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The Domino Effect Part Three
Adorabolical f/f

I only just realized that the last parts title was ironic, considering its Vechs. And Aurey. Can't forget her. Anyways, quick clarification, this will be fluff, until the plot says so. What the plot says, goes. *evil grin*

"Veeeeeccccchhhhssssss! Wake uuuupp!" Aurey pokes the lump of fabric that she assumes is her back. "Poke- poke- poke! C'mon get up Vechs we need to do stuff. Like Bathe, eat, and build so the others don't worry."

"With all that poking you sound like Paul. I could go all Sevadus on you and be a bear with dynamite. You don't wanna poke that." Vechs voice was oddly monotone, most likely from the amount of sleep she just had.

"That would be fun. C'mon! Get up!" Aurey climbs back into the double bed, starting to jump up and down like a child. She continued this for several minutes, until a hand grabbed her ankle. The fall had her landing on top of Vechs, who obviously didn't calculate the fall.

"Oof! I wasmnt esmecting thurt." She was talking into the top girls shoulder, desperately trying to get the weight off. "Ger ofome!"

"Only if you get up." Aurey negotiated, intentionally elbowing the abdomen of the stubborn sleeper.

"Wine. Ir geh oop! Ger off!" Aurey let the mapmaker push her off finally. Vechs kept her side of the deal, making a show of slowly, ever so slowly rolling out of bed.

---(hint: a few days later!)---

"Stop elbowing me!" Vechs whined at Aureys irritating interruptions. "If you can't tell, this is a very fragile project that needs steady hands, and not someone pushing me every few seconds." She placed a block of sky blue glass before Aurey nudged her off the edge. There was a woosh as Vechs respawned.

"Why do I feel as if you want me to die?" She sighed, almost regretting her choice. But who could say no to that face. To her in general even.

"I just want you fall into my arms Vechsy!" She have the statement an overly romantic flair, spreading her arms before clutching them to her chest. The newly respawned girl only frowned at this.

"Yeah right, like your arms are the cold hard ground. And don't you dare start singing again. We don't need another anaconda sing along like Sunday." There was a grin with remembering that night.

"But you totally liked that!" Aurey didn't catch the smile with her back turned.

"I did. But let's not, we are in the middle of spawn, see? There's people all around!" Vechs motioned to the town members all gathering for the monthly meeting.

"Oh. Alright. But you can't stop me from doing this!" Aurey started walking towards the other.

"Doing what? I swear if you kill me one more ti-" she was cut off with Aurey forcefully initiating a kiss. The unfinished sentence she half yelled was more than enough to draw attention. She could feel the eyes staring in shock, mouths wide open in a gasp, angry cries of disappointment. But she couldn't care less, Aurey had this power over her, one that made her lose control around her.

"What-" Guude started,
"the-" Doc added,
"what did I miss?" BTC strides into spawn late, looking around at the others, but somehow his eyes didn't catch the two.

"That!" Chad chimed in, motioning to Aurey and Vechs.

"Shush. Now where are we meeting again?" Aurey piped, winking at Vechs.


Alright so some humor. No gore <3
(At first I was going to have a side plot with BTC and Chad because of that story I did a while ago, where BTC was mimicking Chad.)
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