Prompt Swap for tdscott8

Sorry, happy new year I guess...

The prompt I used was:

1) Spy-esque AU: Person A is a former spy and has a trigger word that causes them to act in specific ways, or perform specific acts.

I had great fun writing this, and although the prompt is in a way, finished ( however I am sorry I haven't put a massive focus on it), the story is not, so more will be on the way ASAP: think of it as a gift that just keeps on giving (It's mainly because I was trying to write a whole novel on new years eve, which wasn't happening)

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The Instructor - Prompt Swap 15 for jiminee

It’s not knowledge that makes a good teacher.

Set: Mindcrack Season 6; somewhere around what the server is like as of this day.
Word Count: 1030


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Prompt Used:  Person A teaching person B something they are good at.

Christmas Prompt Swap!

 Okay so I'm not gonna lie, this is pretty trashy and only just under 600 words because I've been pretty ill and yeah. I thought it was better to have something rather than nothing, 

Anyways, I got Featherscope (ngl, I found this mildly amusing, as we've connected on tumblr and have become friends through there).
I chose the prompt "Two Mindcrackers are aware they are being set up by the narrator of the story (break the 4th wall!) 
When I'm more recovered I might turn this into a miniseries with a bunch of different 'crackers in similar scenarios.

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[personal profile] jiminee2016-12-31 03:20 am

Prompt Swap: De Automaat

 For this prompt swap I was given [personal profile] tackytacs !! I chose the prompt:

"(College AU) The vending machine close to an 8:30 am class just broke down, and Person A knows they won't be able to focus in class without eating something. How desperate will Person A act to get their sugary treat/breakfast? What do they do? (optional: Do their friend(s) jump in and help them?)"

And took it in uh... directions. This turned into a sort of humour thing I guess? With shipping thrown in. Guess who. Enjoy, tac!

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Prompt Swap 15 ~ The Murder Case (Part 1)

 I got Scara for this one! So this ended up being hella long, so there will be multiple parts. And thanks to my lovely beta The AmazingPikachu! (you amazing forgetful buttnugget) 

Anyway, here's the prompt I chose, hope you enjoy Scara!!!

It was dark, and it was cold, and I was scared. Until... Until I saw the stars.

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The Missing Piece (Prompt Swap)

Peanut_ Emma:
-person A and person B have been in an exclusive relationship for three years... And then they meet person C.
-any sort of soulmate AU (my favourites are eye colour or tattoos!)

I got inspired to kinda combine these two ideas Emma, I hope you don’t mind and that you like the result.

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Prompt Swap #15

Welcome to entry number 15 among the Prompt Swaps in our little community!

The rules are simple:
Each participant will be randomly assigned to someone else. Once you know who you are writing for, look at the prompts provided and write a story based on one of them that you then post to the community during the monh of december; adding the prompt swap tag to any other fic tags you may be using. And remmeber to include the name of the person you were assigned either in the title or the describtion of your story.

You have time untill November 22nd to sign up. Assignments will be distributed on the 23rd. Stories can be posted from December 1st to December 31st.

(Please note: by signing up you commit yourself to writing one story. If you are absolutely unable to finish it before December ends because unforseen IRL events, please contact your assigned promptgiver about this and complete it as soon as you can after the fact. Please only do this if there is an actual reason. Don't just slack off.)

If you would like to join, please comment below. In your comment, please include the following:
  • 2 - 4 prompts that your assigned writer can choose from. (Note: if you include NSFW themses or ships in these, please also provide at least one alternaive for people who are not comfortable writing those)
  • Whether or not you are comfortable with reciving NSFW content if you haven't specifically asked for it.
  • Whether or not you are comfortable with reciving stories containing shipping if you haven't specifically asked for it.
  • Any other specifications you may have. (For example "Please no Crossover to other fandoms" or "No IRL settings" etc.)

Assigments will be send to you via PM. So make sure you have set your account to allow those.
Settings -> Privacy -> DW Private Messgaes -> Select "Registered Accounts")

All stories posted for this should be comple. There are no wordcount specifications, but try to go for 500 words at least. (You are of course free to write more, if inspiration and time allow for this).

The only real requirement I'd ask you to follow is to make these stories not part of an allready established story-setting that is longer than a simgle chapter. We want these stories to be accessable and readable by all of the community without having to read 300 pages of something else first. You may make refferences to such a setting, but keep it to a point where no prior knowledge is required to understand your work.

