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hi. i don't remember how to do this. i used to have an account forever ago but that was forever ago. there was a story by "mindcrackfan" that never went anywhere, so as tribute to his idea, ive adopted his story and went with it.

"Alright, Sir."


Erin's eyes twinkled, and her mouth gave the barest hint of a smile as she dropped down onto her knees, arms crossed in front of her. I walked up to her, circling around her twice. On the second rotation, when behind her, I unclipped her bra. Years of experience allowed me to do it with a single hand in the blink of an eye, yet sadly it was a pretty terrible bar trick. I knew her reaction was probably a savory one, but the effect is ruined when reaching around from the front. I continued my rotation until I was back in front of her. I pulled the bra off of her body, letting her surprisingly large breasts burst out. I tossed the bra to the side, crouching down in front of her. I grabbed her right breast, fondling it.

"These breasts are nice. I'm glad they're mine now." I said, beginning to harden my voice and take on a controlling role. Erin didn't reply. "You can talk, you know."

"Thank you, Sir."

I ran my tongue over my lips. She obviously was very used to the standard routine that she and Allison had set up. She felt out of her zone right now, unsure of what I approved of and didn't. At least, if she began talking more, that'll be the case. It is possible that she's just shy or quiet by nature. It didn't concern me too much.

"Take off your clothes." I ordered, pretending to lose interest in her as I wandered over to the box of toys.

I heard her take off her socks and underwear behind me, as I found what I was looking for. I pulled out a dildo, long enough in length for my purposes, and walked back to Erin.

"So, Aurey. Some things are simply impossible to confirm over online communication, so I'll have to test out those things here. Firstly, let's see how much your holes can take. Open wide.

Erin looked at the dildo with almost a regretful glance. She opened wide and I roughly began pushing it in, but slowly. They always went farther when it goes slower, as the mouth doesn't immediately react against the foreign object. On noting her apparent ability to deepthroat the dildo, I pulled it out, and had her lie down and separate her legs. As I was testing her vagina, I formulated the question I wanted to ask.

"Am I being too soft?" It was a strange, immersion breaking question to ask, but I had no interest of being too soft. There are safe-words for being too rough or harsh, but it's hard for a submissive who was expecting more to express that.

After a second of quiet, Erin replied. "Yes."

I grinned devilishly. I had originally wanted to not be so domineering, worried that the girl would react adversely to it after months of a more calm D/s relationship. But with the permission granted, I could go full force, only ever listening out for the code word.

"Alright then, you bitch."

I jammed the dildo up her ass, with a finger playing around in her vagina.

"Oh god…!" She shouted, her arms splaying out as she grasped the floor and arched her back.

"That hurt? Good. That's what a little bitch like you deserves." I said, noting overall high marks on her ability to take something deep.

I put the dildo on the floor next to me, and told her to stand up. We both stood up together, and I grabbed her, pulling her body close to me and roughly kissed her, my tongue making entryway into her mouth.

After a few seconds of that, I pulled away, noting a mix of shock and pleasure in the girl's eyes.

I began to fondle both of her breasts, commenting again how awfully big they were.

I glanced back around again at the room around me, before making a decision. I grabbed her wrist, dragging her to the bed in the center of the far wall. I pushed her onto the floor, and sat down on the edge of the bed.

”Undo my pants." I demanded, my voice having fully steeled itself.

Erin nodded, quickly undoing my belt and pulling it out. I lifted myself up enough for her to be able to pull off my pants and trousers. Years of experience allowed me to control to an extent when I got a boner, and I used it to my advantage now, with a completely flaccid penis.

She looked at it with slight confusion, and I looked at it with disinterest.

"That's a shame. Looks like you'll have to dance to get it up, whore."

Erin nodded, still confused, getting up in front of me. It was obvious she had little experience with any sort of sensual dancing, but in her defense, it's hard to do that without props.

I spent about five minutes watching her dance, enjoying as her eyes flashed between her immediate surroundings, to me, to my penis, which was growing ever so slowly.

"Consider yourself lucky, bitch. I'll let you choose when you want to stop dancing and start sucking me off, alright?"

She spent another minute dancing, before coming back over to me and kneeling down again. I sat up, no longer leaning back on my arms, and she began sucking my penis.

