Thursday, September 10th, 2015

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Here we go with chapter 3, in which Kurt goes on a walk and finds a wild VintageBeef
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 Okay, this is... a bit less than a month late... I don't really have a reason other than me going to a competition... enjoy anyway, though!


From: jiminee

Non-shippy: PSJ as scout leader taking his fearless troop on a camping trip in the wilderness (been waiting on this one forever tbh)

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 So so so sorry this is so late! (not like that is a surprise though, heh.) Well, at least this one's long, much longer than my previous prompt swaps at over 5.8k words.
For this one I got the_mysterious_m and chose the prompt
"Paul and Vechs going on an adventure. I just want something with these two."
(I agree, M. That is sort of why I got a bit carried away with this.) Enjoy ^^

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I've had a good day, so here's Chpt. 4, in which some info is revealed and some racing is done.
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