That's it from my site. Happy Writing =D

A Deal (Part 2)

Here's the second part, gives you a bit more of the story as to what happened and why ;)
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A Deal (Prompt Swap)

this is for yamina_chan! I chose the first one, hopefully I did this justice! It's 2k words, enjoy!
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Nyoom (Prompt swap)

 So this is horrendously late and for that I'd like to apologize- between irl stuff, being sick, and Fated, getting time/energy to write this thing has been difficult, but here it is.
I got koijuly, and the prompt was "Several members of mindcrack are abducted and have to fight to take control of the ship to return home"

So, here we go. 1.3k words with a really terrible name.

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Demons Part 5: War is over

Ending of a sort. With some explanation of things that were going on.
I'm not happy with it but don't know what to do about that.
This world will probably be re-visited at some point.
Note about the zones of contention, teleporting in them isn’t possible

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Demons Part 4: shenanigans

I googled shenanigans and got this definition: 'secret or dishonest activity or manoeuvring.'
Everyone, but two people, do this... figure out which two.

Locke refers to a barrier or shield that doesn't allow something (Demon, Mortal etc.) in or out of a area

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Demons Part 1: New York Christian

So I got Tanadin.
This ended up longer than I expected and I'm going to split it, I think it'll be 5 parts
It starts Nebris and Pak but later includes others.
Mortal refers to anyone without any magic.
Please point out any errors.
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Prompt Swap #14


Welcome to prompt swap #14!

There hasn’t been one of these for the past few months, so I’m going to make one, because these really helped bring life to the salad. That aside:

Sign up by posting a comment here with a prompt - it can be one, or two or more, something unique or something that someone's written before. You can do this until January 12th.

On January 12th this prompt will be given randomly to one of the other people who submits a prompt, and you will be given the prompt of another person who signs up. All of the participants will then written one of the prompts from the list they have been sent, to be submitted before the deadline of January 19th (one week after prompts are sent).

There's no regulations to the prompts other than if you choose to include one NSFW, please also include one SFW so that those who are uncomfortable writing NSFW have an alternative. And, similarly, some people do not write shipping, so if you post a prompt with shipping, an alternative would also be nice, or including a variant that isn't shipping - or at a minimum don’t be disappointed if what’s written doesn’t include shipping.

On January 12th (one week from this being posted) I will pm everyone with your assignment, so PLEASE have your PMs turned on. Go to Settings -> Privacy -> DW Private Messages -> Have it selected to "Registered Accounts"!

And please put time and effort into these pieces! If you're writing, don't make them less than 500 words, but even longer would be even better! Please post them on Salad by, if not before January 19th! Also, make sure to tag your stories/art (you can do either/or) as "fanfiction"/"fanart" AND "prompt swap".

To those of you who have done this before:

Just this once you can sign up even if you didn’t complete your last prompt swap assignment. It’s been three months, so you deserve another chance and I don’t want to exclude, like, half of salad, but this does not mean that not completing your assignment is okay. If you sign up for this, you're committing yourself to finishing your side of the prompt swap by the end date or at least close to it. It's not fair for those who do complete their prompt swap to not get something in return.

If you forget who you were assigned too and you've lost the email, just go back to the older Prompt Swap threads and pick a prompt that's not your own and write it! It still has to be tagged "prompt swap" and "fanfiction" as always.

In the words of the previous mod,

Have fun and enjoy creating something!

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Prompt Swap- The Language Of (Non-Sexual) Groans (Version: Dealings With Mindcrackers)

 Okay, this is... a bit less than a month late... I don't really have a reason other than me going to a competition... enjoy anyway, though!


From: jiminee

Non-shippy: PSJ as scout leader taking his fearless troop on a camping trip in the wilderness (been waiting on this one forever tbh)

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Prompt Swap #13: The Adventurer’s Eye

 So so so sorry this is so late! (not like that is a surprise though, heh.) Well, at least this one's long, much longer than my previous prompt swaps at over 5.8k words.
For this one I got the_mysterious_m and chose the prompt
"Paul and Vechs going on an adventure. I just want something with these two."
(I agree, M. That is sort of why I got a bit carried away with this.) Enjoy ^^

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