She did well enough, and after ten minutes I ejaculated, filling her mouth up. "Don't move a single fucking muscle, understood?" I immediately barked at her. I took my time heading over to where the toys were, and found myself a plaster gag. I sat back down on the bed, and put it over her mouth.

"Don't you dare swallow any of it, understood?" I ordered. There was some shock in her eyes, but I knew that unless she gave me the signal to call it off, I intended to show no mercy.

I brought Erin over to an eye hook that was in the ceiling, using the chains attached to it to force her arms up in the air. Leaving her hanging temporarily, I went over to the pile of clothes she had brought when we began, leafing through it. Most of them were likely to sit there for the whole session, but it was better to have them not be used than to regret not bringing them.

I eventually picked out a skimpy harem outfit, and put it on her. Then, in order to push her to swallow, and further my plans, I began to run my hands around her body. Her neck, her sides, legs, anywhere that had an abusable nerve cluster worked for me. I also gave her vagina some attention, making sure to withdraw right before she would've climaxed.

After a little bit of that, and pretending to not notice the growing regret and worry in her eyes, I stopped and looked up at her. I reached to undo her gag, bringing the worry in her eyes to new heights. Even after the gag was pulled off, she kept her mouth closed.

"Open up, Erin." I demanded.

Looking down at the ground, she opened up her mouth, and I discovered, as expected, she had been unable to keep the cum in her mouth.

"Really? A fucking whore who can't follow orders?" I growled, holding her mouth open with her jaw. "First the stairs, now this?"

Erin's eyes widened, remembering the infraction at the beginning of the event. We only had a little bit of time left, so I had to do punishments before ending up the event.

Unchaining her hands, I roughly grabbed both hands and forced her over to a DP machine, and told her to lay down on it. It was my favorite version of it, where there's enough 'chair' for the body, but the head hangs off the machine. Perfect for blowjobs.

She reluctantly laid down in it, and I strapped in her waist and extremities. I pushed her hair off of the machine and underneath her head, and it all hung down to the floor.

As I began adjusting the various dials, I mentioned to her, "Did you know that redheads are my favorite? I'll increase my usual punishment because of it."

Erin took some deep breaths, and I noticed that I had absentmindedly began fingering her vagina while adjusting the dials. She made her first request of the session. "Just… just let me cum before we finish, Sir…" She managed to moan out.

I twisted my mouth. I hadn't been intending to allow her to do so during the session, but it also was the only request she had made this entire time.

"Fine, but in exchange I'm making the punishment worse. No backing out anymore." I replied. I would probably shake my head at it later when watching the recording, acting far too soft when I should've been an unrelenting master.

I turned the dials a bit more, hoping that I didn't push her past the codeword line. I'd have to watch her hands very closely during this.

I took the remote off of its station, rotating back to her head, and I pulled down my pants and trousers. This time I allowed my boner to be there, and she quickly began to suck it. However, when I pressed the on button, her entire body spasmed as the two dildos on the machine began to rotate in and out of her at a very high setting. It took her a little bit to get used to the penetrating machine, but after a few minutes she slowly got back into giving the blowjob.

I let it go for about fifteen minutes, before cumming in her mouth and letting her decide what to do with it, and turned off the machine. I unstrapped her, and brought her over to the bed, and handcuffed her spread-eagle to it. I then began fucking her vagina.

"This is when you can cum." I commented, already reverting back to my normal self for the aftercare aspect. There was still about forty-five minutes before the session ended, but I always made sure there was a minimum thirty minutes to recover before we finished and I left.

After ten minutes, a loud moan out of her indicated her climaxing, and I followed suit. I let her sit there for a few minutes panting, before uncuffing her and sitting down on the bed.

"Are you OK, Erin?"

"Y… yeah…" She replied, her eyes zoned out and panting.

"Did you enjoy all of it?"

"Definitely…" She said, now smiling and looking at me. "Did you use a condom at the end there?" She asked, concern seeping into her eyes.

"I have a medical condition that prevents me from having kids." I said, diverting my gaze. I had no bad feelings about my condition, but it felt more human and comforting if I felt sad about it.

"Oh my gosh, that's terrible!" Erin replied, pain in her voice.

"I've gotten used to it, it's alright." I said, comforting her. "Do you want me to grab the clothes you were wearing before we started?"

"That'd be nice." She said, pulling off the harem clothes I had put on her earlier.

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