's locked inside.

She felt like she had come so far since the day she almost killed herself. She knew she wasn't the same girl as she was then. She was more like herself now. She was more like who she used to be, happy, creative, smart, strong, so hopeful. She felt like she could actually live now; like things were exactly how they were supposed to be.

"Dinner!" Kurt called, causing Dezeray to be pulled from her thoughts.

She smiled and gave MC a quick kiss before standing up and heading to the kitchen, MC not far behind. They sat down at the table as Zisteau brought plates to the table. Dezeray couldn't help but notice Kurt's hair messier than usual and the slight bruise that was just barely visible under his shirt. Zisteau and Kurt both sat down. Kurt poured to glasses of scotch, handing one to Zisteau, who accepted it with a smile and a wink, which caused Kurt to blush.

"I forgot to tell you guys." Dezeray starts, a little while into dinner. "One of my drawings is going to an art competition this weekend."

"That's awesome! Which one?" Zisteau questions, obviously very interested.

"The one I drew of MC while I was in the hospital."

"Oh, that one?" MC questioned.


"I loved that one."

"Same." Dezeray says, a blush coloring her cheeks.

"How do you think it'll go?" Zisteau asks.

"I dunno, hopefully well. I'll find out Monday how it did."


The rest of dinner went smoothly, with a bunch of teasing from Zisteau, like always. Afterwords, they all went into the living room to watch a movie. Dezeray curled up against MC's side and MC wrapped an arm around her shoulder and laid his head on hers. She loved him and that's all there really was to it. After the movie, it was almost ten, so MC had to leave, though Dezeray really didn't want him to. She wanted him to be by her side always.

"MC, there's a flash flood warning, you probably shouldn't be out driving." Kurt says.

"Oh.... can I stay here then?"

"Of course! But no funny business." Zisteau says with a wink.

"Dad!" Dezeray says, a deep blush coloring her cheeks.

"Hey! It's not like I don't know what goes on."

"Of course you do." Kurt deadpans.

All Dezeray could do was laugh as Zisteau winked at Kurt. "Oh, you know it."

Everyone dissolved into laughter. It was so joyful, happy. This is what a real home was like. Her real home. And she loved it. She was actually starting to love life. She loved being able to wake up to the thought that she'd get to see MC and she'd get to spend time with her dads.

"Well we're going to head to bed, goodnight dads." Dezeray says after her giggling had ceased.

"Alright, goodnight guys." Zisteau responds with a smile.

Dezeray rolls her eyes and gets up, grabbing MC's hand. They walk together in silence as they approach Dezeray's room. This was the first time MC would be staying over, which was only a slightly scary thought, but getting to spend more time with MC made that thought basically disappear.

She headed into her closet and grabbed a tank top and shorts to sleep in, as it was far too warm for anything else. She went back into her room, but stopped in awe as she saw MC sitting shirtless on the bed. He had surprisingly toned muscles. She blushed and looked away. MC laughed, sending her a smile.

"I uh.... I'm gonna go change...." Dezeray says, unable to keep her eyes off of MC.

MC chuckles. "You do that."

Dezeray turns and heads to the bathroom, closing the door quietly behind her. She strips down and changes. The tank top was light blue and skin tight, it liked to ride up, showing off some of her stomach. She pulled on the shorts, which were honestly too short, but she didn't care. She brushed her teeth and ran a brush through her long auburn hair.

She headed back into the room and it was MC's turn to stare as his cheeks heated up. Dezeray smiled and made her way to the bed, where she sat beside MC. Though it wasn't long before MC's hands were on her hips and her lips were against his. Her hands wandered his bare chest as they kissed passionately. Earlier it has been slow and sweet, but now, now there was nothing holding the two back.

All Dezeray wanted was MC. She'd always want him. MC pulled her tank top off of her, letting it fall to the ground. He gently pushed her down onto the bed, trailing kisses down her thin body. She gasped as he sucked a small bruise into the pale skin of collarbone. She tangled her fingers in his hair, gently leading his lips back to hers, initiating a heated kiss, that left them both breathless, but unwilling to be away from the other, both wanting so much more.

MC grabs the elastic waist band of her shorts, gently tugging them out of the way. He kissed the inner part of her thigh, causing her to moan; wanting nothing more than for him to continue. As MC's blue eyes met hers, she saw an image she never wanted to see again. Her mind brought up Max, and the way his eyes shined with lust. She shot backwards, scrambling away from him, ending up with her back against the headboard as she shook and tears welled up.

"D-Dez?" MC asks, his voice wavering.

Dezeray stared at MC, eyes wide with fear. "I-I.... I-I...." Was all she could manage.

"Did-did I go too far?"

Dezeray shakes her head. "No.... I just.... all I could see was Max... and... and...." Dezeray says, bursting into tears.

"I'm sorry Dezzy. I'm so sorry... I-I didn't even consider that.... I'm sorry." MC says, staying away from Dezeray, almost too scared to touch her.

"MC.. it's-it's ok... I-I wanted this... I just.... I don't think I can handle it yet...."

"I'm sorry."

"No, don't be sorry MC.... I wanted this. I wanted you. Just don't be sorry." Dezeray says, pulling MC close, resting her head on his chest as he strokes her hair.

"Can... can we just go to bed now?" Dezeray asks, trying to forget the image of Max.

"Yeah... that's probably smart."

They curl up against each other, cuddling under the fluffy purple blanket. Dezeray knew MC wasn't Max, but sometimes it just seems like he can't ever leave her mind.
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